December 19, 2007

Best Selling GPS - Hurry Still in Time for Christmas!

I am still getting a lot of emails and comments about what GPS to buy and so, on, but the bottom line is that you need to decide soon. To illustrate, Amazon is running a bunch of deals on shipping over the coming days to make sure you can get your GPS in time to put it under the tree.

Wednesday - Last FULL Day for 2-Day Shipping
Thursday - Order by 3PM (PST) and get 2-Day shipping
Friday - Last FULL Day for 1-Day Shipping
Saturday - Order by 1PM (PST) and get 1-Day shipping

All estimates are for getting items on or before 12/24; some items are excluded, and only on offers by Amazon.

Anyway, cruise over there to check out the Best Selling GPS Units.

Need some recommendations? - Check out our Holiday GPS Gift Guide.

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December 13, 2007

Cobra calls it Quits in the GPS Market - Kindof

Bowing to increased pressure and price droops, Cobra has decided to exit the design and selling Mass Market for GPS devices. The NavOne line has had some limited success, but in the face of big competitors and a slew of brands coming in from all over the world at bargain prices, they just couldn’t achieve the footing or scale. "Cobra has not achieved profitability in the mobile navigation category for several reasons. The competitive environment for portable navigation devices has intensified and thus further pushed out prospects for positive returns on our investment," said Jim Bazet, Cobra's President and Chief Executive Officer.

They did however leave the door open to selling items that are designed and manufactured by others, “We will pursue profitable niche opportunities involving products …sourced from other vendors.”

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December 12, 2007

GPS Like System for Firefighters?

An interesting new system based on the general premise of the GPS system of triangulation of a receiver’s distance from satellites may make its way to helping locate firefighters in burning buildings.

An Indoor Positioning System or IPS is being talked about by Thales, the former owner of Magellan. The system uses Ultra Wide Band signals that could tell distances inside buildings where GPS signals can’t penetrate. Very cool.


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November 28, 2007

Three Easy Tips to Avoid that New GPS from Being Stolen

With lots of people are getting new GPS units during the holiday season, there will most likely be a surge in GPS thefts as a result. Police in our area near Boston are already talking about thieves hitting crowded malls and picking up a few GPS units that are hanging prominently on windshields left and right. Easy pickings and easy to re-sell them.

Avoid GPS Theft:
1) Take the GPS and its mount off the windshield/dash and stow it.
2) Take the GPS with you for an extra level of pre-caution.
3) Consider wiping the suction cup marks off the windshield with a soft cloth – they can tip off thieves that there’s something valuable in the car.

TomTom recommends that you take your GPS with you, with a little graphic that reminds you when you power down. Garmin has done so far as to offer a feature called Garmin Lock - a PIN code needs to be entered into the unit before it can be used, rendering it useless to thieves (You can also go to your "Home" and the GPS will unlock as a result of being there.)


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October 18, 2007

Nokia Business Plan Explained

There’s a topical article in the Boston Globe this morning about Nokia that stitches together a lot of their recent actions into a strategy that is emerging for the mobile handset giant that has them taking a big picture point of view to turn handset insight into a broad-based ad driven media company. The article keys in on a recent acquisition by Nokia of Enpocket, a Boston based firm specializing in mobile phone advertising.

The article quotes Rodger Entner of IAG Research who says, “They want to be more than just a phone purveyor, or an infrastructure purveyor. They want to be involved in the whole value chain. That’s why they bought Enpocket. They want to make this a substantial part of their business, ideally worth billions of dollars.”

This gives insight into why they are seeking to buy NAVTEQ too; with maps and navigation come more dependence on your mobile device, which facilitates Location Based Services (LBS). With the knowledge of who you are, and where you are, and maybe what you are looking for, comes ad opportunity, and that’s where the revenue is.

Detailed in the article are several more acquisitions that Nokia made which when listed together starts to form a solid picture of the broad offering to sell services. There are issues in the US market model that the article goes on to point out. Worth the quick read if you like this stuff.

ReadMore at Boston Globe.

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Nokia N810 GPS Equipped Internet Tablet


Nokia announced the N810 Internet tablet with GPS, further underscoring their desire to get into the location based services – internet tablet may be the high end of the food chain when it comes to computing power and the finding of fun places to go. The unit will retail for $479, which is pretty competitive with some of the better GPS units out there.

This is a lot more than a fancy GPS though as it comes with Bluetooth support, video and audio capabilities, WiFi, and a 4.1-inch touchscreen that also slides to reveal a QWERTY keyboard.


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October 11, 2007

GPS #5 on Holiday Wish List

A new survey out says that you aren’t alone in wanting a GPS, as the geek-toy is turns mainstream more and more people realize how great they can be. While not number one, the GPS Navigation System is still in the top ten for holiday wish list items according to a recent survey of 1,200 Americans. Topping the list was an HDTV, of course, while computers (laptop and desktop) took up two places and a digital camera was on there for a lot of people.

1. flat screen high definition TV set - on the wish list of 35%
2. laptop (windows) (20%)
3. digital camera (17%)
4. desktop PC (14%)
5. GPS navigation unit for the car (10%)
6. cell phone (10%)
7. digital video camera (9%)
8. Nintendo Wii (9%)
9. Sony PS3 (7%)
10. Blu-ray or HD-DVD player (6%)

So read up on my reviews, and figure out what GPS is right for you, and they jump on the bandwagon and come January, you won’t be getting lost.

The survey was done by Solutions Research Group.

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October 8, 2007

Deluo GPS Mouse


Traveling with a laptop and need a mouse and a GPS? The DeluoGPS Mouse may just be your answer. The small ergo travel mouse has a GPS receiver hidden under the scroll wheel and mouse buttons to allow you to use mapping software with one convenient attachment. The Deluo GPS mouse is available with the MS Streets & Trips software package for about $130 or the GPS mouse alone for about $99.

More at Deluo

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September 19, 2007

More GPS Thefts

Long time readers know that GPS thefts are an issue, and they are on the rise. The numbers may still seem small, but they are growing fast. Because GPS units are usually around $500 or less, they will fall under most people’s deductibles for insurance. What’s that mean? You’re out of luck and you get stuck with the bill.

GPS thefts are up over 200% in Montgomery county MD, outside of Washington DC, and that’s comparing the first 8 months of 2007 to all of 2006. That’s not the only place, as theft rates are up 100+% in other cities around the US too. Apparently thefts in Australia and Britain are on the rise as more people have a GPS, and more thieves find that they are easy to sell once stolen.

So stash those GPS units before you dash off to your shopping or job or whatever you are going to do. I think that this makes the case again for the flat form factor of a thing GPS; easier to take along and not get it stolen.

Recall that there might be a simple solution - take the GPS with you and wipe off those Suction Cup Marks.


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September 14, 2007

NAVTEQ talks up Connected GPS Units


Networked GPS units are on the way in 2008 according to an interview with NAVTEQ senior Vice President Winston Guillory, at GPSBusiness News. The Interview explores several areas from profitability to the future of GPS devices. In the interview Mr. Guillory talks about the launch of connected devices in 2008 that will help drive the downloading of updated Points of Interest, new map features, etc. The key question will be WHO will bring this to the market.

Dash Navigation has already announced projects like this with their cellular and WiFi connected GPS device, but they were firmly in the TeleAtlas camp before TomTom announced the plan to buy TeleAtlas. If Dash has stayed with TeleAtlas, who else would bring this idea to market? Garmin and Magellan are the two names that come to mind.

Garmin will have the upper hand if the units get any benefit from networking together, as their sales and marketing might would deliver more units to the roads. However, Magellan has been on a bender lately with new technology and features that have been a half step ahead of Garmin as Magellan claws back into the market; witness the advanced handheld the Triton that is coming to market and the Maestro 4250 with voice recognition and the “Help” button that led the majors to this now more common feature.

Thanks Jim for sending this in.

See the whole interview at GPS Business News

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