May 25, 2007

Angelina Jolie's Latitude and Longitude Tatoos

So you think you're into Geotagging/Geocaching, etc? How about Angelina Jolie and her recent Tat' that gives the coordinates of the countries where her four children were born.

Via O'Reilly

More at The Daily Mail

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GPS Text Message; Emergency Beacon

This little wonder allows you to pre-program emergency numbers into the unit and then in case of emergency, it will text message those numbers your location (Lat/Lon coordinates). Simple enough and easy to use. I wonder if this thing gets activated when it's stuffed into a backpack full of pens, books and such like a mobile phone without a key lock engaged?

Via Gizmodo

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May 22, 2007

GPS to Save Time and Money?

In a recent poll conducted by Circuit City, Americans are looking to GPS Navigation systems to save them time and money spent on gasoline. With prices breaking the $3/gallon threshold. I personally saw how the Nuvi 680, with its ability to show you local gasoline (sorry no diesel) prices through the MSN Direct network, can offer you ways to save a lot on gas. Read my Review on the Nuvi 680.

More than 3,000 people responded to the Circuit City survey, which was conducted in April. Almost three quarters (71%) of respondents said that having a global positioning satellite (GPS) navigation system helps motorists save fuel or time.

So about half of parents (53%) in the survey found that a GPS would be at least somewhat important for making the most of their family road trip. Looks like the GPS is going to be on a lot of people’s shopping list this summer.

Check out All Circuit City GPS Units.

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May 18, 2007

JVC Exits GPS/PND Market

JVC has announced plans to quit the GPS market. After announcing their KV-PX9 at an outrageous $750 they appeared not to have sold too many. So, while price points are dropping, the big players, namely Garmin, and TomTom are finding some traction with their brands without deep discounting. These brands have recognizable benefit advantages and the ability and scale to price profitably versus the myriad of low brand recognition units hitting the markets daily.

JVC mobile entertainment VP Bill Turner stated, “Primarily because the portable navigation business has turned into a price-only market with numerous new competitors entering almost daily, we opted to focus our business on the in-dash market instead.” He added, “We continue to study the portable navigation market and may re-enter it once we identify stabilization with regard to price points. Right now, too much volatility exists with regard to pricing and brand recognition isn’t a key component.”

Via Twice

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May 17, 2007

GPS Umbrella


Yea, I know, weird and totally random, but I thought I would pass this on. Here's your future George Jetson umbrella that has a computer built in that shows a slideshow on the inside of the umbrella. It also has GPS and internet connectivity too. It's a prototype.


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May 15, 2007

Google LatLong Blog


Google is good for a lot of things, including a big wave of Google sponsored blogs. Well, a new one has popped up over the last week or so called the Google LatLong blog, a blog written about maps, and how to use Google Earth as well as Google Maps. Pretty good subject if you ask me. What's impressive is one of the posts the other day that shows Greensburg Kansas, the small town that was wiped out by an F5 tornado, with before and after side by side satellite pictures. It's pretty amazing to see the rresults like this. The imagery is also available as a Google Earth overlay if you go read the post and check out the story you'll see how. Here are a couple of the pictrues, before and after. There are more at the Google LatLong blog.

Greensburg Kansas - BEFORE


Greensburg Kansas - AFTER


ReadMore at Google LatLong Blog

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May 12, 2007

Woman Follows GPS onto Railroad Crossing

This out of the UK; woman follows her Sat Nav/GPS onto a railroad crossing at night and gets car hit by train. She's perfectly fine; the car is a mess. The circumstances aren't quite as clean cut as blindly following the GPS to a railroad crossing and getting hit, but it's another example of people checking their common sense at the door when they use a GPS. There were a few signs that should have told her that she was in trouble.... like the fact that she had to open a train gate by hand (she thought it was a farm gate), there were rail tracks under her feet when she then moved her car into the crossing, and got out to close the first gate and open the second gate.

The woman said, "People should be more careful with them - you never know where they might lead you." Chief Inspector Paul Richards of British Transport Police said "We would advise people to use sat navs with due caution," he added.

Yea, that and a bit of common sense.

More at BBC


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May 11, 2007

New York City Taxis to get GPS and TV Screens

New York City Taxis are not exactly excited to have a GPS on-board as they think that it will be an invasion of their extra long break time privacy. Well, the 13,000 city taxis will be outfitted with a GPS, a passenger television and a credit card debit system by January. Unfortunately the system will cost up to $7,400 each, which will come out of the driver's pocket.

Via at NYSun

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GPS Technology Gets Son New Heart

From the "Wow" department, a mother was located via the GPS enabled call phone in her purse so that her son could get whisked off for a heart transplant. She was apparently at a concert with her cell phone ringer turned off when news of the available heart came out. The Police contacted the mobile phone company who then traced her to the concert at Slippery Rock College. The police shut the concert down, stood up on stage and called out her name and got her and her son to the Pittsburgh hospital where they did the operation. The mother apparently told CBS's "The Early Show" that he was in critical but stable condition.

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May 10, 2007

Discrete GPS Vehicle Tracking


Need to track your cheating husband or wife? How about tracking those teenagers? A lot of tracking solutions are out there, but the Super Trackstick is noteworthy in that it takes a pair of “AAA” batteries and the Super TrackStick can last up to 6-8 weeks when equipped with a vibration detector that puts the unit into a sleep mode when the vehicle is still. Like Ron Popeil says, you’ll be able to “Set it and forget it”, go about your business and check in every month with a fresh set of batteries and download the results. At 4 1/2” X 1 1/4” X 3/4”, you can fit it just about anywhere.

The data is logged on 4MB of memory and is downloaded to your computer via the USB port and quickly viewed on Google Earth’s model of the planet. You'll be able to see routes traveled and times that were spent at different locations. No monthly fees are required and all software needed to run Super Trackstick’s technology is included.

More at TrackStick

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