Clifford Scout 420 GPS Navigation and Media Player


UPDATE: More details and an award for the Clifford Scout 420

Directed Electronics, the maker behind a lot of commonly known premium electronics names, is set to launch at CES 2007 a portable media and GPS device that looks an awful lot like a Sony PSP. The unit will be branded the Clifford Scout 420, and looks like it will provide navigation and the ability to listen to music and potentially play video. With Sony moving from games to GPS, with this unit eventually play my PSP games? No word on price or availability, but look for more news at the CES 2007 show on this one.

Check out all the CES 2007 GPS Action.

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January 4, 2007

Trimble to announce GuideWorx GPS Navigation for Mobile Phones


Trimble is well known in the GPS world, but maybe not as much as some other names in the average consumer's mind, but they have been making moves recently to try and change that. They are getting ready to announce GuideWorx GPS a mobile phone navigation application that will allow GPS enabled phones to give you turn by turn navigation on the road, as well as off road navigation in a phone applicaiton. No word on pricing or compatibility. Expect more details on this Mobile Phone GPS App at CES 2007, happening next week in Las Vegas.

Trimble has a couple of other applications in their stable for the mobile phone, including AllSport GPS, a fitness tracking service that allows you to use your GPS enabled GPS as a tracking device that in conjunction with online services, allows you to keep track of your workouts and training records. They also recently announced Geocache Navigator that has the ability to allow you to Geocache with your mobile phone.

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January 2, 2007

The Future of GPS - Some GPS Smartphones, mostly Stand Alones

At the turn of the year, it's always good to take a look at where things stand and where they are going. There is a nice little post over at Silicon,com that references a report from research company Strategy Analytics that by 2010, about one quarter of GPS enabled devices will be GPS enabled smart phones - fully functioning types, not just basic calling and GPS enabled things that are selling for $20 at the mall. Their research found that while only 5% of travel is to unknown areas, people will be turning to stand alone GPS devices for additional higher end services like TMC traffic, and other connected location based services like restaurant reviews and true search of POI's based on meta tags, not just titles. (Hummm, sounds like Dash Navigation)

ReadMore at

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The Future of Cameras; GPS Enabled

This interesting little video comes via YouTube and is apparently a little rah-rah video that talks about the past and the future of this little company that defined the beautiful picture for so many generations, in a film sort of way. With the ever shrinking digital camera, and the ever expanding feature sets of these things, Kodak apparently wants to strike pay dirt with a new line of cameras that includes some pretty hefty stuff, like internal GPS chips (easy geo-tagging), on the fly composition and color corrections, and quick and easy sharing capabilities. Can it still fit in my pocket?

Via Engadget
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GPS Enabled Shoes - Issac Daniel Running Shoes


Just in case you didn't get what gift you really wanted, and have a few bucks hanging around, you can always splurge on these bad boys; GPS enabled shoes. These GPS enabled sneakers were announced in November, and available now, retailing for about $350. The shoe has a built in GPS receiver that at the press of a button, will alert people to your whereabouts. Very James Bond. The Quantum Satellite Technology (QST) shoe is billed as a running shoe for now, and comes with a charger.

More at IssacDaniel

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NAVTEQ Map Reporter - Consumer Input on Maps and POI

Not to be outdone, NAVTEQ has launched their own consumer input area on their website so that you can check on their maps and bring mapping issues to their attention. It's called the Map Reporter. TeleAtlas launched a similar consumer input area, called MapInsight several months ago, and while this isn't a source of great volumes of changes (they get millions of updates per month from other sources), I would imagine it's a great place to vent some frustration and get a few minor issues explored to your satisfaction. NAVTEQ has a fairly easy to use interface with draggable maps to pan left and right on the screen. If you are missing a road, this interface is great. If you are concerned about Points of Interest, the Map Reporter does not display the current POI's, so it's a bit harder to give them input.

Read More at Navteq

Thanks to the reader comment from Mapiator who sent this in.

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December 29, 2006

TeleAtlas On the Move


I had the opportunity to talk with Jay Benson of TeleAtlas the other day about the TeleAtlas maps and their recent updates that were released to navigation device makers (TomTom has released their map updates in the US, and Mio should in the next few months). TeleAtlas acquired GDT in 2004 and they have been maintaining separate map database files and map products up until this year. This year, they combined the files and brought the best of each together to make a pretty good jump in quality that should be hitting the market with recent GPS map file releases.

ArrowContinue reading: "TeleAtlas On the Move"

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December 28, 2006

Welcome New GPS Users

I am getting a lot of email from new users of GPS units, and I want to say welcome to the GPS Lodge, and welcome to the world of GPS Navigation. We've got a lot of information here about some of the most popular GPS navigation systems of the season, and I thought I would help you out by pointing out a few posts that might just make things easier for you:

Mio C310x
A lot of people bought these over the holidays, and I reviewed the unit a couple of weeks ago. I was able to interview the product manager and she gave me some information about the plans for the Mio c310x upgrades and updates.

If you got an "x" model handheld GPS, don't forget to get your rebate forms in.

Garmin has several excellent models, and you can take a look at all of our Garmin reviews here, or here are some shortcuts to popular model reviews:

  • Garmin Nuvi 350 Review
  • Garmin Nuvi 660 Review
  • Garmin C340 Review

    TomTom just released their US Map upgrade, so don't miss out on this update to your map database. It includes a lot of new roads, Points of interest, and more. Also see my review of the TomTom ONE.

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  • December 27, 2006

    Up to Date Custom POI Databases for your GPS

    OK, so you've got your new GPS, and you can't find all the Starbucks in the area, or maybe you are heading somewhere warm for a winter break, and you want all the locations of your favorite restaurant chain on your new GPS. Are you sure they are in your GPS? While the GPS manufacturers are trying to keep up, there can be up to a year lag between the time the place opens up and the time you get it on your GPS. Well there's a place you can get updated (regularly) Points of Interest databases at GPS POI US, a website that maintains 100 databases for loads of key categories, like:

  • RV Parks/campgrounds (6400+ locations),
  • Starbucks (8932 locations and up to 100 new ones each month),
  • Quizno's Subs (4638 locations),
  • WalMarts (3462 locations)
  • Flying J Travel Plazas,
  • FedEx Kinkos, and other retail retail stores.

    The databases range in price from a few dollars on up according to how many locations in each database.

    Red Light and Intersection Camera Database
    One of the more interesting, and apparently popular databases is of the Red Light and Intersection cameras that can save you a bundle if you can avoid getting caught. The database has over 2800 locations across the US that are using safety cameras to nab you if you are speeding or breaking the law. I know that these are becoming more popular as police departments are strapped for cash and resources. Anyway, not advocating breaking the law, but the $25 annual subscription could certainly help keep your driving record clean.

    Installation on Garmin devices is easy, as there is a Garmin program that you can download to install Points of Interest on your GPS. There is some information at GPS POI US to help you understand if you can load POI on your GPS system.

    More at GPS POI US

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  • December 23, 2006

    TomTom wins Round II versus Garmin; Well Not Really

    Update: It appears that we didn't have the Garmin side of thing when we wrote this.....

    Originally, it appeared that TomTom won round II in the Garmin vs. TomTom patent dispute, but it appears that this may be a draw. Garmin won round I over in Europe. But, like any fight, there are three rounds to this story, as there is another patent dispute coming up in a couple of months in Texas. So if you read Garmin's press release, they indicate that the judge did not support the charges that TomTom brought alleging that Garmin infringed on 3 patents that they licensed in the US. The judgement also does not support the charges that TomTom is infringing on Garmin patents.

    The most recent suit was dismissed in a summary judgement, "The decision finds that all five Garmin patents asserted against TomTom in the lawsuit are either invalid or not infringed by TomTom's popular line of navigation products," said the judgement.

    In a bit of an odd statement coming on the heels of their own wasteful court battle in Europe, TomTom Chief Executive officer Harold Goddijn said in a statement, "We are hopeful that Garmin will return to competing in the marketplace instead of wasting resources on litigation."

    When you are talking billions of dollars in sales, and millions of dollars in profits, that's just how the game is played Harold, you know that.

    Garmin's side: "We are pleased with Judge Crabb's rejection of TomTom's infringement claims against Garmin", said Andrew Etkind, Garmin's General Counsel. "Garmin will continue to take all necessary action against those who misappropriate the innovations developed by Garmin's engineers. While Garmin would prefer not to litigate, it will not stand idly by and allow others, like TomTom, to exploit Garmin's technology." I guess no comment on whether or not their patents are actually valid.... which is apparently up in the air. again, we'll see more in Round III.

    Garmin's press release

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