December 27, 2008

Is the Insignia CNV-10 Worth $99 or the CNV-20 $149?

A lot of readers are writing in about the deals on the Insignia Connected GPS units at Best Buy - the Insignia CNV-10 a standard screen for $99, and the Insignia CNV-20 widescreen for $149. They come with a year's mobile connected subscription which will cost $99 a year after that.

Why all the hype? These units are internet connected GPS units that offer the promise of interesting capabilities: google search for businesses, traffic, and gas prices. When I reviewed the unit in November, the CNV-10 was $399, and for that money, it was an easy call: stay away, buy something else. Read My Full Review for more information.

A few of my findings:

  • Routing was decent, the unit uses NAVTEQ Maps
  • Google Search missed some basic businesses in my town
  • Traffic capabilities were a bust; I sat in bumper to bumper traffic and the Insignia thought I was on clear roads.
  • Traffic results - if it did see problems didn't seem to influence the estimated time of arrival.
  • The interface was clunky - very much second rate to TomTom and Garmin

At $99 or $149, are they a better buy? - Maybe.

High Expectations - Walk Away
If your expectations are that you get a connected GPS that works flawlessly and you require accurate traffic for a daily commute - still not a good choice. The traffic capability is not good enough.

Lower Expectations - Might be a great deal

If you are OK with a second rate interface and want occasional connected benefits, you may choose to grab this - I think it will work for you. You need to be aware of the shortcomings, and the potential for BestBuy to discontinue selling and ultimately supporting the unit.

I do have faith that some of the issues I saw can be remedied with a software upgrade, which makes me hopeful that the unit can be salvaged.

If you are interested in a capable connected GPS, consider the TeleNav Shotgun. I have been using it and will post a review in January.

Interested in "regular" GPS units - Check out the reviews of units I have used, or my Holiday Buying Guide for a good place to start.

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December 19, 2008

Last Days for that GPS.... Buying Guide and Reviews

There are a few days left to buy that GPS that you wanted to get. There are deals all over the place on inventory that people hadn't planned to have this late in the game.

Amazon ran the TomTom ONE 125 at $89 the other day - a total blow out deal; now the TomTom ONE 125 is running at about $99.

We expect to see more, but the days are numbered. Only three days left to order at Amazon if you select 2 day shipping.

If you are unsure of what to look for start at my Holiday Buying Guide for 2008 - recommendations, GPS reviews and information on a wide range of products.

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December 16, 2008

Garmin Garage: 12 Days of Christmas - New GPS Icons


Come on who doesn't like to trick out their GPS Ride a bit? Custom voices, new icons for your gps, why not? Well Garmin is running out a bunch of icons for your Garmin units, including the one above in a 12 day straight onslaught of fun creative holiday icons. They have a lot of key holidays covered, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and who knows, maybe they'll get around to Arbor day too, but I am not holding my breath.

The first day of their icon-palooza they released the Tiny Van from their fun Christmas TV ads. Love those.

Downloading and installing the icons are easy.

ReadMore on the 12 Days of Christmas at Garmin Blog, or go straight to the Garmin Garage to get your icons now.

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December 14, 2008

Nuvifone on FCC Website


With the Nuvifone showing up on the FCC Website, the launch can't be far behind. Can you say "CES Announcement"? Maybe, Maybe not, but it seems like a great place to announce it. the Nuvifone will be Garmin's connected GPS launch, going for a piece of the web connected PDA phone market.

AUSTek appears to be making the phone, and Garmin the brand from the FCC Docs.

One has to imagine that while Garmin is launching this newly connected platform on the Nuvifone, with its integration of advanced connected traffic capabilities, and new search functionality, that the connected platform isn't going to end there. My hope would be that they also launch the non-phone Nuvi version too. We'll see.   

Via Brighthand

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December 11, 2008

Away in the Manger was a Baby Jesus and his GPS Tracker

I am sure you've heard of the Baby Jesus that gets stolen out of nativity scenes at Christmas time. It's a fairly common prank, and according to this AP article, there can be Italian made figurines that cost in the thousands of dollars,so it's grand larceny and a pretty big deal if you get caught.

A company in NY figured out that their GPS tracking solution can help, and are offering it to churches and synagogues for their holiday display tracking too. Not bad, if you can track a car, you should be able to track a figurine too.

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November 11, 2008

TeleNav Shotgun - More Pictures


The TeleNav Shotgun hit the virtual shelves this week, and I should have one in for review within days. The folks at TeleNav were nice enough to send over some advance pictures for the unit that show off a few capabilities that detail some of the capabilities and the overall interface. There sure seems like a lot of information and it's good to have the 4.3-inch widescreen display to view it all.

Shotgun's Main Menu

More after the jump.....

More after the jump......

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November 9, 2008

TeleNav Shotgun - Connected GPS


TeleNav has a new GPS available at its website, the Telenav Shotgun, that offers internet connected GPS capabilities to a growing list of GPS makers that have a unit in the marketplace or have announced the development of one. The trend has yet to catch on, but not for a lack of trying. Dash brought one to the market, and recently announced that they will be stopping the manufacture of hardware, instead trying to sell the software capabilities to other makers (phones and OEM's come to mind). Magellan recently announced that they were suspending work, Garmin has delayed its Nuvifone - hopefully coming in 2009, while Mio has announced their own co-development. Finally BestBuy and their Insignia brand have a pair of duds on the market - see my Full Review of the Insignia CNV-10/20.

In the scope of capabilities, the TeleNav looks to be in the middle, offering connected search, updated traffic, gas prices, and map updates pumped down via the cellular modem. They don't talk about you and your GPS acting as a GPS probe like the Dash Express did. They also shed the WiFi connectivity that Dash offered, as it may have pushed costs without all the benefits originally believed to be there. TeleNav also cites several items that are still in the works, like weather and advanced address sharing - they also reserve the right to charge more for the features.

The 4.3-inch widescreen unit is marketed as a unit for business travelers who need the best up to date information at their fingertips. The Telenav Shotgun costs $299 and comes with a 3 month subscription to the connected services. A month to month subscription cost is $11.99/mo, while a 1-year subscription costs $129.

More at TeleNav

UPDATE Monday Morning - Full press release is now below after the jump. Also, see more pictures of the TeleNav ShotGun.

Thanks Jim for sending this in.

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November 8, 2008

Omnitech 4 Widescreen GPS


The Omnitech 4 GPS is another entry level unit at en entry level price in the ever expanding GPS arena. The maker of all things electronic has its GPS entry that offers several key features that make it an interesting value. The 4.3-inch screen unit has text to speech, maps of the 48 states, and 1.5 million Points of Interest (a bit light on POI here - see my post on How Many Points of Interest is Good). The internal battery is rated for up to 5 hour's use.

I first wrote about an Omnitech about a year ago, and saw some trouble around the internet. I continue to see poor comments. The trouble here is that when you take a look around at the consumer feedback on this unit, it's pretty bad - with buyers citing it freezing up, and just dying. Read at Yahoo Answers, or comments on Amazon.

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November 4, 2008

Black Friday Best GPS Deals - 2008

UPDATED: 11/25

Looking for the TomTom ONE 125 for Black Friday? Check out the Black Friday pricing now at Amazon - the TomTom ONE 125 - $99 with free shipping.

Well, it's time to check out the fliers to see what's going to be on sale for Black Friday for great GPS deals. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving typically brings a slew of great sales and deals that have grown in number since I have been reporting on it, and waiting out there to see first hand how things go - from just a handful in total a few years ago to each major outlet offering major GPS Deals. It's going to be crazy fun to watch the GPS Sales and Deals for Black Friday 2008.

I will update this post as time goes on to keep up with the deals - Bookmark this page and check back often. Check the GPS Features to Consider at the bottom of the post.

Update: Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list and receive our Black Friday GPS Guide Deals sent to you via email the day before Thanksgiving.

Don't miss the coming Black Friday Deals at Amazon

Ace Hardware

  • Nextar M3 - $89 after $30 Mail in Rebate - More Info

Bass Pro Shops

Best Buy

BJ's Club

Burlington Coat Factory

  • Amcor 3.5" GPS - $79 (They say compare at $199 - come on, cut it out!)


Circuit City


  • Magellan RoadMate 1212 - $99 (With Coupon) - More Info


  • GPS For Dummies - $89 w/ Card + $10 In Extra Bucks back

Dell Home

  • Pharos PDR-200 - $95 after $25 MIR


Gander Mountain

  • eTrex Summit Handheld Bundle - $199
  • Garmin Nuvi 255W - $199 - See My Full Review

K-Mart - Thanksgiving Day Sale (Not Black Friday)

  • Nextar X3-03 - $79 after $20 Mail in Rebate

K-Mart Black Friday


  • Nextar GPS - $79 after $20 MIR


  • Magellan Maestro 4350 Elite (Free Case) - $199 - More Info
  • Magellan RoadMate 1200 - $89 - More Info
  • Magellan RoadMate 1412 - $149 - More Info

Navy Exchange - open to all members of the military, retired military and their dependents

Office Depot

Office Max

Pep Boys

Radio Shack

Ritz Camera

Sam's Club




Toys R Us


WalMart Black Friday Black Friday GPS Shopping Guide

Get the Black Friday GPS Shopping Guide emailed to you on Wednesday before Thanksgiving so that you can take the full list of Black Friday GPS Units with you shopping while you compare and contrast the various models at the various stores.

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November 2, 2008

Motorola TN20, TN30 GPS


Motorola has a couple of GPS units coming to market for the end of the year, the standard screen Mororola TN20 and the widescreen Motorola TN30. Both units were announced recently and are set to go on sale exclusively at Radio Shack. The Moto TN20 GPS looks like a fairly standard GPS entry level GPS that offers a 3.5-inch screen, maps for he 48 continental states, and text to speech (something that isn't on all entry level units). It cuts corners on the claimed 1 million Points of Interest, hardly enough to pass my test of reasonable amounts. I can hardly stand 1.3 million POI, let alone 1 mil.

The Moto TN30 is a widescreen version GPS (4.3-inch) that adds a few features to make the offering a bit more rounded out. The TN30 has text to speech and maps of North America, while adding POI - in fact a total claimed POI of 4 million, which is more like it in my mind.

The Motorola TN20 GPS has a list price of $199, and the Motorola TN30 for $299.

Both are available at Radio Shack.

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