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March 1, 2010

New Garmin Friction Mount - Lighter, Smaller


A lot of people just prefer friction mounts to keep the windshield free of suction cup mount marks, and some just want the GPS closer in cars with steeply raked windshields. Whatever the reason, the new Garmin mount does away with the beanbag style in favor of the tacky bottom style. The kicker here is that the base is flexible and can conform to your dashboard's contours. Very cool.

  • New design is lighter weight, more flexible and more compact.
  • The integrated arm can be folded down for easy storage in an automobile or luggage and holds your Garmin Nuvi
  • Transfers from car to car

Available with free shipping from Amazon - New Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard Mount

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December 3, 2008

ToughSkin Review - 200W Series


I recently got a chance to check out some ToughSkin cases, by Speck, for the Nuvi 200 series and 200W series units. The cases are made out of silicone and have a ruggedized look and feel to help smooth out the bumps of traveling along with your Nuvi. While this is a case that wraps the Nuvi, it allows you to access all of the key controls, ports and speaker while still allowing you to utilize the Garmin mount that is supplied with the unit. That's big, because I have seen my fair share of skins for iPods that rely on crappy belt holder of connectors - not this case.

The black case for the Nuvi 200W series (Widescreen) was great (used here on the Nuvi 255W)- and added a degree of security for the unit that I was happy with. The Toughskin clip that snaps into the garmin factory mount was secure and sound. All of the ports were visible and offered easy access to the critical power supply. The ToughSkin comes with a hard plastic backer that has a hole for the power and speaker. It's main function is to grab onto the Nuvi, while offering a place for the factory mount to grab onto your newly protected Nuvi.


The case is not a sticky silicone, but more slick allowing it to easily slid into a briefcase, luggage or glove purse. The ToughSkin comes with a screen protector also that you adhere to the screen offering an extra degree of scratch protection.

I can very much recommend the ToughSkin for the Nuvi 200W series. I thought it was great. This ToughSkin Case will fit the Nuvi 200W, 205W, 250W, 255W, 260W.


I will say that I also tried out the ToughSkin for the Nuvi 200 series on the Nuvi 205, and found that the hole for the power port didn't line up properly, so that you can't get the mini-USB to fully plug into the unit, keeping you on battery power while the unit is in the hard plastic mount adapter that comes with the ToughSkin.

Available at Amazon - ToughSkin Case for Nuvi 200 Series

or directly from the Speck website

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November 12, 2008

Toughskin Cases for Garmin Nuvi and TomTom


Now there's no excuse to protect that GPS from lumps and bumps while traveling. The Toughskin GPS case line slips on over the GPS while still giving you access to the key buttons and ports on the unit as well as the mounts.

Featuring ultra-tough ruggedized protective silicone, ToughSkin cases are currently available in custom-fit designs for the Garmin Nuvi 200, 205, 250, 260 and 270 models, as well as Garmin nuvi 300, 310, 350, 360 and 370 devices. The ToughSkin family has also been expanded to include cases for new Garmin nuvi widescreen models 200w, 205w, 250w, 255w and 260w. This new line of cases are also available for the TomTom XL 330 and 300-S, as well as TomTom ONE 130 and 130-S models.

Check out the Nuvi 200 series Widescreen Case, the Nuvi 200 series case, or the TomTom 130 series, TomTom ONE XL 330 series cases.

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July 8, 2008

GPS Arkon Friction Mount Review

For a lot of people mounting a GPS on a windshield is not legal (CA & MN), or just not desirable which leaves them either sticking an adhesive disk on the dashboard, or investigating the idea of an alternative mount like a friction or vent mount. I got in a friction mount and a vent mount with various connectors recently for a review of how they do on my dash and how they hold up. The company is Arkon, and they make a dizzying array of mount styles with some great capabilities.

Friction Mount
This Arkon Weighted Friction Mount has a flat front that allows you to use your stock suction cup mount from makers like Garmin, TomTom and others that have some pretty small, minimalistic mounts. The mount has plenty of heft and sits firmly on the Dash through a normal week of driving. It's a pretty confidence inspiring mount and while it may not stand up on the NASCAR track pulling a few G's it performed well in my normal driving through traffic, around town and on the highway. Just in case you decide to take the fourth turn at Daytona, you'll keep things steady with the little safety loop on the back of the mount that allows you to put it around the adhesive hook (included) that you can fasten to the dash. Its base is about an inch wide, is pretty unobtrusive, and doesn't scream - "Steal the GPS under the Seat" like a regular adhesive disk might. The Hook is a bummer if you wanted a clean dash. To be clear in my time driving I didn't bother with the hook and the mount didn't move at all, even with a Dash Express suction cupped to it.

FrictionMountTomTomXL.jpgI was able to use factory mounts on the friction base as well as Arkon mounts made specifically for TomTom and for Garmin. The factory mounts were a bit slimmer and smaller, while the Arkon adapters had some more length to them and added the ability to adjust to different heights and lengths.

PDA/Phone Mount - I was also supplied with a mount for a PDA/Phone; which comes in customized styles. I had the generic, which fit my iPhone well, and when it comes time to navigate with the iPhone 3G, the Arkon mount should help.
iphonemountrelease.jpgThe mount has configurable bottom "feet" to hold the bottom of the phone so you can slide them back and forth to get plugs into the bottom of the phone. The sidewalls slide in and out and have a soft rubberized interior to cushion your phone. A quick pinch of the sidewalls keeps the mount snug on the phone, while a touch of a button on the side of the mount allows the sidewalls to pop out and release your phone. Simple and fast.

Vent Clip
VentClipNuviMount.jpgGarmin Nuvi Vent Clip - The Garmin Nuvi Vent Clip is a very discreet option for mounting a GPS; allowing you to pop the GPS on and off while leaving the mount right there on the vent. Small and almost invisible, hardly any thief would guess that there is a GPS prize associated with your car. After enlisting friends to try the mount, on the four cars I fitted the mount to, we were pretty happy with the performance. The little clips that snap into the louvers and attach to the mount swivel to accept louvers that are either vertical or horizontal. I would recommend using both hands to remove the Nuvi from the mount instead of just indiscriminately ripping the thing off that may just pull a louver with it depending on the shape of your ride. Using both hands, made the removal quick and easy. Reception was not affected and having the unit closer to me made for easy programming. I also tried this out on the vent to the left of the steering wheel which makes for another very desirable mounting option for lefties.

At Arkon

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May 13, 2008

GPS Dash Mount Options

It's unfoutunately illeagal to mount your GPS on the windshield in Minnesota and California, but a lot of people also don't want to have those suction cup rings on the windshield to deal with either. There is always the dash mounting option that solved these problems.

Here are a couple of options:

1. Adhesive disk - these come with almost all GPS units, usually black and can go right on your dash. I saw a driver the other day with one of these mounted vertically on his dash near the center stack that put the GPS well within reach. Wouldn't work in my car, but it looked great in his. The downside may be looks; a lot of folks don't want one of these stuck to the dash no matter what.

2. Garmin Friction Mount - Garmin offers this, and a lot of people are happy with it, judging from the emails I get from readers and the ratings on Amazon.


3. Bracketron NavMat GPS Friction Mount - is another option that allows you to use the mount along with the suction cup mount that came with your GPS. I have also had readers write in about this one too, and from the reviews at Amazon, a lot of people seem to like the mount for a lot of different GPS models.


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December 19, 2007

Nav-Mat Friction GPS Mount for the Dashboard

A lot of GPS readers have written in recommending this particular friction mount for dashboards. It's illegal to mount a GPS to the windshield in California and Minnesota, so if you live there or are traveling there, grab one of these (or use that sticky dash mount disk that will stay on the dash).

Garmin has their own friction mount, with an extension for the Nuvi series. It's worth considering the NavMat friction mount too.

It's made by Bracketron - check out their website for more information.

At Amazon - The Bracketron NavMat GPS Friction Mount


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November 6, 2007

TomTom ONE Carrying Case

The TomTom ONE does not come with a carrying case, but don’t let that stop you, there’s one available for you that’s pretty nice. No longer do you need to wrap it in an old T-Shirt, to carry it outside your car.

The case has some strength to it so it will hold up bouncing around a bit, but it is not a hard case, crush-proof thing. It will however keep your TomTom ONE scratch-free when you travel with it. It will fit the TomTom ONE 2nd and 3rd editions.

At TomTom ONE Case

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November 2, 2007

Dashboard Friction GPS Mount

Don’t want to leave “suction cup” rings on your windshield that thieves use as a telltale sign of a GPS inside? Live in Minneapolis or California where you can’t use a windshield mount? Don’t want to use that permanent adhesive disk to mount your GPS to the dash?

The answer might just be the Dashboard Friction GPS Mount for the Garmin Nuvi series and the StreetPilot C530, C550. The mount is a beanbag type mount that uses its weight and slip resistant bottom to keep your GPS firmly mounted where you want it. More and more people I correspond with are buying these as a way to avoid one or more of the problems I highlighted above. Specs - 11 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches ; 1.5 pounds

At Portable Friction Mount for Garmin GPS

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May 22, 2007

Garmin Biking Jerseys


Biking season is almost here and Garmin has some pretty cool (if you like Garmin) Bike Jerseys up on their site that are available for sale. So, if you have a Garmin strapped to your handlebars, why not wear the jersey too?!?! Three pockets across the back and made of breathable poly.

More at Garmin Store (scroll down)

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April 20, 2007

Foarm eTrex Case - Excellent


I am always searching for a good solution for carrying my eTrex Vista C while hiking or Geocaching, and I bought this case recently that is the best I have seen in a long time. The case is made by Foarm, and is designed specifically for the eTrex Cx line, including the Garmin eTrex Venture Cx , Garmin eTrex Legend Cx , Garmin eTrex Vista Cx . The case WILL also fit the now discontinued eTrex “C” series that preceded the “X” designation; the case WILL NOT fit the monochrome eTrex line as those are longer and narrower than the newer Cx line.

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January 12, 2007

Garmin Forerunner Bike Mount

After the tidal wave of GPS units hit the US with the CES 2007 show, Garmin announced that a nice little accessory is available to Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305 users. The $25 accessory is a bike mount for the popular Forerunner units that allow you to easily jump on the bike, snap in your forerunner and go.

Not sure if it will be popular in the transition zones of the biggie triathlons, but it just might make the Forerunner a little more versatile for the rest of us.

More at Garmin


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April 7, 2006

Delorme Ships New Topo USA 6.0


Delorme has released their new Topo USA 6.0 software with several upgrades that make the new version look pretty good. The software package covers the US with terrain detail on one DVD and allows you to plan trips, print maps and tap into your GPS location capability. It is said that it delivers next generation 3-D, exclusive routing and GPS capabilities, and the most up-to-date detail available in topographic map software.

ArrowContinue reading: "Delorme Ships New Topo USA 6.0"

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October 20, 2005

Want a Free Garmin eTrex? Buy a Segway

Segway has announced that buyers of the Segway Human Transporter will receive a free Garmin eTrex Legend or Legend C with the purchase of various models of the Segway HT. The offer is good through January 6, 2006. This is the latest thing to add to your Segway to trick it out; head lights and blinking tail lights are also available.

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September 19, 2005

Mounts for Garmin StreetPilot 2720

A lot of readers have been asking about alternative mounts for their new Garmin StreetPilot 2720. For one reason or another the factory mount isn't suitable for their needs. The folks over at eMounts have confirmed that these mounts will fit the 2700 series products. So if you need a windshield mount, a c-clamp bar type mount, a cup holder mount, or a crazy floor mounted bendable stand, you can find them there.

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