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December 19, 2012

Garmin and Glympse Team Up on Apps


Navigon with a Glympse icon showing in the lower right; note the countdown clock showing on the icon that tells you how much longer your location sharing lasts before shutting off.

Garmin has teamed up with Glypmse, the temporary location sharing App that allows you to transmit your location on the way to a destination. It's a great way to send your location to someone you're traveling to see, whether it's a night out, or a weekend trip. Don't worry, the location sharing is temporary, and you set that up before you send the notification. Glypmse is one of my favorite location based Apps, and it's good to see them team up with Garmin.

This new feature is available on the Garmin StreetPilot Onboard App (the one with the maps resident on your mobile device), and Navigon's mobile Apps.

Right now, Garmin is also offering a 25% off sale through the iTunes store and Android Marketplace. Prices for these Apps vary from about $25 - $45 depending on map coverage needed (East/West US to All North America)

More information and Press Release after the jump......

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December 2, 2012

Garmin Nuvi 50LM - Most Popular GPS


Amazon has a big push on their Kindles, but nestled in among all of those book readers is the Garmin Nuvi 50LM as the #5 Best Selling (at this writing) electronics device at Amazon. That's pretty good, considering all of the competition.

What makes the Nuvi 50LM a Best Seller?

  1. It's a quality brand - Garmin is trusted
  2. It's $99 - a nice price point for a 5" screened GPS
  3. It comes with Lifetime Maps - update it when you connect it to your computer a few times a year. Roads change; update your GPS
  4. It's got some convenient features, like Lane Assist with Junction View - tells you what lane to be in and when to exit, graphically.

If you're looking for a good GPS, might want to check out the Garmin 50LM.

At Amazon - The Garmin 50LM

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November 4, 2012

Garmin Adventures - Crowdsourced Fun


If you are up for sharing and adventure, or checking out someone else's adventure that they have shared, you should check out the recently updated Garmin BaseCamp software. the idea is this; share your tracks, waypoints, and pictures with others to create an "Adventure", upload it and let others enjoy it on their GPS too.

Adventures can be hikes, bike rides, runs, motorcycle rides; you name it. If you want to lay down a GPS track while doing it, annotate it and share it, you can probably upload it. Garmin makes it easy, and has made BaseCamp the hub for your adventures. BaseCamp has come a long way, and was not on anyone's favorite list when it came out, but has gone through several rounds of improvements and I find it easy to work with now, and like its capabilities.

How to Create an Adventure in Garmin Basecamp

First, you need to go do something; hike, bike, run, whatever. Just do it and enjoy it. I took a walk in a local State Forest and recorded a track, along with a few pictures.

More after the jump…..

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July 11, 2012

Garmin Fenix Outdoor Watch - Advanced Capabilities on your Wrist


Garmin just announced their new wonder kid gps watch that gives you some amazing functionality in a little wrist-top watch. Not only can you drop breadcrumb trails on your route, navigate back to your campsite, and some of the regular things you've been able to do with write mounted devices for years (Think Forerunner 201), but also the unit has an Altimeter, Barometer and Compass - real tools to help you out there. The altimeter can help get you information about your trip, and some bragging stats, but the barometer can also help produce short term weather trends, letting you know when things might just turn worse. It's wireless ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities can also help to talk to other Garmin GPS devices to share routes, waypoints and more, but also talk to wireless sensors like heart rate monitoring, or if biking cadence monitoring too.

Battery life is up to 50 hours on the trail and up to 6 weeks in watch mode. Price is $399.

More after the Jump on the Garmin Fenix. See the Garmin Fenix site at Garmin Fenix

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May 8, 2012

Garmin Fit App Gets Sharing


Garmin added a new feature to its Garmin Fit App, launched last year, called LiveTrack - which give the user the ability to broadcast their status to friends and followers. Sure you may not be in the Tour de France or in the leader's group on the Boston Marathon, but you can sure act that way with the LiveTrack capability that shows followers your key stats like time elapsed, distance, speed and elevation in real time, as well as any information that you collect via ANT+ sensors.

Those ANT+ sensors can collect data from Heart Rate Monitors, as well as cadence meters and wirelessly collect them via an ANT+ receiver plugged into your phone.

Of course, Garmin plugged the Garmin Connect tracking website into the back end of Garmin Fit, so you can save and analyze your data from your recent workouts.

Sadly, LiveTrack costs $1.99 a month if you want to share. The App only costs $0.99. The Garmin ANT+ Adapter for iPhone , $49, plus the cost of the Garmin Heart-Rate Monitor or Cadence module.

If you haven't decided, on a favorite App, and like the sharing idea, check out MapMyRide, which offers the ability to post updates at set intervals to Facebook and Twitter, with links to maps. Not realtime, but also, not an ongoing cost.

More at Garmin Fit (for iPhone and Android)

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January 9, 2012

Garmin Nuvi 3500 Series - Top of the Line Wonders: Nuvi 3550LM and 3590LMT


Garmin just unveiled their new Nuvi 3500 line, the newest top-of-the-line set of models designed to take you from point A to point B in a very geeky, very smart way. The nuvi 3500 line is connected, in a way, through your Android phone and Garmin's just-announced connectivity App, while also offering top end features such as:

  • Newest Guidance 3.0 Navigation Engine - faster, more intuitive routing, with MyTrends capability to learn your favorite routes
  • Junction View Exclusive Database - over 60,000 complex intersections highlighted and detailed to offer clear routing demonstrations
  • 3D Digital Traffic (available) - Receive updates every 30 seconds and up to 10 faster than the older TMC systems. Uses a multidimensional feed of real-time traffic data from quality sources including other Garmin nüvi owners, cellphone users, radio feeds, news stations, historical traffic data and fixed traffic sensors on major roads.

The new Nuvi 3500 series will include:

  • Nuvi 3550LM - $369 - lifetime map updates, and premium navigation features
  • Nuvi 3590 LMT - $399 - adds 3D traffic over HD radio spectrum, voice activated navigation lifetime map updates and Smartphone link

Both will be available February 2012.

Full Press Release follows after the jump......

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Garmin Approach G6


Garmin just announced a new golfing buddy, the new Garmin Approach G6; a svelte 3-ounce device that comes loaded with 25,000 courses and offering helpful, high quality look at yardage to the pin, front and back of the green as well as a rechargeable battery that lasts enough for a weekend's round of golf; up to 15 hours.

Garmin is a leader in easy to use automotive GPS devices, and brings that capability to the Golf links with a well throughout out user interface. They assure that it won't slow you down, and give you insight to help you hit your mark, with guidance on your approach shots while keeping track of your stats. Hopefully, you'll like the truth as displayed by your new golfing buddy; maybe you can still kick that ball out of the rough and not count it... Let's see Garmin track that.

Price is $299, and will be available in february 2012

Full Press Release flows after the jump.....

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Garmin Smartphone Link to Android - The Semi-Connected Nuvi


Garmin just announced their Smartphone link to the 2012 Nuvi line letting you use your Andoird (sorry iPhone Nation) to pull down Live Traffic, get Fuel Prices, see Traffic cameras, weather and more. This is all through the Smartphone data plan, and will start to blur the line between the Smartphone experience and a stand-alone un-connected GPS/PND. The App is available for free, and utilizes the Bluetooth capability to pull down the data - you get weather for free, but pay for the others:

  • Live Traffic - $20 a year, covering highways, interstates and main roads. This should give you a reasonable way to get around traffic, more traffic data, and a high quality navigation system. The cost is similar to annual traffic plans on smartphone Apps. I'll try to figure out how expansive the road coverage is.
  • photoLive Traffic Cameras - At $10, it gives you insight into the standard traffic cameras; 10,000 of them across the US and Canada.
  • Fuel Prices - $10 - I've used service like this and it's not the first time around for Garmin on this service, but it's a great new way to deliver the data to the Nuvi.
  • Advanced Weather - $5 a year - to only do you get extended forecasts, but you get animated radar images on your GPS - very cool.

Garmin Smartphone Link works with all Bluetooth enabled 2012 Garmin PNDs, the nüvi 2475LT, 2495LMT, 2595LMT, 3490LMT and the all-new 3590LMT, the company's most feature-packed 5" navigator. All of these models require a software update, except the nüvi 3590LMT. Garmin Smartphone Link is available from the Android Market at no cost. To learn more, go to

Press Release after the jump.....

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December 19, 2011

Gift Idea: Garmin Nuvi 1350LMT


The Garmin Nuvi 1350LMT is a good step up from the more basic Garmin Nuvi 1300 and offers lifetime maps and traffic for a few dollars more; a bargain price for something that used to cost well over $50 a few years ago when sold separately.

The Nuvi 1350LMT is a 4.3-inch widescreen unit with good navigation, maps of the 48 states + Hawaii and Puerto Rico and about six million points of interest. The unit also offers solid navigation, a good interface and Lane Assist, a feature that I think should be on all units (it's not on the lower priced Nuvi 1300 line). The feature gives you a quick view of which lane you should be in as you approach different turns.

At a little over $100 - its a pretty good value for a pretty good navigator.

At Amazon - Garmin 1350LMT

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Gift Idea: Garmin eTrex 20 Handheld GPS


If you have an outdoor enthusiast on the list, this is a pretty good choice for a great gift. Garmin has a large line of handheld navigators, but this is one that offers a lot of features at a very reasonable price. It's a little more expensive than the base Garmin eTrex 10 that only offers a monochrome display and lacks the ability to add more advanced Topo maps that the eTrex 20 does, but I think the upgraded features are worth it.

The eTrex has a long list of features that pack its small form factor, and on top of the color display and the ability to addTopographical maps, marine charts, it comes in a tough IPX7 water resistant housing and runs about 25 hours on a pair of "AA" batteries. The unit is great for paperless geocaching, making hunting for, finding and documenting your geocache hunts fun and easy. the compact size, (2.1" x 4.0" x 1.3") makes it pocketable.

At Amazon - Garmin eTrex 20

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December 14, 2011

Cost of Driver Distraction - Garmin System On Top

Interesting article in the WSJ this morning about driver distraction, and how auto manufacturers are trying to combat distraction while making their vehicles more feature laden at the same time. The struggle is tough; in an age of connectedness, people demand more, but the costs can be high, as thousands of people die each year in the US due to driver distraction.

This past summer, David Strickland, of the Department of transportation clarified his role when speaking to a group at a Telematics conference, "I am not here to help you Tweet better, I am not here to help people post on Facebook better. It's not my job." He went on to explain how the Department of Transportation will be clarifying the rule making process that is moving through its paces.

15 Seconds.... How long is That?

Auto makers have adopted a guideline that it should take no more than 15 seconds to accomplish a task while driving. With the advent of in-dash systems, especially navigation, it might take at least 15 seconds to accomplish a destination entry. Natural voice recognition systems are on their way to most vehicles to help solve the issue. While 15 seconds might not seem like a lot of time normally, that's over a quarter of a mile at highway speeds.


Ford learned recently with their rollout of the My ford Touch system that not only is distraction an issue, but so is quality and customer satisfaction. If people can't use the system, they won't rate you high for satisfaction, and the perception might be that the system is broken, leading to lower quality scores. They said in the article that they are moving their touchscreen radio system from 5 font sizes to two in an attempt to be easier to see and use.

Chrysler came out on top for JD Power ratings of navigation systems on its Dodge Charger. Why? It's familiar, well laid out, well tested, and it's powered by Garmin. The interface is simple, well known and familiar.

Take a read, and see what you think. Will voice recognition systems at the quality level of Siri help reduce the issue, or are we damned to a world where the ever expanding list of features runs faster than the ease of use quality can go?

Full article at WSJ

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November 30, 2011

Garmin Holiday Commercial 2011 - Holiday Elf

Garmin has their holiday commercial running, and are reprising the catchy Give a Garmin jingle with a fresh take on a holiday elf. The Holiday Elf shows up in clutch ways to help rescue wayward citizens. Pretty cute; not quite as awesome as the dated monobrow version from years ago, but you get the idea...... Buy a Garmin

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November 23, 2011

Garmin StreetPilot Onboard App Adds Traffic Cameras


Garmin's Street Pilot App with Onboard Maps is being upgraded with Traffic camera capability. For an additional annual fee of $10, you can get the ability to see real time traffic still images from 10,000 traffic cameras all over the country. So, while this could help you on the road to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, you may want to also pick it up for $50 off on Black Friday. That's a lot of navigation for just $25 (USA Version and $29 for North American Version). The recent upgrade includes several UI updates and this ability to add in the traffic photos. The App also has the ability to add ($19) Live traffic updates.

Available at iTunes - StreePilot App

Full Press Release Below....

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October 29, 2011

Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch


Garmin announced their FR70 Fitness watch that offers a wide variety of capabilities that open up more and more ways to track fitness beyond the ordinary - definitely puts the word "Fitness" back into the Fitness Watch. What makes the FR70 cool is that not only does it track distance (clarification - through the optional foot pod it doesn't have a GPS), time and all that normal stuff, but also tracks information like foot speed (optional foot sensor needed), or cadence on a bike, or even information from ANT+ compatible fitness equipment that is starting to show up on the market. Got an ANT+ compatible scale? Yea, the FR70 tracks weight, body fat and other measures right on the fitness watch, then uploads it to the data to your Garmin Connect account.

The FR70 comes in men's and women's colors (blue and pink), and will be priced at $129 when it hits stores in November.

Full press release follows......

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