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July 11, 2012

Garmin Fenix Outdoor Watch - Advanced Capabilities on your Wrist


Garmin just announced their new wonder kid gps watch that gives you some amazing functionality in a little wrist-top watch. Not only can you drop breadcrumb trails on your route, navigate back to your campsite, and some of the regular things you've been able to do with write mounted devices for years (Think Forerunner 201), but also the unit has an Altimeter, Barometer and Compass - real tools to help you out there. The altimeter can help get you information about your trip, and some bragging stats, but the barometer can also help produce short term weather trends, letting you know when things might just turn worse. It's wireless ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities can also help to talk to other Garmin GPS devices to share routes, waypoints and more, but also talk to wireless sensors like heart rate monitoring, or if biking cadence monitoring too.

Battery life is up to 50 hours on the trail and up to 6 weeks in watch mode. Price is $399.

More after the Jump on the Garmin Fenix. See the Garmin Fenix site at Garmin Fenix

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May 8, 2012

Garmin Fit App Gets Sharing


Garmin added a new feature to its Garmin Fit App, launched last year, called LiveTrack - which give the user the ability to broadcast their status to friends and followers. Sure you may not be in the Tour de France or in the leader's group on the Boston Marathon, but you can sure act that way with the LiveTrack capability that shows followers your key stats like time elapsed, distance, speed and elevation in real time, as well as any information that you collect via ANT+ sensors.

Those ANT+ sensors can collect data from Heart Rate Monitors, as well as cadence meters and wirelessly collect them via an ANT+ receiver plugged into your phone.

Of course, Garmin plugged the Garmin Connect tracking website into the back end of Garmin Fit, so you can save and analyze your data from your recent workouts.

Sadly, LiveTrack costs $1.99 a month if you want to share. The App only costs $0.99. The Garmin ANT+ Adapter for iPhone , $49, plus the cost of the Garmin Heart-Rate Monitor or Cadence module.

If you haven't decided, on a favorite App, and like the sharing idea, check out MapMyRide, which offers the ability to post updates at set intervals to Facebook and Twitter, with links to maps. Not realtime, but also, not an ongoing cost.

More at Garmin Fit (for iPhone and Android)

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February 2, 2012

Got Facebook Timeline? Try the MapMyRide App


MapMyRide (and MapMyRun, etc) have new Facebook Timeline Apps that will help you track your fitness on your Facebook pages…. while bragging to others about your exercise prowess.

You'll be able to track your progress and get monthly reports. It's like a little web App right where you waste er ah, spend all of your time anyway.

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January 8, 2012

Magellan Announces the Switch - Fitness GPS


Magellan has announced their Fitness GPS market entries - the Switch and Switch Up. Both GPS-based and both multi-sport capable, the Pair of Switches offer what athletes want most, the ability to track performance attributes, download them later and track performance. The Switch offers customizable profiles, eight hours of battery life, 50-meter water resistance and compatibility with ANT+ sensors (think Heart Rate monitors, cadence meters, and more).

Magellan Switch-up adds to those features with a barometric altimeter and an outside temperature sensor which can add to the geek-fed data passion; a category that a whole lot of athletes fall into (myself included).

Both can move quickly between sports, and both upload their data to sites like MapMyFitness, Training Peaks, Strava and others.

Available this Spring - Switch at $249, or $299 with HRM strap, and the Switch Up (with Multi-sport mounting kit) for $$299 or $349 with the additional Heart Rate Monitor.

More Information At - Magellan Switch Website

Full Press Release below.......

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December 19, 2011

Gift Idea: Garmin Forerunner 110 with Heart Rate Monitor


Have a runner on your shopping list? Garmin virtually created the GPS enabled fitness watch category and once you start using one, the routine can start to be addicting.

The Forerunner 110 when used with a heart rate monitor can track a lot more than just your heart rate; it can track your distance, pace, location, and more. The data is easily synced with Garmin Connect, a website that allows you to upload your training data, see it on a map, analyze it and view a summary of your overall regimen. The community features help you discover training routes that other users have shared publicly. The community is bog, having logged over 1.4 billion miles since it started.

Available in Pink or Red Accent - At Amazon - Garmin Forerunner 110 with Heart Rate Monitor
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December 17, 2011

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR - Bluetooth HRM Strap

Wahoo Fitness is coming out with a Bluetooth-based Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) strap that will work over the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol which allows for very low power consumption on the strap side, and a direct connection to the iPhone 4S without a dongle. Cost is going to be about $80. The new protocol and its lower power consumption should allow a lot more fitness devices to use the bluetooth standard, while maintaining their small size. Wahoo Fitness has a set of products for connecting your fitness regimen to your iPhone - what else is in the wings waiting after the HRM strap? Wireless Speed and Cadence Sensor for cycling and a stride sensor for running maybe?

I like my Fisica ANT+ key dongle that allows me to connect my iPhone to a Garmin-standard HRM strap, but this direct connecting technology looks great.

MapMyRide just released a new version of their App which is compatible with the coming Wahoo Fitness Blue HR strap; so things look like they are falling into place.

Check out the video - no wires, no dongles.....

more at Wahoo Fitness
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October 29, 2011

Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch


Garmin announced their FR70 Fitness watch that offers a wide variety of capabilities that open up more and more ways to track fitness beyond the ordinary - definitely puts the word "Fitness" back into the Fitness Watch. What makes the FR70 cool is that not only does it track distance (clarification - through the optional foot pod it doesn't have a GPS), time and all that normal stuff, but also tracks information like foot speed (optional foot sensor needed), or cadence on a bike, or even information from ANT+ compatible fitness equipment that is starting to show up on the market. Got an ANT+ compatible scale? Yea, the FR70 tracks weight, body fat and other measures right on the fitness watch, then uploads it to the data to your Garmin Connect account.

The FR70 comes in men's and women's colors (blue and pink), and will be priced at $129 when it hits stores in November.

Full press release follows......

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Garmin Fit App - Fitness on the iPhone and Android

GarminFit.jpgGarmin has introduced Garmin Fit an App that allows you to track your workouts on either an iPhone or Android phone and saving that training progress for later. Garmin certainly isn't the first to introduce a training App for mobile phpones, and won't be the last, but they are certainly one to watch and add to the consideration set.

Garmin has also announced an ANT+ adapter for the iPhone, similar to the one from Wahoo Fitness, called the Fisica ANT+ Sensor Key. I have been using one for a while with MapMyRide to track training rides. It allows me to track heart rate from my Garmin HRM strap.

Garmin has also added the capability to upload your complete workout to your Garmin Connect account and track your training progress there. The last 30 days of training progress are available on your Fitness App. The App costs $0.99, while the ANT+ adapter costs $49.

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August 19, 2011

Garmin Vector - Wireless Power Meter Pedals


Garmin has announced the new Vector Power Meter system, an ANT+ compatible pedal set (LOOK Keo format) that wirelessly sends power measurements from each pedal to a compatible Garmin Edge biking computer. Not only can you receive heart rate, and cadence on your compatible Garmin Edge Bike Computer, but you will now be able to get power readings for both your left and right pedals. The whole dataset can then be uploaded and analyzed after the ride on the Garmin Connect website.

How it Works

Most power meters include installing it as an integral part of the bike's drivetrain where it takes a significant amount of time to install the power meter hug. the Vector system is simply a set of pedals, which measure the deflection of the pedal's crankshaft when you push on it. That reading is translated into the amount of power exerted on the pedal and it then transmits it to the wireless bike computer.

From Garmin....“Vector’s easy-to-own design has the potential to make power-based training more accessible and usable by a broader range of athletes,” said Hunter Allen, founder of Peaks Coaching Group and widely regarded as a leading expert in training with a power meter. “In addition, by integrating the TrainingPeaks metrics of Normalized Power, Intensity Factor and Training Stress Score directly into the Edge head units for real-time display, Garmin continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to advancing power-based cycling tools.”

The Vector system isn't for weekend park cruisers... it is priced at $1499, and will be available next March.

More info at the Garmin Vector Mini-site....

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Garmin Edge 200 - GPS Enabled Bike Computer


Garmin announced their new Garmin Edge 200, a GPS Enabled bike computer. It 's like the bike equivalent of the Forerunner 110, a similarly "GPS Enabled" fitness computer that adds GPS tracking, but does away with the mapping capabilities of higher end devices. The Edge 200 allows you to accurately track your progress with speed, distance, time, and calories burned, and then allows you to upload the data to Garmin Connect, the growing community of GPS users who train and track their progress online.

The Garmin Edge 200 should be available just in time for holiday giving this Fall for around $149.

More detail at Garmin Edge 200 Product Page

Fill Press Release below........

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January 6, 2011

TomTom Works with NIKE - NIKE+ Sports Watch Powered by TomTom


Nike and TomTom have collaborated to bring the Nike+ Sportwatch that is GPS enabled; giving fans of the Nike+ franchise new way to train and document their workouts. Nike has worked to enable training for pros and weekend warriors alike, and htis watch comes with some innovations that may just help users train more and achieve their goals. on top of that; it looks prety cool.

So not only will the NIKE+ Sportwatch with GPS track the details of your run, but it will upload them automatically to the database for you automatically logging your run in any of the challenges or programs that you are participating in. The watch will give you some attaboys for personal bests and also nag you if you haven't logged a run in the last five days - ouch!

It already won a CES award for innovation as the screen serves as a "button" where you can tap it to activate the backlight and get more information.

I like the readout on the map showing where you pace was best and worst when you view the data in your post-workout analysis (See the video). It's a feature that they also have in their iPhone App - NIKE+ GPS App

The watch will be available in the US & UK by April 1, with a broader global rollout for later in the year. No word currently on Price.

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November 2, 2010

Review: Fisica ANT+ Sensor Key for the iPhone


The Fisica Sensor Key ANT+ receiver for the iPhone is a small wireless receiver that allows you to hook your iPhone up to ANT+ sensors giving you access to a number of fitness data feeds. These data feeds can include available heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, power meters, foot pod, and even some health related sensors like a scale and blood pressure devices. The possibilities are vast, not only for developing fitness Apps, but also for building some advanced health trackers. Today we'll concentrate on the lighter stuff like going for a bike ride using the iPhone as a monitor including a heart rate monitor.

Fisica Sensor Key and Line of Fitness Sensors

The Fisica Sensor Key was sent to me by their maker, Wahoo Fitness who also makes a line of fitness sensors that run the ANT+ wireless spectrum (Available At Wahoo Fitness). There are also several other makers that offer ANT+ sensors that will now work with your iPhone. Wahoo has a list of compatible ANT+ sensors at their website, and offers their own sensors if you don't have one already. They also publish an API, allowing App developers to use the sensor in a customized way inside their applications, giving readouts, capturing data, and offering visual and audio feedback during or after a workout. The ability to capture this information in a connected device has the power to significantly improve the capability of applications that utilize the sensor data feeds.

Wahoo Fitness has a good stable of Apps that use the Fisica Sensor Key capability already, with more on the way. I am trying it out with the MapMyRide application on my iPhone 4, and used the 3.7 version of the App - the Free version to start and then the "+" version that currently costs $4.99 on iTunes (It was provided to me by MapMyRide).

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October 1, 2010

Fisica Sensor Key Arrives for Review: ANT+ Receiver for the iPhone


The Fisica Sensor Key ANT+ receiver for the iPhone has arrived for review just in time for a few Fall rides. Wahoo Fitness, the maker of the ANT+ receiver is out of Georgia. The Fisica Key plugs into the 30-pin connector on the bottom of the iPhone to pick up a number of signals from ANT+ health sensors. These sensors can include Heart Rate Monitors, cadence, foot pods, power meters for bikes, scales, with more coming.

Wahoo has a list of compatible ANT+ sensors at their website, and offers their own sensors if you don't have one already. They also publish an API, allowing App developers to use the sensor in a customized way inside their applications, giving readouts, capturing data, and offering visual and audio feedback during or after a workout. This sensor has the potential to change how people use the iPhone for workouts, capturing key data that hasn't always been easy to capture, utilize and incorporate into a workout regime. The opportunity here for the application developers is that this data can not be integrated into powerful Apps that utilize the mini-computer strapped to your arm to give you in the moment readouts or instructions during your exercise.

The Fisica Sensor Key plugs easily into the bottom of the iPhone, and about the size of a US Quarter coin. Yes it protrudes from the phone, but it is not a big deal in my estimation so far.


I am trying it out with the MapMyRide application on my iPhone 4. The folks at MapMyRide are allowing me sneak peek at the new MapMyRide version 3.7 that incorporates the Fisica capabilities seamlessly. The new version is in the Apple approval process and should hit the App store soon. In quick testing around the house and yard, I as able to strap on my Garmin ANT+ HRM, plug in the Fisica Key and have the HRM sensor data right on the workout screen where you would come to expect it among other data fields.

Check back at GPSLodge as we try out the Fisica Sensor Key for the iPhone and MapMyRide application that incorporates the ANT+ sensor information.

The Fisica Sensor Key and the Whaoo Fitness line of wireless sensors are available at Amazon.

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September 27, 2010

Garmin: Pair of Skiing GPS Units - Dakota 20 and Oregon 450

Garmin is teaming up with Mountain Dynamics SnowRanger ski resort maps to create skiing editions of their popular handheld GPS units. Paper maps are so 1985 when you have an electronic option available, especially a GPS that can tell you distance skied and max elevation. So, while this isn't a big departure from what types of data are available on a regular handheld, having the mountain maps available on the GPS is a nice addition to the day, especially if you are skiing some of the bigger mountain in the Rockies or over in Europe. The maps offer the lifts, the trail difficulty, and even insight into the topography through contour lines or shading.

"Both have a built-in 3-axis electronic compass, which shows where you're heading even when you’re standing still, without holding them level. And a barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude. When you’ve finished on the slopes you can review, relive and replay your runs at the free worldwide online community, Garmin Connect"

Full Press Release Below......

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