Got your nuMaps? Garmin's 60 Day Map Update Guarantee Starts Tomorrow

Garmin wants to get the word out that they have a nuMap - New Map guarantee, which means that if you register your Nuvi or Zumo and within 60 days of your purchase there is a new map update, you get that map update for free. Not bad, but considering that there is only an annual map release, this will only hit a small portion of buyers.

Full Press release follows and states that this is effective for people who bought their Nuvi or Zumo after August 17, 2008, and the program starts tomorrow, October 15, 2008. Garmin says:

"After a customer purchases a new nüvi or zūmo PND, they can check to see if they are eligible for a free map update simply by registering their unit at within 60 days of the first use of their new PND. If new map data is available anytime during that 60-day period, the user can request and download the new data, free of charge, by following simple online prompts."

So make sure that you register your Nuvi or Zumo, and then check online to see if you qualify for a free map update.

Register at the My Garmin Website

Full Press Release after the jump.....

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October 9, 2008

Garmin Set to Launch Map Subscriptions

Garmin who owns a giant share of the US market, is starting to plan for ways to capture more revenue from that installed base; this time with a Map Subscription. Following on the heels of Navigon's FreshMaps and TomTom's Update Service, Garmin is bringing updated maps to subscribers on a regular basis. I was speculating about a Garmin release in the TomTom announcement thinking that with Navigon also using NAVTEQ maps said to me that it wasn't a map supplier barrier that needed to be broken down; it was an internal Garmin decision based on technical delivery and market strategy. I have talked a lot lately about getting different revenue streams from the GPS after its sale, and map updates have been a good one. The subscription model though brings a large cash flow injection upfront that has marginal costs later on down the line. In these troubled times, it's great to capitalize on the cash flow now. This may also lead to a better marketing position at point of sale, and result in more satisfied users who stick with the brand due to better perceived quality of the product.

The Cost is 119 Euros, which directly translated to the US is pretty high, but my hunch is that the US price will be more competitive with Navigon's $79 price point. The updates are quarterly for the lifetime of your device.

More at YourNav

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October 8, 2008

Garmin Nuvi 765T Review


The Garmin Nuvi 765T is one of the newer widescreen GPS units (Announced in August) in the Nuvi line at this writing and offers several key upgrades over the Nuvi 760 offering that I think are useful and worth consideration when shopping for a GPS. I firmly believe that text to speech and widescreen GPS units are worth paying the additional money for, and being at the high end of the Garmin line, the Nuvi 765T has both. That's not all though, as Garmin has seen their way to adding in a few other goodies to keep people interested and enticed enough to put the Nuvi 765 high on their list.

Let's take a look at the features of the Garmin Nuvi 765T to see what it has to offer....
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October 3, 2008

Garmin GPSMAP 620 and 640 - Boating to Driving


Garmin unveiled their new line of marine GPS units - Garmin GPS 620 and 640, two GPS units that are set for sea navigation but can also be used for driving home from the marina. The 600 series has a 5.2-inch screen that offers a large screen size, which is the same size as Garmin's Nuvi 5000 automotive only unit. Of course the unit comes with marine maps, but then flips to a pretty able bodied road navigator with text-to-speech capabilities.

The GPSMAP 620 offers a world marine basic mapset with the options to add in specific detail as needed, while the GPSMAP 640 offers US Coastal maps as well as North American driving maps. An optional XM Satellite antenna would allow you to get XM satellite weather service as well as radio and traffic. Pricing for the 620 is expected to be about $1,000, while the 640 would carry a price tag of about $1,200. Should be available "soon".

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October 1, 2008

Garmin Colorado Handheld 300, 400c, 400i, 400t - $50 Rebate


The Garmin Colorado is getting a boost in its appeal just in time for the holidays, as they are putting out a $50 rebate (PDF Link to Rebate Form) that is good for purchases from October 1 - December 31st.

Want more information on the Colorado? Check out my Full Review of the Colorado 400T for an idea of how the unit works.

Available at Amazon:

September 30, 2008

TomTom Map Subscription Service - Residual Income from PND's


Making a bold move forward, TomTom is essentially launching a map subscription service with quarterly updates, it was announced today by TomTom and can be read about at GPSBusiness News. Like the Navigon FreshMaps service that offers quarterly updates with NAVTEQ data, TomTom is now starting to offer quarterly updates with its TeleAtlas data. (Humm, if TomTom is doing this, and Navigon is using NAVTEQ quarterly updates, then the barrier for Garmin may just be internal, and you've got to wonder that if this is a lucrative idea, they will bust it down and bring it to market too.)

Blades and Razors
If you follow the blades and razor approach that Gillette uses, you start thinking about the hardware as the entry point and the maps as the money maker. When you start to consider that these units are now starting to ship with ultra thin profit margins the idea of selling a map subscription may effectively double the profit per unit given enough time. Big opportunity to get residual income from your installed base too. That 3 year old TomTom ONE is dead to TomTom unless they can sell it maps, and maybe a map subscription at that.

Garmin is starting to use small ads on their devices that are delivered through the TMC data feed from NAVTEQ traffic. When I used the new Garmin Nuvi 755T, I thought the ads were a decent trade-off for the free traffic service that comes with the unit as a result.

I tell you, with the markets fast approaching saturation (in Europe at least), the GPS makers are going to have to strive for something to keep the business models afloat, and grabbing an income stream after the sale could be big when you have millions units out there.

Thanks Jim for sending this in.

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September 29, 2008

Pink Nuvi 250 - Hot Deal for $145


Garmin has a few unique colored Nuvi's out there, red or blue ones, and this Pink one. Well, this special edition appears to be on sale for a special price. The Nuvi 250, a standard screen unit with Maps of North America is a solid navigator - see my Full Review. It's gray cousin is selling for about $169 right now, but the Pink is hot and is also the #1 seller at Amazon.

At Amazon with Free Shipping - Pink Nuvi 250

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Garmin Nuvi 755T Full Review


The Garmin Nuvi 755T, 765T, 775T and 785T were recently announced and will be available on the store shelves here in the coming weeks. I was able to get my hands on a Nuvi 755T unit ahead of their launch for a review of their new offering that includes a nice handful of including an updated interface that I think makes the dead easy interface even easier and more intuitive to understand; kudos to Garmin for this subtle but well done change. It makes understanding where to go and what to do even easier while rocketing down the highway. The unit also offers 3-D buildings as well as Lane Assist, a reality like image that helps you understand what to do in difficult highway interchanges. The Nuvi 755T, 765T, 775T and 785T also offer faster routing calculations and faster map drawing.

Finally, Garmin offers free traffic updates with an ad-supported model that I was a little hesitant about. After a couple of weeks of using the unit, I can offer that it's not a terrible thing. Read on for more details and the full review...

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September 23, 2008

Garmin Edge 705 - Team Garmin Edition


Garmin is letting a new Edge 705 - Team Garmin edition here soon to commemorate their run at the Tour de France and their hard work on the roads since. The Edge 705 is really a great piece of cycling gear that gives you all kinds of great data while on the road as well as after the ride. I liked the freedom to go get lost and still find my way back home again when riding with the Edge 705. (Read my Full Review of the Garmin Edge 705)

The Team Garmin Edge 705 will come bundled with a heartrate monitor, speed and cadence sensor and City Navigator mapping. You can meet Christian Vande Velde and two of his fellow Team Garmin cyclists from the Tour de France, Stage 3 runner-up Will Frischkorn and Canadian climber Ryder Hesjedal, will be meeting fans, signing autographs and discussing the Edge 705 from 1-3 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday of Interbike (Sept. 24-25) in the Garmin booth #2630.


Full Press Release after the jump......

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September 15, 2008

Garmin - Ads on GPS Provides Free Traffic Feeds

In a report last week by the KC Biz Journal, Garmin let out that the coming models (Nuvi 265T, 265WT, 275T and the Nuvi 755T, 765T, 775T, 785T) will provide free traffic feeds for life. To facilitate this, the GPS units will be coming with ads; location relevant ads at that. It's all a part of the NAVTEQ traffic and interactive ad delivery service. "Ads for nearby businesses will appear along the bottom of the screen only when the vehicle has been stopped for at least 10 seconds." according to the KC Biz Journal.

NAVTEQ delivers advertising, along with the traffic content, over its RDS network. The advertising is designed to complement the drivers' experience and is contextually relevant. For example, a driver can click on an ad to view specific restaurant information and route to the restaurant's location.

Research indicates consumers accept and even expect advertising if there is a clear value exchange and if the advertising is relevant and unobtrusive. According to research commissioned by NAVTEQ and carried out by Ipsos Understanding UnLtd in early 2008, traffic information has the highest perceived value and the greatest impact on consumers of all dynamic content types including gas prices, parking information, movie listings and times, and flight status information.

"By providing customers like Garmin an advertising-based revenue model in conjunction with RDS traffic data delivery, we believe that more drivers will have access to the most up-to-date traffic information to better manage their daily commutes," commented John MacLeod, executive vice president for NAVTEQ. "Drivers benefit by receiving free traffic while offering advertisers a new location-targeted environment to engage consumers."

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