November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday Best GPS Sales and Deals

Not to be outdone, online GPS Sales are still roaring despite the inventory squeeze of a pretty successful Black Friday.

Automotive GPS Gift Guide - don't forget to check out our gift guide this year to cut through the noise and figure out what the top rated GPS units are in each price segment.

Cyber Monday Deals Already!


Amazon has the broadest selection of units at a discount. While the hot deals page below says Black Friday - the deals from the Cyber Monday are reflected in the price. This GPS Deals page is the best collection of discounts that they show in one place so check out the Amazon's GPS Deals Page - Lots of "Hot Deals" going on. Most notably they have:

  • Magellan RoadMate 1220 - $89 - I have been using this for an upcoming review and have been impressed with it. For $89, it has Text to Speech that I think is essential for a good unit.
  • Garmin Nuvi 260W - $114 - a good step up that includes widescreen and text to speech.

Best Buy

BestBuy has several GPS units available with competitive, but not amazing prices on GPS units. The one that is a pretty good value for the money is the:

  • TomTom XXL 540 S - a 5-inch screen super sized unit that offers text to speech and a whole lot more for those who want the extra screen real estate. - More Information


  • TomTom ONE 130 - $79 - standard size screen without text to speech at a very low price.
  • Garmins are available at a doscount, but mostly on their newest, slightly higher priced items. One in particular that I like is the Nuvi 1300 - a widescreen with text to speech for $149 after instant rebate
  • Magellan Roadmate 1470 - $139 which is almost 50% off the $249 regular price. This biggie 4.7-inch widescreen is bigger than the regular 4.3-inch widescreens.


  • TomTom 335 SE - $89 - still left over from Black Friday, this is one of the best deals around. Text to speech and a widescreen.
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November 27, 2009

GPS Lodge Holiday Gift Guide for Top Rated GPS Units


Each year, we put together a list of GPS units that are great gift options for you to buy for a friend or loved one. I recognize that not everyone has the money to go buy the top of the line units, so I picked a handful of entry level devices to offer a good way to get into a GPS, help you get around without spending too much. I also step up the ladder of features so that you can choose for yourself what you want and what to pay.

Below I list the units that performed well for me in my reviews or have similar features to units that I tested and therefore I trust will give a solid performance. There are no duds here, and these are the top rated units that meet the criteria below, recognizing that there is no one size fits all when it comes to technology.

Please see my post on Must Have features and Nice to Have Features in a GPS - it will help you cut through the mess and learn about what really matters.

Entry Level - Start here if you can't afford Text to Speech

Standard Screen - Adds Text to Speech - OK Place to Start

Widescreen and Text to Speech - My Recommended Place to Start

Widescreen, Text to Speech and Lane Guidance - Nice Added Features for Better User Experience

  • Garmin Nuvi 765 - This unit also offers Bluetooth hands free phone calling as well as the above features. Usually priced right around $200. This particular unit at Amazon has a Traffic module included which does not need a subscription.
  • TomTom XL 340S - Continuation up the line with this TomTom unit. The Lane Guidance is good and still well below $200. More Information on the TomTom XL 340S

Extra Large Screen - Helps for larger Vehicles like an RV

  • Garmin Nuvi 1490T - This has a 5-inch screen, Bluetooth, Text to Speech, Lane Assist, and more. It's pretty packed with features and offers free traffic alerts where there is coverage

  • TomTom XXL 530S - Another 5-inch wonder with added features to make the ride easier. Does not have traffic, but does offer Text to Speech, and Lane Assist features.

Hope this helps you sort through the holiday buying squeeze to get the best GPS to fit your needs and your wallet.

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November 27, 2009

Amazon Black Friday GPS Lightning Round Deals - Starting at 1PM EST/10AM PST

Over the coming hours, Amazon is ready to unleash a torrent of GPS deals in a lightning round of discounts. See the main page of the GPS lightning round, or click through the widget below to see what's available and for what price.

Main Lightning Round page of Amazon Black Friday GPS Deals - with Hot Deals still coming (too many to list) later today (I think in an hour or so even though they list 10"PM") that appear to be deeply discounted including The TomTom ONE 130, TomTom XL 340S, Garmin Nuvi 1200, Garmin Nuvi 1350T, Nuvi 255W, and more...
As time passes over the coming hours, prices will be dropping on all of these GPS units below..... Hit these here or flip over to the main page for insight into the exact prices and times when they drop or run out of inventory.

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November 27, 2009

iPhone Apps on Sale Too! - TomTom, Co-Pilot Live, and Navigon

We reported the other day that Co-Pilot Live was on sale for $19, and now TomTom has a Black Friday sale going on too.


The TomTom iPhone App for North America is now 30% off iconin the iTunes Store. Good time to buy it, since they just upgraded the App with Text to Speech, Help Me and Advanced Lane Guidance. See our full review of the TomTom iPhone App

CoPilotLiveSale.jpgCo-Pilot LIVE North America iconis just $19 and offers a lot of quality features too with on-board maps and more.

/pictures/ Meanwhile Navigon App for North America icon is still priced at $69 ($20 Off) through November 30th.

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November 27, 2009

Black Friday - Hot Deals Some Already Gone Some Still Sizzling


There are a ton of deals out there for Black Friday, and this morning was a bit rough for those of us who were out in the colder weather braving the rain.

New to GPS? - Read my Automotive Buying Guide to see what features you should be looking for in a GPS


  • While the TomTom ONE 125 SE ($59) is sold out online, the TomTom XL 325 SE widescreen unit is still available for $89; I think it's a better value for the money spent, the extra $30 will be worth it over the long haul.


  • Amazon's Deal of the Day - Garmin Nuvi 285W/285WT - A great navigator for $129 right now. Offers Widescreen, Text to Speech, Speed Limit display, Bluetooth Handsfree, and for a time, traffic. Please note that in 2012 the MSN Feature will shut off. Traffic capabilities will be OK for a year+. This is an excellent deal for the money even without the MSN feature.
  • Garmin Nuvi 255W - for $119 - still has Text to Speech and widescreen, but not the Bluetooth or traffic. Still a great deal, this was going for around $159 last week. See my Full Review
  • Amazon has a lot of Amazon Black Friday Deals - with Hot Deals still coming (too many to list) later today (I think in an hour or so even though they list 10"PM") that appear to be deeply discounted including The TomTom ONE 130, TomTom XL 340S, Garmin Nuvi 1200, Garmin Nuvi 1350T, Nuvi 255W, and more...


  • Garmin Nuvi 255W - for $119 also at Staples, again ee my Full Review for more info; Text to speech, widescreen, I recently bought one of these as a gift; very respectable model without a lot of bells and whistles.
  • TomTom XL 330 - $99 after rebate - no Text to speech, but a widescreen unit and you can also get a free case after rebate. A lot of value below the $100 price point. See my Full Review

New Egg

  • TomTom ONE 140 - standard size screen - $59 - rock bottom price for this solid entry level device. No Text to speech, but the deal is hard to pass up. More Information

Office Max

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November 26, 2009

TomTom 125SE and 325SE - WalMart Black Friday GPS - Wonder Deals?


The TomTom ONE 125SE ($59) is the Best Black Friday Deal out there in a standard screen GPS, bar none. TomTom has a history of getting a special edition out there for the holiday shopping season, merchandising the heck out of it and gobbling up sales at deep discounts.

Here's the run down on the TomTom 125 SE:

  • 3.5 inch touchscreen in a slim, lightweight device;
  • Preloaded maps of the US;
  • Spoken instructions, including "text to speech" for spoken street names;
  • Preloaded Points of Interest: millions of points of interest enhance the travelling experience and help users easily find gas stations, hotels, restaurants and more;
  • Award-winning Fold and Go EasyPort® Mount, that easily folds to fit in any bag or shirt pocket.

If you are curious about what the TomTom ONE 125 SE will perform like, check out my Full Review on the TomTom 125 - the addition of the Text to Speech will make the TomTom 125 SE a lot more useful.

The TomTom 325SE is the widescreen version of the amazing TomTom deal at $89. Again a rundown of the TomTom 325SE features:

  • Extra wide 4.3 inch touchscreen;
  • Preloaded maps of the US;
  • Spoken instructions, including "text to speech" for spoken street names;
  • Preloaded Points of Interest: millions of points of interest enhance the travelling experience and help users easily find gas stations, hotels, restaurants and more;
  • Award-winning Fold and Go EasyPort® Mount, that easily folds to fit in any bag or shirt pocket;

Good luck if you are going out to grab one of these at Walmart.

See my Automotive buying Guide - and learn about some key features that I think are worth investing in. Based on that, I would recommend paying the extra money for the TomTom 325SE above over the smaller screen TomTom 125 SE.

If you can't get these at Walmart, consider a few alternatives:

Standard Screen - Adds Text to Speech - OK Place to Start

Widescreen and Text to Speech - My Recommended Place to Start
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Thanksgiving GPS Sales - Buy Now, Sleep Tomorrow

There are a few sales going on today that might be worth your time if you wanted to pick up a reasonably priced GPS, maybe not a killer price, but still, it will knock one item off your list. See our Black Friday coverage for more information.

Simply too many great deals to list see the Other Amazing Amazon GPS Deals

BestBuy - Buy Now! Click on the Item Name to go directly there

Radio Shack



November 25, 2009

Co-Pilot Live - $19 for the Holiday

Beginning this morning at 8AM EST, Co-Pilot Live will retail for $19, a drop from the usually $35. This little mobile phone application has been tearing up the iTunes App store as one of the most popular navigation applications with a solid set of features, a reasonable, now amazing price, and good feedback.

It's available for iPhones, Windows Mobile and Android.

More at Co-Pilot Live's Website or directly for iPhone at the App store; Co-Pilot LIVE

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November 24, 2009

Beat the Traffic for Thanksgiving

Still plenty of time to prepare for what some are saying will be the worst car traffic jams in a long with this Thanksgiving, starting Wednesday and stretching into Thursday. The down economy is keeping pursestrings tight, and more people are traveling by car, creating a firestorm of potential accidents, traffic jams and lost time. There are plenty of GPS solutions to the problem, and some non-GPS solutions to the problem, here are a few ideas:

Travel in "Off Peak Times" - Traffic leader Inrix predicts that traveling either Wednesday morning or Thursday morning will be a good strategy to beat the traffic - no GPS needed for this one.

Use Websites to research -

  • While Google won't tell you how long the traffic jam will hurt you, it will help predict in the future what traffic will be like. Use Google Maps to search for your area, then click on Traffic and see the live conditions. Unfortunately it looks like Google Maps isn't yet incorporating the holiday week traffic into its prediction engine; net Thursday and Friday look like a regular rush hour drive; whoops!
  • - plug in your start and destination and you will get a custom set of directions, including the "Fastest Now" and the "Direct Drive" which may include some traffic delays that they will spell out for you. You can also access their free mobile site; from the road.

Mobile Phone Solutions - You don't need an iPhone to get a mobile phone solution that has traffic; you do need a more advanced phone though:

  • Telenav Navigator - available for many Black Berry units, and others, the inexpensive navigation service offers you live traffic updates, and will help re-route you. For $9.99 a month, this is inexpensive. You like it keep it, you don't, cancel. More at Telenav on supported devices
  • Verizon's VZ Navigator - offers traffic also, same $9.99 a month. At Verizon

iPhone Solutions - Navigation Apps

  • Navigon App for North America icon- for an extra $15 you can get live traffic added to the App. So, the App is $20 off, and the traffic is $10 off right now through 11/30, which will bring you under $100 for that iPhone App you've been wanting anyway..... Their traffic is based on the Inrix data feed.
  • AT&T Navigation App - is free but the monthly service costs $9.99 - it's a Telenav product.

iPhone Traffic Solutions

  • Inrix Traffic! - Offers a point of view of what's happening now and a glimpse into the future with a traffic prediction. - Free
  • - Offers a view into traffic, with some functionality coming over from their website. - Free
  • I happen to like Inrix's App better, but take them both; they're free and don't take up that much space

  • A-ha - An interesting look at the traffic interface - no maps, just shout outs about traffic issues in your area. Worth bringing, but offers a disadvantage if you are not totally familiar with the area as you may have trouble understanding where a traffic jam is just from the audible alert. - Free
Good Luck and safe travels......
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November 23, 2009

Automotive GPS Buying Guide

As GPS units continue to drop in price, there are a lot of folks asking the basics of GPS navigation, what stand alone unit to buy and what not to buy. I thought I would put down a lot of the things that I typically run through when I recommend a GPS to anyone. It starts with a budget, and some minimum features as well as how much are you going to use it and rely on it.

Invest in these features:

  1. Start with a trusted brand for a stand alone GPS - I trust both Garmin and TomTom to deliver an easy interface, with high quality maps and feature sets. They are the two titans of the word, have good support and very regular updates. If you are lucky enough to be able to travel to another part of the world, they have a lot of it covered with regularly updated maps.
  2. Text to Speech (TTS) at a minimum - this has the GPS speaking the road names, so it will say "Turn Right on Maple Street in 400 yards" instead of just "Turn Right in 400 yards." It doesn't make much of a difference on the highway, but in suburban and urban areas, it makes a huge difference to be able to concentrate on where you are going and listening for the road name instead of looking at the GPS map to figure out when to turn.
  3. Widescreen if you can afford it - with prices dropping more and more, a widescreen is very affordable, often costing only about $25 more than the standard 3.5-inch screened units. It's not the extra map that you get to see that is so important, but instead it's the text on the map that tells you street names, and it's the ability to input data into the unit on the larger keyboard that makes the widescreen so valuable.

Recently there are some very nice features that add to the capability of a GPS making it much easier to use and more trustworthy. If you can afford these, I would add to the list:speedlimiticon.jpg

  1. Lane Assist/ Lane Guidance - This is a couple of years old and I like it on my GPS when I can get it. The GPS will show you images of which lane to be in when approaching an intersection on the highway. While a regular exit ramp is easy, try some of the urban multi-road splits that have you needing to be in the middle lane to veer off and then a left lane to exit... it gets tough and this feature can help. Very helpful when you have this on the widescreen.
  2. Speed Limit Indicators - A hated these a few years ago due to the inaccuracies but recently I have come to love them. The speed limits are fairly accurate and are within a few hundred yards of when a Speed Limit changes on a state highway. I find them helpful, especially the Garmin implementation where the icon looks like a US Speed Limit sign with black writing on a white background. The TomTom implementations are text based in with all of the other data displayed which is a bit tougher to get at and decipher when driving down the road. This feature helps keep you legal.

Hope this helps...

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GPS Steals and Deals - Pre-Black Friday Sales on GPS

Sure we're all pretty excited about Black Friday, but there are some deals this week that are worth pointing out ahead of the big shopping mania that might get you excited and get some of that shopping taken care of on GPS so you can focus on something else come Friday.

BestBuy is offering a four day Pre-Thanksgiving sale starting today. Big discounts on GPS units.


Radio Shack

New Egg

TomTom Recycle Trade-in Program - Buy, Recycle, Get Cash


UPDATE: has a sale going on right now on select GPS models which makes this trade-in deal a great one. Here are the prices on select models with free shipping though Christmas.

  • TomTom One 130 - $79
  • TomTom One 130S - $89
  • TomTom ONE 140 - $89
  • TomTom ONE 140S - $99
  • TomTom XL 340 - $109
  • TomTom XL 335S - $119
  • TomTom XL 340S LIVE - $199

Hit the TomTom Product Page for the Holiday Specials; using my old Maestro below as a trade in example (I have a closet full of trade ins as you might imagine) I could get a widescreen TomTom XL 335S with text to speech for $68 net after trade (Subject to the T&C's of accepting my unit in good working order as our commenter Jalan points out)

Cruised this weekend and saw that you can now buy a TomTom GPS from them, trade in an old one, and get cash back in a couple of weeks. They have a calculator that calculates what your old GPS is worth, and the prices offered back seem reasonable. I didn't see all models there, but they have a lot of TomTom and other manufacturer models listed for trade. I looked at trading in a TomTom ONE XL "Regional" - worth $77, and a Magellan Maestro 3140 - worth $51; not bad. According to TomTom, the program works like this:

Four Easy Steps To Trade In Equipment:
  • Step 1 -- Purchase any new TomTom GPS on
  • Step 2 -- Register for a Trade-In account and log in to the Trade-In Center.
  • Step 3 -- Select the appropriate trade-in estimator and receive an instant estimate.
  • Step 4 -- Print a prepaid shipping label and ship your items (GPS and all components, plus a printout of your order confirmation email from your purchase on to our trade-in warehouse.

the issue here that you need to tackle is that the prices on new are list price. So the TomTom 330 is listed at $179, less my generous trade on an old Magellan Maestro and I net out at $128. The Black Friday price is $99 in a couple of outlets. The process seems easy enough, just do your research and get going to take advantage of the program. I like that the old GPS doesn't clog a landfill, it instead will be sent to where it seems that these will be auctioned off in some attempt at a second life. (BTW - there is an auction going on right now for a Maestro 3140 for $37; guess there's a way to go before they cover the $51 trade-in that they are offering me).

More at TomTom

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November 19, 2009

WalMart Black Friday GPS Deals Out - TomTom 125 SE and XL325 SE

So WalMart let go of their iron grip on their Black Friday circular and revealed a TomTom centric day at their stores, at least as far as GPS units go.


While both units sport the "SE" moniker, they should perform quite well. Usually, these special models add or delete a small feature. For WalMart, TomTom may have just added the signifier to offer them the unique model and best price in the land.

See more Black Friday coverage

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November 18, 2009

Garmin GPS Holiday Commercials 2009 -

Garmin has put out their 2009 Holiday GPS Commercials, and they are pretty good. Plenty of fun to be had in these short ads. Featuring the new connected Nuvi 1690, the Nutcracker finds things to do on his night away from the store window display. The Nutcracker will grow on me, but I still like going back to the "Got a Unibrow" ad and the "Bugs in her Grill" ad from last year.

Garmin also has the multi-product ad out featuring a Knight heading out to slay a dragon, but I like the Scot golfing only to find a squirrel playing a mandolin, which is a great little throwback to CaddyShack. I'm telling you the "pool, the pond, the pond would be good for you." Anyway, enjoy the ads, they're on TV for a short time, but a lot longer here and on YouTube.

If you want to learn more, check out the Garmin Blog for information about the making of the ads and some of the Nutcrackers for the Michigan Ave store in Chicago.

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November 16, 2009

Magellan RoadMate for the iPhone (App)


In a surprise hip, cool move, Magellan has launched an App for the iPhone adding their two cents to the party of Apps at the iTunes App store. I happen to be cruising over to the Magellan site for another reason, and saw the information on the App itself. It incorporates Magellan's One Touch menu - an easy way to get to several basic items with the touch of a single button, Text to Speech (Says street names), Highway Lane Assist (See what lane to be in at intersections), 3D landmarks, control of your tunes from inside the App, a pedestrian mode and more.


Not only did Magellan release the App for that navigation itch of yours for your iPhone, but the App will work with your iPod Touch, when you use the App and Magellan car cradle together. The Car kit is coming soon and will be able to grab the GPS signal, offer amplified commands back out, and also operate as a Bluetooth noise canceling speaker phone. In a stroke of genius, the car kit will work with any navigation application.

The application is available now, for a "Sale Price" of $79, which may head to $99 in the near future. The car kit will be priced at $129 according to Magellan.

From their website, they appear ready to launch segments of the US in modules - East and West, as well as a European App. This approach is interesting as it reminds me of when RAM memory was expensive and GPS makers had to price GPS units in the many hundreds of dollars as a result. The European market got a jump start on the US because the units were cheaper there due to the fact that they could be sold less expensively with smaller "regional" mapsets that required less memory. Maybe size and affordability will play into buying just US East or West? The All US one is about 1.3GB now.


More at Magellan GPS

and the Magellan RoadMate icon (iTunes Link)

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November 14, 2009

Magellan SE4 GPS - Appears for Black Friday Sale


BestBuy is selling the Magellan SE4 GPS for Black Friday as an exclusive item, making comparisons hard to the rest of the RoadMate line, but we'll walk through the features and the comparisons to map out what's going on for you. From comparing the Magellan SE4 to the Roadmate line, I believe the SE4 is based on the Magellan Roadmate 1420.

Magellan SE4 - 48 State + Hawaii+Puerto Rico, Text to Speech, 6 Million Points of Interest, One-Touch command, Multi-destination routing, and a 3-hour battery - More at BestBuy

Magellan RoadMate 1420 - 48 State + Hawaii+Puerto Rico, Text to Speech, 6 Million Points of Interest, One-Touch command, Multi-destination routing, and a 2-hour battery - also offers AAA Club Tourbook and AAA Roadside Assistance - More Info at Magellan's Roadmate 1420 Product Page

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November 13, 2009

TomTom Upgrades iPhone App - Text to Speech, Lane Guidance

TomTom has upgraded its iPhone App with some good solid additions to the capabilities - it's a Free upgrade for current users. The new additions include advanced lane guidance, text to speech - it will say street names, and a Help Me button - to help you out when you are in trouble. Full list and the press release are below. All good news and all free upgrades - like that. It should show up in the App store in a dew days.

Users of TomTom's popular iPhone navigation application will soon be able to enjoy even more advanced features, with a free update ensuring users always have the best navigation experience.

This update*, which is being submitted to Apple for review today and will be awaiting their approval, will bring significant and advanced additional features that TomTom fans around the world have come to appreciate. These are:

- Advanced lane guidance giving drivers extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions. For the first time this is in both landscape and portrait mode.

- Text-to-speech helping motorists to keep their eyes on the road by enabling street names and places to be read aloud as part of the spoken instructions.

- "Help Me" providing direct access to emergency numbers and directions to the nearest emergency providers.

- Updated map and safety camera database**.

- Customizable audio warnings when approaching safety cameras or driving over the speed limit, increasing driver safety and saving money.

- iPod player control ensuring drivers can conveniently control their music from within the application.

"The TomTom app for iPhone is a priority for us and we are committed to both its long term development and everyday improvements," said Benoit Simeray, TomTom's senior vice president, On-board Mobile. "Current and future customers of our application for the iPhone can count on more great updates from TomTom for free."

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November 12, 2009

Staples Black Friday 2009 GPS Sales and Deals

Staples is always an interesting place for Black Friday and they usually have some great deals on GPS units. The inventory this year looks good, and the deals start at a very nice $99 for a widescreen TomTom XL 330. Depending what we are also going after, there is a pretty good potential that GPSLodge is heading out to Staples - we'll see you there.


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November 10, 2009

Navigon adds Live Traffic to iPhone App - Now Available

Navigon has released their traffic capability for their iPhone navigator application adding another feature to their already high end iPhone application. The traffic capability will cost an extra $25 per year, on special for the first few weeks at $20. With increased bandwidth, the traffic information quality will be much better than the over the air FM based TMC systems, offering finer slices of each roadway's actual traffic situation instead of a broad average across long stretches. The purchase can be made in the App itself.

"By including real-time speed data from drivers on the road, we are adding a next generation traffic service to our app that goes beyond traditional traffic functions which work with radio transmitted messages only. This is clearly raising the bar for iPhone GPS applications," said Gerhard Mayr, Vice-President Worldwide Mobile Phones & New Markets at NAVIGON. "Providing the driver instantaneous traffic conditions, and offering efficient, alternative routes to the congestion, saves time, fuel and money. The ability to know and navigate around gridlock is a crucial function and we are thrilled to be the first major GPS company to announce this critical, and sought after service for an iPhone navigation app at a flat fee."

The App will be using a crowd sourced + probe traffic gathering solution that has about 1.3 million probes out in the market. The App is also designed to monitor traffic data and send back anonymous reports from your traffic conditions too.

  • Users receive immediate on-screen alerts via iconic warnings indicating
    accidents, construction and other incidents that can cause congestion along
    the current route.
  • Provides detailed information regarding the severity of the incident and
    the speed of traffic flow.
  • Based on the real-time traffic warnings and the excellent mapping
    functionality the user can determine an efficient, alternative route or stay
    on the course.
  • The software automatically adjusts estimated time of arrival.

More at Navigon for the iPhone or at Navigon App
icon (iTunes Link)

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November 9, 2009

GPS Tour of The Wall in Berlin

There's not that much left, but here's a short video from Time Magazine that talks about a new GPS Based tour of the Berlin Wall.

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November 8, 2009

GPS Steals and Deals - 11/8

It's that time of year, and we have some more deals hitting the stores than normal. Thought I would post a few with some references to online for your consideration or browsing. Don't forget to check out the BLACK FRIDAY deals and sales post that I an updating on a regular basis.

This week's deals:



  • Insignia NS-NAV01 - $79 - my reco is to skip it. Admittedly haven't used it but have heard and seen first hand some disappointing reviews and emails about BestBuy's house brand GPS.
  • TomTom 140S - $149 at Best Buy, $130 at Amazon - Text to speech in a standard size screen (3-5 inch).
  • TomTom XXL 540S - $269 at BestBuy, $256 at Amazon - large 5-inch screen with maps of North America including Mexico. Has lane assist and text to speech.
  • Magellan RoadMate 1440 - $169 at BestBuy, $163 at Amazon - widescreen with lane assist and multi-destination routing. Has Text to Speech.
  • Magellan RoadMate 1445T -$199 at BestBuy, includes widescreen, lane assist, text to speech and adds traffic capabilities.
  • Garmin Nuvi 255WT - $179 at BestBuy, - widescreen with traffic receiver and free lifetime traffic. See My Full Hands on Review of the Nuvi 255W

OfficeMax - offers the Nextar Q4 for $79 - I would recommend spending money now on something else from a name brand that you (and I ) trust, or wait until Black Friday deals to get what you want.

Similarly CVS is offering a $79 GPS for dummies - yes you'd be a dummy to buy this. Spend your money on something you hardly need a manual to use like a Garmin or a TomTom - Black Friday offers a good chance to get high quality at the same price.

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November 6, 2009

Garmin Nuvi 750 - $169 at WalMart


Starting the whole holiday shopping early? WalMart hopes so, and is offering the Garmin Nuvi 750 on sale for $169. The widescreen unit (4.3-inches) has text to speech - it says street names, North American Maps, the ability to advance plan routes ahead of time from point A to B.

at WalMart - Garmin Nuvi 750

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November 3, 2009

Inrix Traffic on ALK Co-Pilot for iPhone

ALK_CoPilot_Inrix.jpg INRIX and ALK Technologies, announced that INRIX will power real-time traffic data in ALK Technologies popular CoPilot® Live™ v8 GPS navigation app for Apple iPhone, Google Android and Windows phones in North America. CoPilot is one of the Top Grossing Apps at the iTunes App store in the US at the pretty amazing price of $35.
This release also represents a milestone in that it will be powered by the in application purchase ability - allowing you to buy the App, then add-on the traffic option from within the application itself. The price for traffic service is $19.99 a year at the Co-Pilot site, and I would imagine that would also apply for in-app purchases. That's pretty cheap for some best in class traffic coverage and capabilities.
More on the news release below after the jump.
More info at ALK - Co-Pilot and Inrix

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November 2, 2009

Black Friday Best GPS Sales and Deals - 2009

Updated: 11/26

It's time once again to start looking for those Black Friday GPS Deals. We've made it a tradition of scouring the net to find Black Friday information about what kind of deals will be available for you to jump on and grab a great deal on that GPS you've had your eye on.

Black Friday is here in a few hours - Good Luck out there.

GPS Automotive Buying Guide - Must have and nice to have Features - check out our quick guide to feature selection on Automotive GPS Models

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  • Garmin Nuvi 1490 - $100 Off - This is Garmin's current 5" screen GPS and the price isn't set now on the ad. - More Information
  • TomTom "4.3-inch GPS" - $55 off - Judging from the specs mentioned, this is most likely a TomTom XL 335S - More Information

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