Garmin Announces ecoRoute - More Efficient Driving with a GPS

Garmin is extending the helping hand with a little technology teaser by using GPS capabilities to help you drive the most economical route using your vehicle type to minimize stop and go driving so you get there using the least amount of gas. The deal is that you get to download this technology and your GPS now offers you not only Fastest, Shortest, but a new route option to get the most economical route. The GPS also takes your vehicle type and figures out the best route.

Hey even if gas is back under $2 a gallon, it's a great way to go. Should be available for download later this month.


Update: The Nuvi 2x5 series has the ability to use the Garmin ecoRoute program that helps you drive more efficiently. It's not nirvana, but it can help those interested in being a little more gas conscious. See my post "Got ecoRoute? Playing with ecoRoute on the Nuvi 255W."

Full Press Release after the jump....

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Garmin NuMaps - Lifetime Map Updates for GPS

Garmin announced that they are launching a lifetime map subscription program for their GPS units, offering an update quarterly. Updates will be available via download. They aren't the first to jump on this type of an offering, but it's a welcome launch. I know that a lot of people who live in areas with a lot of change, need frequent updates to keep up with the changing landscape or roads, developments and businesses. Map makers like NAVTEQ get millions of changes a month, so the quarterly updates will certainly make for meaningful changes in whole.

"Having the most current and up-to-date maps help our customers get the most out of their satellite navigation device. With nüMaps Lifetime, access to the latest maps is just a few mouse clicks away," said Dan Bartel, Garmin's vice president of worldwide sales. "For just one single fee, our customers can be certain they're be traveling with the most current maps."

NüMaps Lifetime is available in three different versions:

  • City Navigator® North America NT ($119.99)
  • City Navigator Europe NT ($139.99)
  • City Navigator Transatlantic ($149.99)

NuMaps Lifetime will be available later this month. If you only want a one-time upgrade, you can still do that with prices starting at $69.

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January 6, 2009

Garmin on New "24" Season - Win a Garmin Nuvi 850


Hurry up and cruise over to Garmin to sign up to win a Garmin Nuvi 850
, the voice activated Nuvi that will probably help save the free world in the new season of 24 on Fox Network. Series starts this Sunday.

If you are a fan of the show - download an Icon to your Garmin at the Garmin Garage.

Sign up for your chance to win a Nuvi 850 at Garmin

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January 4, 2009

Garmin Nuvifone - More Details


Garmin's media mini-site for the Garmin Nuvifone continues to surface some details about the forthcoming phone that will give the world Garmin's spin on mobile phone all-in oneness with a proper navigation system built-in. no connected unit worth it's weight in dirt can function without a solid POI search capability, and Google is looking like the way to go for Garmin from the picture above. The unit will of course come with navigation but also bluetooth, a camera, functionality for geotagging those pictures, a web browser, and those items that make it a smart phone - email and address book.

Scheduled to release later this year, we are hoping for some good things out of Garmin's connected GPS release.


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December 29, 2008

Got a Forerunner 405? - What are Your Goals?

Jake from Garmin has the bead on getting your new Forerunner 405 to help you with your new year resolutions and goals. Goals are an apparently easy way to lay out some milestones and measure your way to getting there.

Don't have a Forerunner 405? Check the GARMIN Forerunner 405 GPS Sports Watch at Amazon
or at Garmin's website.

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December 16, 2008

Garmin Garage: 12 Days of Christmas - New GPS Icons


Come on who doesn't like to trick out their GPS Ride a bit? Custom voices, new icons for your gps, why not? Well Garmin is running out a bunch of icons for your Garmin units, including the one above in a 12 day straight onslaught of fun creative holiday icons. They have a lot of key holidays covered, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and who knows, maybe they'll get around to Arbor day too, but I am not holding my breath.

The first day of their icon-palooza they released the Tiny Van from their fun Christmas TV ads. Love those.

Downloading and installing the icons are easy.

ReadMore on the 12 Days of Christmas at Garmin Blog, or go straight to the Garmin Garage to get your icons now.

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December 14, 2008

Nuvifone on FCC Website


With the Nuvifone showing up on the FCC Website, the launch can't be far behind. Can you say "CES Announcement"? Maybe, Maybe not, but it seems like a great place to announce it. the Nuvifone will be Garmin's connected GPS launch, going for a piece of the web connected PDA phone market.

AUSTek appears to be making the phone, and Garmin the brand from the FCC Docs.

One has to imagine that while Garmin is launching this newly connected platform on the Nuvifone, with its integration of advanced connected traffic capabilities, and new search functionality, that the connected platform isn't going to end there. My hope would be that they also launch the non-phone Nuvi version too. We'll see.   

Via Brighthand

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December 5, 2008

Garmin Edge 705 on Wired's Top 10 Products of the Year

garmingedge705mapping.jpgWired Magazine has piked their Top 10 Gadgets for 2008 and coming in at #8 is the Garmin Edge 705 bike computer/GPS/magical data thingie.

When I reviewed the Edge 705 I had to agree with them that it can crank out data like a banshie and armed with that a data-junkie's bike riding life could get a whole lot better. On top of the obvious bike stuff (speed, distance, etc), it can also be paired with a wireless power meter to pull in that data and allow you to chart it up versus your heart rate, the elevation of a hill, your cadence, speed, and on and on.

Since it's a GPS, it can also help you get "lost" in your ride while always knowing where you are and how to get home. I recommend getting the additional map card so that you have detailed back road maps for those long rolling bike rides through low-trafficked streets.

At Amazon - the Garmin Edge 705 with Cadence and Heart Rate Monitor or Garmin Edge 705 with Cadence and Heart Rate Monitor with Map Card

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November 23, 2008

GPSLodge GPS Holiday Gift Guide - 2008 - Best GPS Gifts!

Gps Lodge Blogpire Gg-1

OK the economy stinks, but the deals on GPS navigation systems have never been better as the innovations continue to roll in and the prices continue to roll back. It's always tough to put together a concise guide to the best GPS units for the holidays every year, but I do come back to a couple of things each year that I stress: Pay for quality, and if you can afford it upgrade to Text to Speech (Says Street Names) and a widescreen. Beyond that, advanced routing capabilities, Bluetooth handsfree, voice commands and data feeds help round out the awesome splurge GPS units out there. Let's Start.

Solid Navigation at Great Prices - No Text to Speech, 3.5-inch Screen

TomTomONE125Front.jpgTomTom ONE 125 - $99+ - Special deals have this at $99 for a limited amount of time, and while it has no Text to Speech, and only US Maps, it is a solid device with good performance at a great price. See My Full Review

Garmin Nuvi 205 - $135+ - Garmin's entry level unit that offers a lot of quality from Garmin. No Text to Speech, and a standard 3.5-inch screen, but with a dead simple interface (recently upgraded) that start's out asking you "Where to?" or "View Maps" - yea it's that easy. See My Full Review

Add Text to Speech

Garmin Nuvi 255 - $169 - $189 - Adds Text to Speech and a great interface enhancements that makes the Garmin Nuvi 255 my pick for Best Entry Level GPS this year. See My Full Review

Navigon 2200T - $169+ - Has Text to Speech as well as a lot of advanced features like lifetime traffic feeds and help to show you which lane to be in when you are approaching complex highway intersections. I am finishing up my review on it and I like it, but its interface is not as straightforward as others. It's a trade-off on the advanced features, and control over a lot of configurable details. My review will be coming soon.

Upgrade to Widescreen and Text to Speech

Garmin Nuvi 255W - $219+ - Again, a solid performer with an upgraded interface that I like a lot. Has maps of North America, widescreen and Text to Speech. All around easy to use and an easy gift that anyone will be able to pick up, and use easily. See My Full Review

TomTom ONE XL 330S - $249+ - A good GPS with a few more features that offer a nice bit of extra differentiation, including "A --> B" planning. This allows you to sit there in your living room before your airplane trip,and plan a route from from one other location to a different destination, save it and use it when you land. See My Full Review

Splurge - Advanced Features and Tricked Out GPS

Garmin Nuvi 765T - $450+ - Bluetooth Handsfree calling, Text to Speech, North American Maps, free traffic feeds, and a Lane Assist feature that helps to tell you what lane to be in when you get to key highway intersections. Optimized routing to multiple destinations. See My Full Review

TomTom GO 730 - $349 - Fun navigator that has a lot going for it with North American Maps, Text to Speech, Lane Guidance, and the ability to record your own voice (or someone else's) that plays when you need voice commands from the GO 730. The GO 730 also takes voice commands. See My Full Review of the GO 930 (GO 930 has extra maps as the main difference.


Garmin Nuvi 880 - $450+ - Voice Recognition on the Nuvi as well as Bluetooth, Text to Speech, and MSN Direct capabilities that offer gas prices, traffic and movie time feeds. Loads of capabilities, top of the line quality.

Going to Europe? Get Their Maps Pre-loaded

If you are heading over to Europe and need a GPS now, get one with Maps of North America AND Europe preloaded - get used to the unit here and make the seamless transition there.

Garmin Nuvi 270 - $160+ - compact with a small screen, no Text to Speech, but pre-loaded maps and high quality interface.

Garmin Nuvi 770 - $330+ - Widescreen with Text to Speech and Bluetooth Handsfree capabilities.

TomTom GO 920 - $325+ - Widescreen and text to speech with Bluetooth Handsfree. This is one generation older, and is a great value. See My Full Review. The latest is the GO 930 - See My Full Review.

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November 16, 2008

Garmin Nuvi 205/255 Full Review


The Garmin Nuvi 205/255 were announced earlier this year and are quickly taking their place as solid entry level units in the Garmin line-up. The Nuvi 205/255 offer a series of new features and upgrades that improve on an already top notch interface, making the Nuvi 205/255 my pick for Best Entry Level GPS Navigators. I would urge you to upgrade to the Nuvi 255 for its text to speech (TTS) capabilities, as I feel TTS is one of the best investments to make when purchasing a GPS - it makes the navigation simpler and easier to follow in an ever more complex world of driving.

The Nuvi 205/255 feature several upgraded features:

  • New faster processor, making for a faster routing and map drawing.
  • New shaded elevation maps.
  • Now compatible with optional TMC traffic receivers, or MSN Direct service (Gas prices, traffic, local events, stocks, news, and weather.
  • Garmin HotFix capability to automatically calculate and store satellite locations so that you will be able to turn the unit on and go a lot faster greatly reducing satellite acquisition time.
  • Geolocated Picture capability - Download geotagged photos to the Garmin to be able to navigate to a loaded picture; works with Google's Panoramio photo sharing community and Garmin Connect Photos website.

The subtle changes don't sell themselves in any huge way as breakthrough innovations, but these changes add up to a whole lot more in use than the quick read might lead you to believe. Garmin clearly did some work here to make the interface better and easier to understand. The tweaks are another step on their continuous line of interface changes that make the units simple enough for all to use.

Let's take a look at what's inside and why these are worth the upgrade.

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