November 12, 2009

Staples Black Friday 2009 GPS Sales and Deals

Staples is always an interesting place for Black Friday and they usually have some great deals on GPS units. The inventory this year looks good, and the deals start at a very nice $99 for a widescreen TomTom XL 330. Depending what we are also going after, there is a pretty good potential that GPSLodge is heading out to Staples - we'll see you there.


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November 2, 2009

Black Friday Best GPS Sales and Deals - 2009

Updated: 11/26

It's time once again to start looking for those Black Friday GPS Deals. We've made it a tradition of scouring the net to find Black Friday information about what kind of deals will be available for you to jump on and grab a great deal on that GPS you've had your eye on.

Black Friday is here in a few hours - Good Luck out there.

GPS Automotive Buying Guide - Must have and nice to have Features - check out our quick guide to feature selection on Automotive GPS Models

BestBuy - Buy Now! Click on the Item Name to go directly there


  • Garmin Nuvi 1490 - $100 Off - This is Garmin's current 5" screen GPS and the price isn't set now on the ad. - More Information
  • TomTom "4.3-inch GPS" - $55 off - Judging from the specs mentioned, this is most likely a TomTom XL 335S - More Information

Dell Home

Gander Mountain


Office Depot


Radio Shack

Sam's Club


Sports Authority




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December 12, 2008

Black Friday Softer Results - High Shares for Big 3


In a quick Q&A, GPS Business News had Tom Murray, VP Marketing USA for TomTom, review the GPS performance on Black Friday where he indicated that TomTom's results were a little softer than hoped for, with shares in the mid-30% range. They must have had high expectations as the TomTom ONE 125 was everywhere that I looked, and at $99, there was a lot of buzz.

They also talked about the fact that the Big Three, no not the auto makers, TomTom, Garmin and Magellan, made up 95% of the Black Friday sales. Not surprising considering the brand recognition and the deals that were in every major store.

A couple of years ago, Mio made a splash with a low priced, high value unit, and woke the big guys up with it. I think that the Big Three realized the opportunity and have since made a more concerted effort to grab the entry level consumer.

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November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday GPS Deals and Sales

With Black Friday a distant memory, online retailers are going to battle it out for your dollars. Black Friday continues to move its sales online and CyberMonday looks like a great time to grab bargains as the discounts get extended another few days.

Best Buy Logo

Check out my Holiday GPS Buying Guide for tips on what I think are good units for gifts this year.

BestBuy has already started their 2-Day "Cyber Monday" sale going Sunday and Monday - check out these GPS units that they have.

  • Garmin Nuvi 760 - $199 with Free Shipping (Online deal only) - Best Buy changed this errors and is offering the Garmin 260W instead (Thanks Rich) - Very good unit - see my Full Review of the Nuvi 760. Recently seen online at $249 - Check Amazon as a reference price before going to BestBuy.
  • Garmin Nuvi 260W - $199 with Free Shipping (Online Deal Only) - Text to speech, maps of North America, and a pretty good price for the unit, just not as amazing as the Nuvi 760 for this price.
  • Garmin nuvi 780 - $359 with Free Shipping (Online Deal Only) - Upgrade from Nuvi 760 in that it includes MSN Direct service for traffic, movie times, weather and more. See My Full Review of the Nuvi 780. Recently $426 online.
  • Mio Moov 300 - $129 with Free Shipping (Online Deal Only) - Widescreen Mio that has text to speech. See My Full Review of the Mio Moov 300. See My Full Review of the Mio Moov 300. Recently online for $152.
  • Insignia Connected GPS units - See my review on the Insignia CNV-20 before thinking about buying these.
  • TomTom ONE 130S - $199 with Free Shipping (Online deal only) - This includes a case and wall charger. Everyone has the unit for $199 starting today (some with the charger/case), but BestBuy is throwing in the case. See My Full Review of the TomTom ONE 130S

Amazon - Seems that they are carrying their deals all weekend and into Monday.

Other Deals this week:

  • TeleNav Shotgun - With the launch of their new connected GPS, TeleNav is in the holiday rush ballgame with a special offer for the CyberMonday crowd. Buy the TeleNav Shotgun connected GPS and use the code 'sgcybermonday' at checkout and get a total of 6 months of subscription service - twice as much as normal.
  • Mio Store 30% off - accessories and map updates for older units. Not a bad savings for these items.
  • Mio Moov 200 - $99 at Office Max - Standard Screen unit with decent capabilities. Check out my review of the Mio Moov 300 (the widescreen version of the same unit) for insight into its operation.
  • TomTom is running their own specials with their discounts at $50 - $100 off models. These prices are competitive with a lot of other outlets, but you may be able to find a good deal on one of the higher end units. See TomTom's Website
  • Magellan 1212 - $119 at Staples. If you missed the $99 deals on this unit on Black Friday and still want one, check it out for only $20 more.
  • Magellan 1412 - $149, Widescreen unit with text to speech. Good price on a widescreen. (Note- at this writing the site has the standard screen unit pictured - see the description - it's a widescreen)
  • Nuvi 200 - $128 (w/ case) - At WalMart. Standard screen unit with maps of the 48 States. No Text to speech - basic navigation but with high quality capabilities. See My Full Review on the Nuvi 200

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November 27, 2008

Download your Black Friday GPS Guide from GPS Lodge

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody. You can download our Black Friday guide and shopping list covering all the units here and take it with you to shop. The PDF has key product features, listings by store what units are being offered and recent priced seen online to help you compare the bargains. Enjoy, We hope it helps.

Cruise over to our main Black Friday GPS Deals page to download your Black Friday Shopping Guide as well as see a full listing of the GPS deals by store with links to detailed information and our hands-on, Full Reviews of the units.

Good luck out there.......

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November 25, 2008

TomTom ONE 125 Pricing - $99 Now, Higher Later

Thumbnail image for TomTomONE125Front.jpg
Lots of buzz about the TomTom ONE 125; readers writing in and asking about it and its availability. So, if you were thinking about grabbing a TomTom ONE 125, you'd be better off doing it now than later my sources say. Retailers are always free to set their own prices, but my information has the TomTom ONE 125 going up to $129 after November 30th.. So, with it at $99 all over the place, grab one now. You can go read my Full Review of the TomTom ONE 125 if you want more information on it.

If you don't want to wait out on Black Friday for one, you can always get it for the Black Friday price $99 today with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon.

At Amazon - the TomTom ONE 125

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November 23, 2008

GPSLodge GPS Holiday Gift Guide - 2008 - Best GPS Gifts!

Gps Lodge Blogpire Gg-1

OK the economy stinks, but the deals on GPS navigation systems have never been better as the innovations continue to roll in and the prices continue to roll back. It's always tough to put together a concise guide to the best GPS units for the holidays every year, but I do come back to a couple of things each year that I stress: Pay for quality, and if you can afford it upgrade to Text to Speech (Says Street Names) and a widescreen. Beyond that, advanced routing capabilities, Bluetooth handsfree, voice commands and data feeds help round out the awesome splurge GPS units out there. Let's Start.

Solid Navigation at Great Prices - No Text to Speech, 3.5-inch Screen

TomTomONE125Front.jpgTomTom ONE 125 - $99+ - Special deals have this at $99 for a limited amount of time, and while it has no Text to Speech, and only US Maps, it is a solid device with good performance at a great price. See My Full Review

Garmin Nuvi 205 - $135+ - Garmin's entry level unit that offers a lot of quality from Garmin. No Text to Speech, and a standard 3.5-inch screen, but with a dead simple interface (recently upgraded) that start's out asking you "Where to?" or "View Maps" - yea it's that easy. See My Full Review

Add Text to Speech

Garmin Nuvi 255 - $169 - $189 - Adds Text to Speech and a great interface enhancements that makes the Garmin Nuvi 255 my pick for Best Entry Level GPS this year. See My Full Review

Navigon 2200T - $169+ - Has Text to Speech as well as a lot of advanced features like lifetime traffic feeds and help to show you which lane to be in when you are approaching complex highway intersections. I am finishing up my review on it and I like it, but its interface is not as straightforward as others. It's a trade-off on the advanced features, and control over a lot of configurable details. My review will be coming soon.

Upgrade to Widescreen and Text to Speech

Garmin Nuvi 255W - $219+ - Again, a solid performer with an upgraded interface that I like a lot. Has maps of North America, widescreen and Text to Speech. All around easy to use and an easy gift that anyone will be able to pick up, and use easily. See My Full Review

TomTom ONE XL 330S - $249+ - A good GPS with a few more features that offer a nice bit of extra differentiation, including "A --> B" planning. This allows you to sit there in your living room before your airplane trip,and plan a route from from one other location to a different destination, save it and use it when you land. See My Full Review

Splurge - Advanced Features and Tricked Out GPS

Garmin Nuvi 765T - $450+ - Bluetooth Handsfree calling, Text to Speech, North American Maps, free traffic feeds, and a Lane Assist feature that helps to tell you what lane to be in when you get to key highway intersections. Optimized routing to multiple destinations. See My Full Review

TomTom GO 730 - $349 - Fun navigator that has a lot going for it with North American Maps, Text to Speech, Lane Guidance, and the ability to record your own voice (or someone else's) that plays when you need voice commands from the GO 730. The GO 730 also takes voice commands. See My Full Review of the GO 930 (GO 930 has extra maps as the main difference.


Garmin Nuvi 880 - $450+ - Voice Recognition on the Nuvi as well as Bluetooth, Text to Speech, and MSN Direct capabilities that offer gas prices, traffic and movie time feeds. Loads of capabilities, top of the line quality.

Going to Europe? Get Their Maps Pre-loaded

If you are heading over to Europe and need a GPS now, get one with Maps of North America AND Europe preloaded - get used to the unit here and make the seamless transition there.

Garmin Nuvi 270 - $160+ - compact with a small screen, no Text to Speech, but pre-loaded maps and high quality interface.

Garmin Nuvi 770 - $330+ - Widescreen with Text to Speech and Bluetooth Handsfree capabilities.

TomTom GO 920 - $325+ - Widescreen and text to speech with Bluetooth Handsfree. This is one generation older, and is a great value. See My Full Review. The latest is the GO 930 - See My Full Review.

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TomTom ONE 125 - $99 at Amazon - Black Friday Pricing TODAY!


Last year for Black Friday, TomTom drove a lot of business with its TomTom ONE, and is again poised to grab a lot of business this year for Black Friday, as they have a boatload of stores lined up to offer their new TomTom ONE 125 for $99. You want to wait out in line to maybe grab one of the limited supply at 5AM? Go ahead. If not, grab one at Amazon right now for the same price and get it shipped free to you while you can do things that are better than hanging out in the cold.

At Amazon - the TomTom ONE 125

More information see My Full Review of the TomTom ONE 125

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TomTom ONE 125 Full Review


The new TomTom ONE 125 comes to the market at a time of intense competition and high expectations for the major GPS makers as they vie to marketshare and the attention of the millions of shoppers who are discovering the wonders of not getting lost and actually getting to where you want to go without stopping, backtracking or imagine that, asking for directions at a gas station. It also comes to market at a time when shoppers are starting to parade out to stores with cash in hand for holiday shopping.

TomTom ONE 125 vs. ONE 130

The TomTom ONE 125 brings a special edition that may or may not be around after the holiday push. The only difference between the TomTom ONE 130 and the TomTom ONE 125 is that the TomTom ONE 125 has US maps, and not the full North American maps like the TomTom ONE 130. Not a big sacrifice for people who may never venture north to Canada. I predict that it will be a big seller for Black Friday - If you want more info on Black Friday 2008 see all of the Black Friday GPS deals. The TomTom ONE 125 continues the slimmed down design with an ultra thin look, and an innovative mount, dubbed the EasyPort. Fold flat profile and a twist to adhere suction mount make the EasyPort different in the GPS world.

ArrowContinue reading: "TomTom ONE 125 Full Review"

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Countdown - Black Friday GPS Deals Get our Guide Mailed to You!

blackfriday_gps_guide.jpgJust a few days left until Black Friday this week, and almost all of the ads are out and deals listed here at GPSLodge. We know that you'll want to head out shopping for a GPS on Black Friday and that you'll want to compare all of the unit features. GPSLodge will be compiling all of the GPS units offered for Black Friday with lists of features, and prices so that you know which units to buy and which unit to avoid.

Get the Black Friday GPS Shopping Guide emailed to you on Wednesday before Thanksgiving so that you can take the full list of Black Friday GPS Units with you shopping while you compare and contrast the various models at the various stores. It's simple and easy.

Want to see all of the Black Friday Deals right now? - Head on over to our Big Black Friday Best GPS Deals Page.

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