March 31, 2009

CTIA Wireless Show - More GPS Navigation on Phones

The CTIA wireless show opens in Las Vegas tomorrow, and it is already spawning news of new handsets, new applications and appears to be a hotbed of innovation for all things wireless. Now, more than ever there is a strong current of momentum behind wireless phone GPS navigation.

  • Garmin is launching the Nuvifone later this year; no doubt about it this thing navigates.
  • The iPhone is finally getting better support for turn by turn directions after a long time on the market without that support
  • Phones with navigation applications certainly aren't new, with TeleNav offering the capability on numerous phones, and companies like Verizon offering the application for a small fee per month directly from them.

For me, more than anything, it's the ability to have a larger format screen that makes it viable, and the recent onslaught of smartphones, the iPhone included, that offer some reasonable amount of real estate to see the map and directions seem to be making that vision of navigation on a phone a viable reality.

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March 31, 2009

TomTom and Microsoft Settle Patent Dispute


Wow, that was fast; TomTom and Microsoft have reportedly settled their patent dispute over file storage patents. According to the WSJ, TomTom will pay Microsoft an undisclosed amount to license eight patents while Microsoft will in turn get the ability to use four TomTom patents. After a long disagreement on licensing the patents in the first place, the resolution after the filing of the suits was amazingly fast.
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March 25, 2009

Garmin working with Sprint on Connected GPS - When will Connected GPS Take Off?

Two news items came on the radar yesterday about connected GPS, which seemed coincidental after just reviewing the TeleNav Shotgun. My conclusion here, and it may be no surprise, is that great capabilities await us as consumers who get this connected GPS thing right. Right data integration, right interface, right product features and right business model. A good economy will help too.

The WSJ reported that Sprint and Garmin are working together on a connected GPS; Garmin doing the heavy lifting, Sprint providing the wholesale cellular connection. Much like the Kindle book reader, the device would call upon the Sprint network to get the information without advertising that Sprint is really involved.

Not a big surprise that Garmin is working on a connected GPS because: 1) They leverage innovation platforms well, and what connected navigation features that are designed for the Nuvifone should in some form find its way to stand alone GPS units, and 2) Garmin appears to be taking up its place as slow to market with a rock solid option. With Dash, Isignia, TeleNav, and soon TomTom hitting the US market, Garmin couldn't leave this market alone.

Yesterday news also came out that the GPS market is predicted to continue its growth pattern in 2010, assuming that the economy improves. ABI also indicated that they believe that connected GPS nit sales may not take off until the overall economy and the GPS market resume strong sales. Makes sense; if you might lose your job, and the traffic congestion is down anyway, maybe you talk yourself into not buying a unit with a monthly subscription. I wouldn't be surprised that despite some critics, that Garmin tries an ad supported model for the connected GPS. If they can offer free traffic updates over the FM airwaves covered by an ad supported model (~$60 year savings), there may be a more sophisticated targeting capability that ties into your GPS use in order to garner higher ad dollars on the GPS. Even if they could cover half the expense, a $5/mo fee would be a lot more motivating than the current $10 range for connected models.

I know a lot of people who can't wait for the TomTom 740 GO Live to hit the shelves (Loyal TomTom-ers), and I will say that internet connected traffic is a lot better than FM connected traffic; it's tough to go back.

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March 23, 2009

TeleNav Shotgun Connected GPS Full Review


The TeleNav Shotgun is a the latest internet connected GPS that adds a lot of capabilities to the standard GPS by having a realtime full data connection to the internet over the cellular network. The Shotgun has internet search functions for Points of Interest, gas station searches that include gas price data, a big plus these days. The TeleNav Shotgun adds a conservative number of functions to the featureset, stopping short of some of the far reaching capabilities of the Dash Navigation folks when they launched the first connected GPS early last year.

With the fatter data pipe that the cellular network offers, more granular traffic information can be sent to the device, offering you a more accurate view of what lies ahead. The Telenav Shotgun is targeted at the business travelers who are generally out in the traffic on a regular basis, so the better detail and capabilities should be welcome. Speaking of business travelers, the Shotgun also captures your mileage, offering the easy ability to capture trip distances for mileage reimbursement.

ArrowContinue reading: "TeleNav Shotgun Connected GPS Full Review"

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March 23, 2009

Garmin Approach G5 Now Available

The Garmin Golf GPS, the Garmin Approach G5 is now shipping at select retailers; including GPSNow. The unit is garmin's long awaited entry into the Golf GPS area, and is based on the touchscreen Garmin Oregon touchscreen GPS series. Pre-loaded with 5100 courses from across the country, the Garmin Approach G5 will help you with accurate reads on distance to the green, to hazards all while helping to keep score of the game.

At GPSNow - the Garmin Approach G5

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March 20, 2009

TomTom GO - 5 Years Ago.....

The TomTom GO is five years old this week, marking TomTom's entry into the stand alone GPS/PND business. The go was a big departure from the old Magellan Never Lost design with push buttons and rocker panels, because it had a touchscreen and started down the ultra simple interface pathway.

The original TomTom GO was not flat, and had a triangular back panel that quickly set the tone in the marketplace as the Garmin StreetPilot line came out about the same time with this style. The two titans battled about design and who copied whom, but the navigation business was never the same. Flat units came next, and we've never looked back.

TomTom continues to turn out excellent products, and is one of the easiest user interfaces on the market. Happy Birthday TomTom GO.

In other news......
TomTom Countersues Microsoft - MS sued TomTom over patent infringement, and now TomTom is countersuing.

TomTom has officially launched their map update service - we talked about it this past week. Quarterly Map updates for $39 a year.

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March 18, 2009

EasyPort for TomTom GO Series


Last year, TomTom launched their new TomTom ONE series with a fold flat mount designed to keep the GPS easily storable when not in use. People apparently liked the design and the TomTom GO owners wanted a slim, fold flat mont of their own.

TomTom has announced that you can now buy the EasyPort for the GO series. It's compatible with:

  • TomTom GO 720
  • TomTom GO 920/T
  • TomTom GO 630
  • TomTom GO 730/T
  • TomTom GO 930/T

More at TomTom

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Garmin Nuvi 465T - The First Nuvi for Trucks


Garmin is slicing the market for their GPS units, and with this one, I think that they may have just hit gold. I have had a lot of people ask about a GPS for trucks that knows about the special road restrictions for height, weight, length and hazardous cargo. The Garmin Nuvi 465T is also pre-loaded with the 30,000 repair facilities that are in the NTTS, which is apparently the bible of truck repair services across the country. The press has been littered with one truck or another (oddly the stories usually come out of the UK) where teh trucks got stuck when trying to use a particular route that the GPS would spit out; of course not accounting for the low bridges or narrow roads. Sounds like the Nuvi 465T will solve these issues; humm, when will it launch in the UK?

The Nuvi 465T is loaded with regular features too like Text to Speech, Widescreen display, Lane Assist to see what lane you need to be in while exiting or coming to a tough intersection on the highways, Bluetooth Handsfree, and a feature that automatically switches Time Zones based on where you are (Why can't all GPS units have this?).

Launch in the US is expected in the second quarter and list for $499.

Full PR\ress Release Below......

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March 17, 2009

Ever More Fit - Garmin Extends Fitness Network


Garmin is getting some deep support from the fitness industry for their latest sportwatch - the FR60 - it is now capable of being the wireless fitness hub of your workout. The FR60, like many of Garmin's latest fitness launches has the ANT+ wireless protocol that allows exchange of data with things like heart rate monitors, and now a long list of workout machines.
Concept 2 is offering a connection to its rowing machines, Madd Dog Athletics is fitting Spinning bikes with receivers, New Leaf personalized fitness routines is incorporating the FR60 into its regimen, Octane fitness in its elliptical trainers, and Woodward into treadmills. Not a bad list right out of the gate fro this little fitness partner.

Full press release below.......

ArrowContinue reading: "Ever More Fit - Garmin Extends Fitness Network"

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Garmin Nuvi 780 - $249 at Costco & Amazon


Thanks for all the folks who sent this one in, the deal is a good one, for a solid Garmin Navigator with a few extras. The price at Costco is $249; $100 off. The Nuvi 780 was released in 2008 and offered a lot of capabilities back then, still a strong player now, especially considering the MSN Direct service which offers gas prices in your area, weather, and a long list of other features. The traffic capability can come in handy, and will allow you to see traffic for your area. The coverage for the service is pretty good and gets most major metro areas through an FM band feed. Check the MSN Direct website for more information. After the free trial period, the cost is $49 per year. The GPS will work fine without the services too if you don't want to continue.

The Nuvi 780 has text to speech, bluetooth handsfree, maps of North America, and is a widescreen (4.3-inches) unit. For more information see my Full Review of the Nuvi 780.

At Costco and Garmin Nuvi 780 at Amazon for $249 right now too

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March 16, 2009

Leaked: Garmin Oregon 500 & 500T - Touchscreen Handheld GPS with Camera

REI has apparently leaked specs to the new Garmin Oregon 500 and 500T handheld GPS units that will of course be based on the touchscreen Oregon series but add a camera to the mix. This is not a big surprise given that the Oregon 400 units can already hold and share images of your outing. I would imagine (hope) that the units come with the ability and integration to take the picture and then if selected, upload the results along with your report to the cache log entry for the Geocaching website. I would expect that at least the pictures would be goetagged for later reference.

Check out the image and scroll down for info on the REI spec sheet.

Via GPS Review

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Follow the Iditarod Racers via GPS

One of the better uses for GPS tracking that I wanted to quickly pass along - This year the racers of the Iditarod are being tracked by GPS, which allow those fans who want to pony up the $20 to be an insider, to view the up to the minute standings of where their favorite racer is on the 1100+ mile race course. The mushers get a tracker that is updated at check points allowing those of us on the outside world to see their location. Pretty cool.

At the Official Iditarod site

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March 15, 2009

GPS Steals and Deals - Three Best Buys

As we start cranking in the new year, the spring brings some deals out just like leaves on the trees. In most regular years, prices stay steady across the sumer driving months, but this isn't a regular year. According to the GPS makers, the inventories are shrinking in the retail channel, offering hope for them, and potentially fewer great deals for us. THe one thing I can say is that right now, there are a few great buys out there that offer solid navigation for a good price. All three have Text to Speech and all three are widescreen units. I happen to think that Text to Speech is a huge advantage for most people, as it makes using the GPS so much better, while allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. Widescreen GPS units offer easy entry of text (larger keyboards), and a much bigger view of the road.

  • TomTom ONE XL-S Refurbished - $99. You can't find a better deal out there for a top name on a GPS, as long as you can make the leap on the refurbished electronics idea. Not something I normally jump into quickly, but for a TomTom widescreen with text to speech, $99 is a steal.
  • Garmin Nuvi 760 - $227 - Once the a top of the line model, this slightly older version, and now discontinued model still offers a lot. Beyond the widescreen and text to speech, the unit also offers Bluetooth hands free capabilities when paired to a compatible Bluetooth phone. The Nuvi 760 also offers multipoint routing - dump a bunch of destinations in and let it tell you what the optimized route is. Finally, the unit comes with an integrated TMC traffic receiver which will help you navigate the major cities where TMC traffic coverage helps identify traffic issues on main roads. More in my Full Review of the Nuvi 760
  • Garmin Nuvi 255W - $203 - This is my pick of the three, as it offers the core functionality of text to speech and widescreen, while also offering an updated Garmin interface that is more intuitive and very easy to use. It more easily offers a view of when and which way to turn in a quick glance while also showing speed limits on most major roads (think state highways and bigger). It also includes the updated "HotFix" capability to get quicker satellite fixes when you turn it on, and a faster processor to draw the maps more quickly. With the recent release of ecoRoute, you will also be able to use your Nuvi 255W to enter in your car's profile, and get the most economical route, while getting feedback on your driving habits to help you save gas. See my Full Review of the Nuvi 255W for more information.

Not sure these fit your needs? Check out all the Best Selling GPS Units at Amazon.

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TomTom Quarterly Map Updates - $39 a year

TomTom has a pretty good deal running right now that offers quarterly map updates at $39 per year which is fairly cheap when you think about regular annual maps at usually about $79 per year. That's the basic comparison that they want you to look at, and for many people that's good enough. The key thing that you will need to know is that you need to have the latest release of the maps already installed on you device to be eligible to get the quarterly map updates. If not, you need to upgrade the underlying maps at a discounted price and THEN get the quarterly map updates. I logged in with an old TomTom ONE XL that does NOT have the latest maps on it, and it offered the Quarterly Map updates for $39 and then also required the latest regular maps for $39 (about 50% off); that's back to the $79 for a regularly priced map upgrade. So, no this won't get you updated maps for $39 on that stale old unit in the glove compartment. Think of it this way; Buy the latest Map Upgrade for $79, and you get quarterly map updates free for a year.

TomTom Home is the way to go and get the updates; download TomTom Home if you need to, and then log in to see the offer.

Financially speaking, this is a smart move for TomTom; a lot of people don't participate in these types of programs, and the discount, while deep, is a lot of incremental revenue that they can drive right now without much marketing or manufacturing expense. They already sold the "Razor" and now it's time to make money on those "blades" - they have an infinite supply of them laying virtually around; it's time to make some money on them.

Thanks Jim for sending this in.

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March 14, 2009

A Little Garmin History - From the Inside

So, Garmin has posted a short video interview with one of its employees who has been there a long time and who has a pretty large collection of GPS units. He walks through some of the early items and shows off the first GPS from the company we now know as Garmin - A ProNav GPS 100; which was later re-branded the Garmin GPS 100 after another company came forward who was already using the brand.

Good look at the range of Garmins from the early days and it's amazingto see what portable meant back then.

Via Garmin Blogs

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March 13, 2009

TomTom GO 940 LIVE Review

The TomTom GO 940 LIVE is a pretty advanced unit with a cellular connection for live updates and a persistent connection for data searches and up to the minute information on things like traffic, traffic and more traffic. About a year ago, Dash launched the first internet connected device that we all heralded as the next generation of devices, it fell victim to lack of demand, but not lack of foresight. The TomTom GO 940 LIVE is TomTom's incarnation of the connected idea with a read on traffic ever few minutes through a data feed that has enough bandwidth to give you detailed information on back-ups instead of cryptic messages like the TMC network can.

T3, a gadget website in the UK has a quick "review" up of the TomTom GO 940 Live, taking a look at it from an admittedly high level, but thought I would pass it along as you ponder the launch of the TomTom LIVE service here in the US this Spring with the TomTom GO 740 LIVE

ReadMore at T3

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March 11, 2009

Faster HD Traffic Signal Test Works - Better Updates

A recent test has proven that a new faster algorithm can deliver faster downloads to HD raio based traffic receivers making HD radio able to pull down the data feed 10 times faster than RDS/TMC based feeds to regular GPS units. The fatter pipe is the difference between getting generic announcements "Accident" and the potential for more relevant information - "Traffic Accident Right Lane near Exit #3". The advancement also leaves space for finer slices on road traffic conditions, giving a more detailed look at what parts of the road are jammed and what is not. It will also allow for traffic prediction capability, something that is available from major suppliers, but has yet to work its way into a mainstay GPS unit.

The recent test was conducted with a new specially equipped BMW, in Philly, where it was able to download signals quickly and completely offering a fast download speed and complete picture of the traffic situation. The new digital format is 10 times faster than RDS/TMC - FM based signals, while the older digital format is only 4 times faster. Look for availability later this year.


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Garmin Oregon 200, 300, 400t, 400i, 400c - $50 Rebate

Garmin has a $50 rebate going for the Garmin Oregon handheld GPS unit purchased now through 5/10/2009. The rebate is a available on all Oregon models, including the 300, 400t, 400i, 400c.

The touchscreen GPS has a lot going for it at the top of Garmin's line and is well worth considering if you are in the market for a full featured, big screen GPS. Read my Full Review of the Oregon 400t for more information.

  • Garmin Oregon 200
    - Full touchscreen unit with great new interface. Has a basemap
  • Garmin Oregon 300 - Adds wireless sharing capability along with electronic compass and altimeter
  • Garmin Oregon 400T - Adds the Topo map to the 300 model features.
  • Garmin Oregon 400i - Adds inland lakes maps to the 300 model features.
  • Garmin Oregon 400C
    - Adds Coastal maps to the 300 model features.

    Get the Rebate Form HERE (PDF Link)

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  • March 10, 2009

    TomTom Needs Beta Testers


    Update - TomTom just let me know that they are over the top on volunteers - sorry registration is closed for Beta Testers. Thanks for all the interest!

    Cruise on over to Club TomTom the company's North American Blog to sign up as a beta tester of the online route planner. They had beta tester requests out before, and must be testing out a new interface, new data or simply testing it for a big US splash.

    It's worth mentioning that Club TomTom has a slick new look for their blog, and from what I see; I like it.

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    Garmin to Lay Off 141 workers or about 5.6%

    No surprise that Garmin is turning to layoffs at its headquarters in Olathe KS to help out its financial situation, as the GPS market along with the rest of the country hits harder economic times. The KC Star is reporting the layoffs indicating that Garmin is getting its capacity and overhead in line with its business demand. Earlier this year, TomTom laid off 115, or 7% of its workforce, according to Twice.

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    March 8, 2009

    More on EcoRoute

    If you are interested in saving gas and getting more out of your Nuvi (205 or 705 series), you can download the free EcoRoute software update from Garmin. Check out the video below to learn a bit more - via Garmin Blogs

    Update: The Nuvi 2x5 series has the ability to use the Garmin ecoRoute program that helps you drive more efficiently. It's not nirvana, but it can help those interested in being a little more gas conscious. See my post "Got ecoRoute? Playing with ecoRoute on the Nuvi 255W."

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    March 6, 2009

    Pirated iGo Software Nabbed at CeBit

    Whoops; go to a trade show and get arrested or software piracy by the German officials? Ouch. iGo used to power the Mio line of units, and still powers a lot of second tier GPS brands with an operating system that I think is reasonably good compared to a lot of others out there.

    Who knows where this went off the tracks, but it seems to me that the folks in the booth probably didn't know that they were showing off pirated software from the company a few booths away.

    Press Release Below......
    German authorities take action over pirated iGO My way software at three different booths at CeBIT 2009. The regional prosecutor's office issued an order for regulatory measures after representatives from IPR Consulting reported the fraud and submitted evidence to the authorities.

    Representatives from IPR Consulting carried out targeted monitoring at CeBIT 2009 in Hanover, as risk analyses had indicated that several companies would be offering pirated software.

    German authorities took action over pirated iGO My way navigation software in three cases at this year's CeBIT exhibition. Only a few meters away from the booth of NNG Global Services, a company of Chinese origin was promoting itself as well as its products as iGO My way, which later proved to be cracked software copies. The Chinese citizens, upon the customers' request, pulled the cracked iGO My way software out of their pockets. "The vendors will have to take responsibility not only for selling pirated software, but also for infringement of NNG Global Services trademarks," explains András Fazakas, Chief Operating Officer at NNG Global Services.

    In two other booths, the vendors were speaking very convincingly about their strong relationships with NNG Global Services. They were found to be using pirated iGO My way navigation software on their navigation devices. One company quoted a special price for the software - which, they claimed, was the result of an agreement with NNG Global Services. In both cases the Hungarian software development company, however, has never heard of the companies in question.

    The above actions are part of a series of raids conducted internationally by a trademark protection company, commissioned by NNG Global Services to curb illegal software use.

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    March 4, 2009

    TomTom Update - Fix Available for the GO Model Stuttering


    TomTom has posted an update for the GO models that have acquired a stuttering problem. The fix was posted just the other day and if you download and install via the TomTom HOME application, you should be all set. Always a good thing to keep the firmware updated, but this is a great reason to do it now.

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    March 3, 2009

    Got Garmin EcoRoute? Now Available

    So do you have EcoRoute yet? The new, free software download that is available for Nuvi 205 and Nuvi 705 series owners who are interested in capturing their mileage performance and maybe even improving their performance while they are at it.

    Offering you the opportunity to add your vehicle profile, ecoRoute captures information about your driving performance and plays it back to you. The software addition also offers the ability to set your routing preferences not to fastest, shortest, but also least fuel usage customized to your vehicle.

    For more information - check out the ecoRoute MiniSite

    See how to download ecoRoute at Garmin

    Update: The Nuvi 2x5 series has the ability to use the Garmin ecoRoute program that helps you drive more efficiently. It's not nirvana, but it can help those interested in being a little more gas conscious. See my post "Got ecoRoute? Playing with ecoRoute on the Nuvi 255W."

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    Garmin Announces the Nuvi 1200, 1250, 1260T, 1300, 1350, 1350T, 1370T, 1390T


    Garmin announced a new series of Nuvi GPS Navigators today as part of their CeBit announcements. The line of Nuvi 1200 and Nuvi 1300 navigators are going to supplement the current line of Nuvi units out there, but, appear to me to be a platform upgrade, as the unit is 25% thinner than the current already thin design.

    Garmin saw fit to include the current innovations like a view of the upcoming intersections and free traffic subscriptions in several models which I think is a good move. I have to assume (and will check) that the free traffic is supported by the NAVTEQ ad model which inserts small innocuous ads on the screen after you have stopped for more than 10 seconds. I thought it was a good trade-off for free traffic when I used the first model to have this feature; the Nuvi 755T

    Garmin has also created CityXplorer; a set of data that will allow the Nuvi to function and navigate you on public transit; making it easier to tour a city utilizing the full complement of options available to you for getting around. The modules will be available in the second quarter along with the 1200 and 1300 units. Cost for each city will be around $10.

    A quick feature and list price breakdown....

    • Nüvi 1300 - $249.99 - 4.3" screen, 48 States of Maps, and Text to Speech (Says street names) - More Info at Garmin, available at Amazon

    • Nüvi 1350- $299.99 - Adds maps for All North America Coverage, and Lane Assist - More at Garmin, available at Amazon

    • Nüvi 1350T - $349.99 - Adds subscription free traffic - More Info at Garmin, available at Amazon

    • Nüvi 1370T - $449.99 - Adds Euro Maps to the North American Set, and Bluetooth Handsfree - More Info at Garmin, available at Amazon

    • Nüvi 1390T - $399.99 - Adds "Junction View" to see realistic views of upcoming complex intersections - More Info at Garmin, available at Amazon
    • Nüvi 1200 - $199.99 - 3.5" screen, and Text to speech with maps of the 48 states + PR - More at Garmin, available at Amazon

    • Nüvi 1250 - $249.99 - Adds maps for all North American Coverage - More info at Garmin, available at Amazon

    • Nüvi 1260T - $299.99 - Adds subscription free traffic and Bluetooth Handsfree - More Info at Garmin, available at Amazon

    Full press release follows.....

    ArrowContinue reading: "Garmin Announces the Nuvi 1200, 1250, 1260T, 1300, 1350, 1350T, 1370T, 1390T"

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    TomTom Navigation in new Relaults


    TomTom has announced a partnership with Renault to bring high quality OEM navigation to car buyers, and in a first, the ability to easily upgrade their maps, POI and information available through an easy download. The 5.8-inch screen will be a great addition to the driving experience and with TomTom's easy to use interface, they will be a high quality choice. The fact that buyers will become a part of the millions who use TomTom, and get full support and update capability is a big plus.

    "TomTom sees automotive as major growth area in the navigation space," said Harold Goddijn, TomTom's CEO. "Given that Renault, one of the top five automotive brands, chose us to work with and the fact that we have brought the Carminat TomTom solution to market in record time gives us confidence in our role as a serious player in this market."

    Full Press Release follows.....

    ArrowContinue reading: "TomTom Navigation in new Relaults"

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    March 2, 2009

    New Navigon 3300 Max, 4300T Max & 7300T GPS Navigation Units


    Navigon has announced a pair of units that continue to make their pace of innovation tough to match. They certainly don't appear to be slowing down for 2009. The Navigon 7300T is a large screened unit that offers a lot of features, including a panorama 3-D view that includes not only landscape, but 3-D buildings (key landmarks across the country). The unit includes free traffic alerts for the life of the unit, with nothing extra to buy. The views will give you the ability to see traffic on alternate routes should you need them. The My Route feature is stepping into territory that I have always wanted to see, which taps into the local knowledge that you have of local roads. It will continuously learn from you and give you that option along with other calculated options to choose from (see photo above). This very well could be a breakthrough feature.


    The 4300T offers the My Routes and Traffic features in a smaller 4.3-inch screen size, without the 3-D views. The 3000 Max offers My Routes, without the traffic in the 4.3-inch size.

    List prices are: Navigon 7300T ($399), 4300T ($279), 3300 ($199), and should be available for pre-order next week.

    Full press releases after the jump.

    ArrowContinue reading: "New Navigon 3300 Max, 4300T Max & 7300T GPS Navigation Units"

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