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February 6, 2012

Garmin Approach G6 - Serious Touchscreen Golf GPS

Of all the GPS units that have come out in the past five years, I have to say that I think the Golf GPS has advanced the most in the last few. Golf GPS units used to be based on older technology, with a thin layer of Golf-only benefits skimmed on the top like frosting on a dieter's cake. Not anymore.


The Garmin Approach G6 is pretty advanced, offering features that really can help your game. With over 25,000 courses preloaded (free), and the ability to have the G6 compute your average distance per club, your ability to see exactly which club you SHOULD play is a good thing. Whether or not you actually play that club is the mental game that is the other side of golf.

Other than the touchscreen, the features I like are the one touch button to access the scorecard, the 15-hour (read all weekend play) battery life, and the Lay-up arcs that show you where on the course certain clubs will drop you. Check out the video to learn more.

See the Garmin Approach G6 Product Page and see it At Amazon- Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS

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January 9, 2012

Garmin Approach G6


Garmin just announced a new golfing buddy, the new Garmin Approach G6; a svelte 3-ounce device that comes loaded with 25,000 courses and offering helpful, high quality look at yardage to the pin, front and back of the green as well as a rechargeable battery that lasts enough for a weekend's round of golf; up to 15 hours.

Garmin is a leader in easy to use automotive GPS devices, and brings that capability to the Golf links with a well throughout out user interface. They assure that it won't slow you down, and give you insight to help you hit your mark, with guidance on your approach shots while keeping track of your stats. Hopefully, you'll like the truth as displayed by your new golfing buddy; maybe you can still kick that ball out of the rough and not count it... Let's see Garmin track that.

Price is $299, and will be available in february 2012

Full Press Release flows after the jump.....

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May 19, 2011

SkyGolf SkyCaddie Promo - Free Stuff: Dining and Deals


SkyGolf is offering some free schwag with the purchase of a SkyCaddie Golf GPS Range Finder and buy the Silver Advantage membership including $60 in SkyBucks - redeemable at pro shops for merchandise and $100 in DiningDough redeemable for food at 18,000 restaurants nationwide.

The SkyCaddie system offers access to over 30,000 golf course maps from around the world with sub-meter accuracy that has been verified by precision surveying equipment.

"In addition to saving money, members receive unlimited access to the most complete, most reliable course library in the game, with no hidden fees or per course charges. SkyCaddie® Professional Mappers were trained to map golf courses the same way a Tour Caddie walks a course to verify a yardage book. Only SkyCaddie® maps are created with sub-meter, survey-grade equipment that records thousands of points on each course to verify the exact locations of targets, hazards, fairway run outs, major green contours, false fronts and the perimeter of every green with dynamic front carry and back numbers. "

Learn More about the different models of the SkyCaddie and about their Dining, Deals and Distance promotion at SkyCaddie

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January 6, 2011

Celestron Announces the CoursePro Golf GPS

Celestron, maker of telescopes and optical products has announced that they are entering into the GPS fray with a couple of new products; the CoursePro and CoursePro Elite GPS handhelds. The inexpensive units ($99 and $149 respectively), are able to tell distances to the front and back of the green while the Elite adds on scorecard data functions and hazard mapping.

Looks like they have access to 20,000 golf courses, but not sure if that is at an extra cost or if that is included in the purchase price. We'll try to find out and get back to you.

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October 28, 2010

Garmin Approach S1 - Golf's Smallest Golf GPS


Garmin has announced the new Garmin Approach S1; a watch like golf GPS that tells you the limited information that is important to golfers, namely how far it is to the green. With yardage to the front, middle and back of the green from your vantage point, users should be able to better select a club and see their percentage of shots on the green in regulation go up.

While it leaves behind the maps that you find on the Garmin Approach G5, you do get over 14,000 golf courses pre-loaded on the Approach S1; impressive. The other thing that is impressive is that it only weighs 1.8 ounces; it is hardly there.

Street Price is $249 - More information at Garmin on the Garmin Approach S1

Full press release is below.......

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January 30, 2010

SkyCsddie SGX with Club Tracking - SmartClub


UPDATE: SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPSis now available at Amazon.

SkyCaddie announced a new Golf GPS, the SkyCaddie SGX, with a pretty cool new feature that allows you to embed a wireless chip in the butt end of your club so that Sky Caddie knows when you remove a club from your bag - giving it total awareness well ahead of your deathbed (required reference to CaddyShack).

With the SkyCaddie GPS tracking, awareness of what club you are playing, the SkyCaddie will be able to help profile each club to give you stats on how well you hit each club, allowing you to again choose the right club for the job. Sure you might know how far you are to the front of the green with a Golf GPS, but you might be lying to yourself about how far you can hit that 7-iron. This automated feature allows you to play the round, undistracted, getting a better dataset, and therefore offering you better results.

The SmartClub capability is expected to roll out later this year. SkyCaddie SGX will be available at most golf shops nationwide in April 2010. SmartClub Technology with SGX SmartClub Tags is expected to be available by June 2010. Suggested retail price for the SkyCaddie SGX is $399.95. Pricing for SmartClub Technology with SGX SmartClub Tags will be released at a later date.

Check out the features for SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS
at Amazon

Full Press Release below....

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January 5, 2010

Garmin Approach G3 - Affordable Golf GPS


Garmin announced the Garmin Approach G3, a less expensive, very capable golf GPS that comes pre-loaded with over 12,000 golf courses - see a list of US courses. The Approach G3 smaller unit (2.6-inch screen) than its sibling the Approach G5, which has a 3.0-inch screen. The courses come pre-loaded, and don't require a subscription. the detailed course maps give you a read on the hole, and distance to hazards, greens and holes.

The Approach G3 will list for $349.

More at Garmin for the Approach G3

Full Press Release is below

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March 23, 2009

Garmin Approach G5 Now Available

The Garmin Golf GPS, the Garmin Approach G5 is now shipping at select retailers; including GPSNow. The unit is garmin's long awaited entry into the Golf GPS area, and is based on the touchscreen Garmin Oregon touchscreen GPS series. Pre-loaded with 5100 courses from across the country, the Garmin Approach G5 will help you with accurate reads on distance to the green, to hazards all while helping to keep score of the game.

At GPSNow - the Garmin Approach G5

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February 24, 2009

Garmin Approach - 5,000 Courses Pre-loaded - Find Yours!

Yea, 5,000 courses pre-loaded, you read that right. Garmin, through their blog, has let us know that there are 5,000 courses pre-loaded, with no annual fee, and no subscriptions needed. There will be updates to the Approach going forward, and those updates are free for now. It's a departure from a lot of the other golf based GPS devices where the course data requires a subscription.

Is your Golf course on the Garmin Approach G5? - Check out the Garmin Approach G5 Golf course Page

Check it out from the Eagleglen Golf Course at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska, to the Key West Golf Club in Florida.

Want to see how the Approach keeps score? Check out this video below:

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January 8, 2009

Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS Video

Garmin has a quick look at the Approach G5 golf GPS, with its touchscreen interface and a few teaser capabilities. The interface looks pretty sharp with the ability to figure out distances to the green and distances to carry the hazards on the hole.

UPDATED: Garmin has introduced "Caddy Confidential" posts to its blog to introduce people to their Approach G5 Golf GPS. The posts will get a lot better as the weather gets better - I am thinking that maybe the caddie needs a little trip to warmer weather to build out those how-to video's and enjoy a little sun.

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January 7, 2009

Garmin Approach GPS Golf Companion


Garmin is announcing the Approach G5 - a Golf handheld companion that should give you an edge on folks who are still guessing on the distance to the pin. The Approach is based on the Garmin Oregon line - the touchscreen handhelds, and packs a customized interface giving you access to pre-loaded configurations. The Approach will recommend clubs to carry hazards and hit the fairway or green. Not bad; can't tell you how many times I have been a club short and dropped the ball right in the drink or sand. Skip the scorecard too, unless you have to sign it, because the Approach G5 GPS will keep score for your foursome.

Full Press Release after the jump......

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June 25, 2008

Pocket Caddy Golf GPS Coming to US - Rumor

So, a reader wrote in the other day letting me know that the Pocket Caddy, a touch screen GPS is rumored to be coming to the US later this year. I didn't really think much of it, until I started looking into their website. It's got some features that are pretty advanced and doesn't just tell you that you are 175 yards from the green; way more than that. So I thought I would pass more about it along.

At the base, the unit gives you insight into where you are on the course, and distances to the green and hazards. Yea, that's basic, but like I said, it goes a lot further. As you play, you get an overhead picture of the hole, and as you play along you mark where your shots landed.

PocketCaddyDriveStats.jpgNot only does the Pocket Caddy keep score for you, but after your round, sync it with the computer and it will pump out an analysis of your round, giving you your average drives, and a visual graphic of their accuracy. Same thing with your approach shots, showing you a visual of where you land, and some cool stats on the approach shots. Finally, because the software is integrated with Google Earth, the analysis will also show you a visual of the hole and where your shots were.

Because you are entering the information on what club you use on each shot, the Pocket Caddy will also start to recommend clubs for you. Something you should have in the back of your head, but I find myself questioning my choice sometimes and could use the help.

The site has a lot of information on the unit. Currently it comes loaded with a golf course, and others can be bought for an additional charge, then added through the desktop software. This handy comparison chart pits it against a lot of the other units in the marketplace.

Check out more at Pocket Caddy

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July 9, 2007

SkyCaddie Golf GPS based on Magellan eXplorist Series


Another day, another round of golf improved by the use of GPS. This time SkyCaddie has their units based on the Magellan eXplorist series. The units are designed for "Avid Golfers" and they offer several plans for you to subscribe to ranging from statewide coverage ($29.99/yr) to worldwide coverage for ($59.99/yr). The units have some advances features and look like a nice upgrade versus their previous models. Recall that Garmin's eTrex is the base model for another company; GolfLogix.

More on SkyCaddie at SkyGolf

Via GPS Tracklog

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January 25, 2007

GolfLogix & Garmin - Golf GPS


GolfLigix announced a new product, or rather application that will use the Garmin eTrex handheld GPS to get into the growing golf GPS category. The proprietary software will be installed on the eTrex and will allow users to download course data to the unit easily and quickly. The software will offer the golfer some features that will make using the handheld easier during play like automatic scrolling to the next hazard or green and no buttons to push during play. Because it’s an eTrex, you know it will be IPX7 waterproof for the next time you get caught in the rain.

No word on what eTrex model the product is based on yet. It will be shown at the upcoming PGA merchandise show, and list for $349. Unlimited golf course downloads are available for $29 per year.

More at GolfLogix

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