Sony Nav-U 73T and 83T


Sony is launching another Nav-U pair into the US market, the latest being models NV-U73T and NV-U83T. These models are being launched behind safety of the user. One of the features touted, isn’t even the GPS unit, it’s the suction cup mount. The suction cup makes what they call a virtually unmovable attachment due to the fact that it’s made with a flexible non adhesive gel that allows you to position the unit where it’s convenient.

The Nav-U83T has another wider than widescreen size of 4.8 inches (4.3-inches on the Nav-U73T), that has a nice anti-glare coating to make it visible in most conditions. The unit also has a split screen design that shows upcoming intersections and detail about the next turn.
A little sophistication on the chipset design front, as the Nav-U 83T has not only a SiRF star III GPS chip, but a pressure sensor, gyro and acceleration sensor to keep the GPS unit tracking while in tunnels and in urban canyons where even the SiRF chip might get lost (Not available on the Nav-U73T). Finally, the units feature a gesture control capability to help make frequent tasks as easy as a flick of the finger.

The units will also have text-to-speech, branded icons, 5 million points of interest, and maps of US & Canada. The Nav-U83T will also have Bluetooth Handsfree calling capability.

Pre-orders for the nav-u portable navigation devices are now being accepted at The devices are expected to be available in early spring direct at, at Sony Style retail stores nationwide, at military base exchanges, and at authorized dealers around the country. The NV-U73T and NV-U83T models are expected to sell for about $350 and $500, respectively.

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Sony PSP- GPS Capability Coming to US


Finally, Sony has decided to bring the GPS peripheral for the PSP to the US. It has been on the Japanese market for some time now. According to the Sony CES website, they say, "Your PSP will provide 2D/3D locations, driving directions, POI's, and even downloadable city guides. With an easy search feature and customizable settings, GPS on PSP is the easiest way to navigate new areas and new cities."

So the software will be available through the UMD.


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January 6, 2008

Cobra NavOne 5000 - 5-inch Screen, Branded Icons


Cobra is expected to unveil their Cobra NavOne 5000 at CES, which was curiously pre-announced last year at CES 2007. The NavOne is an interesting unit with a larger 5.0-inch screen - super sized, and it also comes with a verified red light and speed camera database. With the extra size screen comes some extra sized maps and some larger fonts so that people who mount their GPS units farther away, will be able to see it better.

It comes with TeleAtlas Maps of the US and Canada, as well as Text to Speech, 7.6 million POI and the option to show any of the about 600 branded icons on the screen as you drive down the road. The unit also has an optional traffic receiver and the ability to offer you two alternate routes should you hit traffic.

At Amazon - The Cobra NavOne 5000

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January 5, 2008

Goodyear GPS to Launch Eight GPS Units


Goodyear tire has lent their brand for use on a line of fairly advanced GPS units being announced at CES 2008. The line-up looks pretty sophisticated with MSN direct capabilities in the higher end. The new line of eight GPS units will go from the small keychain unit (GY100K) up to the GY540 a 4.3 inch widescreen unit that has a lot of bells and whistles. The design elements on these is interesting and appears from the renderings that they will have a multi-textured exterior with some having a design element of tire tread.... humm, is that an all season tread or a summer only deal? The units are going to be available in Q2 2008.

People familiar with Mio and other manufacturers will recognize the iGo interface on the unit, a software company that has been manufacturing navigation software for a while now. I think that it's one of the better interfaces, but this is the first time I have seen it integrate MSN Direct features.

Engadget is reporting on the featuresets of the line (after the jump).

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January 4, 2008

BikeGPSTracking - Motorcycle GPS Tracking

BikeGPSTracking™, a leading provider of GPS tracking and theft recovery products today announced the availability of the first low cost GPS tracking unit for motorcycles, off road vehicles, and ATV's. This GPS tracking unit offers many customer requested features at a fraction of the cost of comparable tracking solutions.

"The launch of our MC242 GPS Motorcycle Tracking Unit gives motorcycle and ATV owners the peace of mind in knowing their property is protected at a very affordable price," said Mark Wells, President & CEO of BikeGPSTracking. "With the average price of GPS motorcycle tracking units being well over $500, we are able to leverage our technology leadership and bring the hardware cost down to $349."

BikeGPSTracking is also offering 2 optional accessories, a tether switch or panic button and a vibration sensor. If a rider is thrown from their bike the tether switch will send an emergency alert via SMS (text message) or an email message to specified recipients. Pressing the panic button will also generate a similar emergency alert. The vibration sensor alerts when a motorcycle is moved more than 100 yards while the ignition is off making theft recovery much faster.

The MC242 Motorcycle Tracking Unit offers the following features:

* Alerts when the ignition is turned on or off
* Tether switch if rider is thrown from motorcycle
* Vibration sensor if a motorcycle is moved
* Unlimited, continuous GPS tracking throughout the USA and Canada
* Ability to set Geofence and speed alerts

BikeGPSTracking is also offering low cost service plans as low as $5.95 per month and offer an additional 20% discount for annual pre-payment. The MC242 GPS Motorcycle Tracking Unit is available at

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January 3, 2008

CES 2008: Garmin Nuvi 880/850


UPDATE: MSN Direct will stop service January 1, 2012 - buyer beware that the traffic and other information services will not work after that date.
Garmin announced the new nuvi 880, a premium portable navigation device with cutting-edge speech recognition, dynamic MSN Direct content, and an impressive array of other convenience and safety features. Big stuff.

  • Voice Recognition - A little different; you need to push a small mountable button to get the Nuvi to "Listen", but it uses an algorithms to use Voice Controls to do some great things.... say "Find Nearest Italian Restaurant" or "Find Nearest Starbucks", and it will search through the POI listings to get a list for you.

  • MSN Direct with new features like News and stocks, Local events and "Send to your GPS from your computer in addition to the Movie, Weather and Gas prices info that has already shown up on MSN Direct models.

  • It seems like Garmin is using SiRF's new InstantFixII technology here as they say that "At startup Garmin's new "instant on" feature makes the unit quicker to use."

  • I am not a huge fan of FM transmitters for playing music over the stereo, but it looks like Garmin is getting hipper as they are offering their music player that can read MP3, Ogg, and Flac formats.

    Garmin also offers the Nuvi 850, which offers speech recognition capabilities but without MSN Direct services or Bluetooth wireless technology.

    More below...

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  • CES 2008: Garmin Nuvi 780

    UPDATE: For More Information read my Full Review on the Garmin Nuvi 780 with MSN Direct 2
    Garmin announced the nuvi 780 -- the newest addition to the popular nuvi family and the most powerful in its acclaimed 700 series. This is not just a Nuvi 700 series with MSN Direct, as it represents some new features plowed into the MSN Direct service that is pretty cool and expands on their desirable offerings. I reviewed the Nuvi 680 with MSN Direct a year ago right after it was announced at CES 2007, and it was great just for the gas price functionality. Read my Full Review of the Nuvi 680. For more info on the Nuvi 700 series read my Full Review of the Nuvi 750/760/770.

    Now You can also get Local events like festivals in the area, News and Stocks, and Send to GPS capability which allows you to plan trips from your computer and send the information to your Nuvi 780.

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    CES 2008: Garmin Nuvi 260W


    Garmin announced the nuvi 260W, a simple-to-use widescreen personal navigation device (PND) that speaks street names. It's not a big surprise that since Garmin introduced the Nuvi 200/250 line and then the 200W and the 250W line, that the Nuvi 260 would be follow-up by a widescreen version too. (Um, where's the Nuvi 270W with Euro Maps?) What is too bad is that this wasn't in the mix for the Holiday 2007 season, as a lot of people are turning onto the benefits of Text to Speech and would have loved to have had this as a product to consider.

    We gave away a Garmin Nuvi 260 as part of our holiday festivities, and I think that the value line with TTS is a great product entry from a trustworthy name like Garmin.

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    CES 2008: Garmin Nuvi 5000 - Super Size Me!

    So Garmin has been in the BIG screen segment before with the 7-inch screened Garmin StreetPilot 7200, but with market pressures driving costs down and features into the units, it's time to revisit the big screen for the everyman.

    Garmin announced a new series of nuvi navigators designed specifically for those seeking premium navigation features on a large, 5.2-inch touchscreen display. Those premium features include a choice of MSN Direct data feeds or TMC Traffic feeds, Video input for back-up cameras, MP3/Audiobook player, and route optimization. Not bad, but no THX Certified Surround Sound?

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    CES 2008: Garmin Forerunner 405

    Garmin announced the Forerunner 405 -- the latest in Garmin's popular line of GPS-enabled fitness devices, packing powerful functions and innovative features into a compact size like none other. The smaller form factor, based on the Garmin Forerunner 50, a watch style form factor, allows for a lot of capability in a small easy to use shape. Unlike the Forerunner 50, the unit does contain a GPS chipset, and unlike any other GPS the Forerunner 405 interacts with a touchscreen, reminiscent of the iPhone. Gestures and swirls control the interface and give you the ability to create new workouts or access their workout history. Very cool.

    Below is a video from Garmin Blogs....

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