December 20, 2006

V7 MyGuide 1000 GPS

V7/My Guide unveiled its Navigator 1000 GPS product. Targeted at the entry-level GPS retail market, the Navigator 1000 is a portable navigation device (PND) that allows users to see and hear where they are and how to get to their destination.

The MyGuide V7 Navigator 1000 comes with many features typically available only in much-higher priced models, including a 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen, 320 x 240 resolution, touch-screen enabled, turn-by-turn voice instruction in 23 languages, SD card technology, expandable storage, picture viewer, MP3-audio and AVI-video capabilities. The unit carries a two-year warranty and includes mounting hardware.

From the pictures, it appears that the unit runs the iGo software that also runs in the Mio C310x.

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TomTom ONE and Garmin i-5 "Best Buys"; Nuvi 350 Top Rated

So a Consumer Reporting magazine is publishing (online) a review of GPS receivers, and both the TomTom ONE and the Garmin StreetPilot i-5 are rated as Best Buys.

They give the following as Best Picks: Garmin Nuvi 350, Magellan Roadmate 3050T, the TomTom GO 510, the TomTom ONE and the Garmin StreetPilot i-5. The Garmin Nuvi 350 was highest rated, but since they listed it at a price of $700 (and $600 in another area of the article; whoops!), I guess that knocked it out of "Best Buy" status. Anyone hanging around the GPS Lodge, knows that the Nuvi 350 and the TomTom ONE can be had online for about the same price. Odd that they didn't pick up on this.

My advice is NOT to buy the Garmin SP i-5 because for very little more money, you can move up to the Garmin C330 which has the same operating system, pre-loaded maps of North America, and a 3.5 inch touchscreen for MUCH easier data entry and readability (the i-5 does not have a touchscreen, and data is entered via a roller wheeel). The extra $30-$40 bucks is worth it.


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Solar Powered GPS Trackable Clothing at CES 2007

Here's a fun line of clothing that might just help out in case of emergency, Covert Asset Tracking Systems (C.A.T.S. eye) has announced the new clothing line that will include the ability to track the wearer via included GPS over the internet..... the clothing will be made of a waterproof and machine washable material that will also be made of some sort of solar cell technology so that it will be self powering. They are planning future models to include the ability to have a built in microphone and headset. Expect the clothing to be on display at CES in January 2007 along with several other GPS innovations from other companies.

“Our aim is to provide people with a means of high-level personal safety which requires little or no maintenance and has minimal detrimental impact upon their working or social lifestyles. For individuals who work or play in dangerous environments, the knowledge that someone, somewhere will know where you are and that you are safe or that they will be alerted if you get into trouble, is going to be invaluable.” Lee Walkey MiSMM Managing Director.

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Press Release

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Third NextGen GPS Satellite Declared Operational

The next generation GPS satellite was recently declared operational. The Block IIR-M satellite is designed to enhance capabilities of the GPS satellite systems. There are a series of 30 GPS satellites in orbit, and the three new generation series will offer increased signal strength, as well as some specialized capabilities for the military; you know the owners of the GPS satellite systems! These enhanced military capabilities include improved accuracy, enhanced encryption and anti-jamming capabilities.

A fourth NextGen satellite is scheduled to launch in early 2007.


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NAVTEQ Releases Maps for Sweden and Norway


NAVTEQ continues to expand coverage in areas that appear to court the European markets, with the addition of Norway and Sweden. Earlier this year, they announced availability of Italy, Poland, and Finland.

NAVTEQ’s Detailed Coverage enables the most precise functionality for customers using NAVTEQ maps to develop the full range of navigation and location enabled applications, including turn-by-turn navigation applications requiring the most fully attributed and accurate digital map data. NAVTEQ’s Detailed Coverage maps include collection of up to 200 data attributes such as access restrictions, one-way streets and speed limits for each link in the road network, and the coverage of virtually every road from the highest volume multi-lane highways to the smallest residential streets. Additionally, over 60 categories of Points of Interest (POIs) are collected and geo-referenced to the road network.

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December 19, 2006

GlobalSat and RouteBuddy at MacWorld - GPS and the Mac

GlobalSat Technologies Corporation, an industry leader in GPS technology and RouteBuddy, a UK Mac software developer, are joining forces with a strategic alliance to provide unprecedented GPS mapping accuracy to Mac users. They will be at MacWorld San Francisco in January 2007.

GPS enabled mapping on the Mac has finally come of age with a wide range of GPS devices from USGlobalSat and the latest iteration of arguably the most exciting Mac Mapping application ever with the release of RouteBuddy software.

"Accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability were our primary objectives in bringing a solution to Mac users," says Neil Wilson-Harris, CEO of RouteBuddy. "We've always known there has been a large void for Mac users to get decent and up-to-date map data in the past, in addition to finding a GPS hardware manufacturer who was willing to support Mac O/S devices, but that's all changed. Our RouteBuddy mapping software has been in development for over "X" years and it's been written specifically for Mac, not some adapted or modified Windows code."

"In addition to a quality maps, we've found GlobalSat GPS receivers met our quality criteria and have thoroughly been tested and certified as being compatible with our RouteBuddy software."

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Mio H610 - Another Review

H610 Hi-Res.JPG
A review on the Mio H610 has come out of the UK retailer Unbeatable, and they give it a mixed review. When I used the unit, I thought that the interface was a bit crowded, and the software did have bit of a longer learning curve due to a lot of features jammed in there, but Unbeatable really knocks them for this. I didn’t think that it was terrible, and most gadget people could get past this with an average level intuition. Unbeatable does like the design aspects of the unit, and explores the whole “Designed for a woman” angle, which I am not even going to touch… I don’t really care who it is designed for, because it’s a well designed machine that could very well be the start of the small GPS trend.

Anyway, read their point of view for yourselves – More at Unbeatable.
Read my Review on the Mio H610.

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December 17, 2006

Mio C310x Updates; Map Fixes and more


Update: Mio Has Announced a Map Update for the Mio C310X! - 6/29/07

Update: The Washington DC Mio Routing Issue Fix is now posted at the Mio Site

I had the opportunity to talk with Mio the other day in a wide-ranging conversation that helped me understand a lot about where things are at with the Mio C310x and where they are going with some of the key concerns that I (and a lot of my readers) have about the unit. Specifically, I spoke with the product manager Isabella Hoogland at Mio. The bottom line is that I get the sense that they are working hard to fix outages and make sure that their new found popularity is a positive experience for their customers. They have added support people to help handle the surge of comment and questions, and are dealing with some big issues head-on.

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December 14, 2006

November Sales and Share Shake-up in the GPS Market


Well, we're finally seeing some numbers come out on the GPS buying frenzy that happened over Black Friday and the following days. We recently reported that GPS sales on Black Friday were up 670% over year ago levels, reflecting what you probably already know if you're here at the GPS Lodge; GPS navigations systems are hot! Sales are hot and market shares are all over the place; I think we've got ourselves a horse race!

Sales figures and the Share shake-up after the jump....

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December 13, 2006

New GPS Features at CES 2007

Update: See all of the new GPS units from the CES 2007 show on our homepage.

After watching the GPS world for a while and seeing what's hot and changing in the world of GPS units, I wanted to lay out some predictions on what is on the way for new GPS products in the new year, and potentially as early as the CES in January 2007 taking place at Las Vegas.

In looking back at this past year, we saw a huge surge of GPS sales, especially in the holiday season that is establishing the GPS in more and more households as the GPS goes mainstream. We saw a lot of new announcements from the biggies, as well as the not so big names as they figure on capturing part of the 80+% growth in the market.

OK, below are 5 trends that I think we'll see emerging or continuing to emerge in 2007, starting with the CES show in January.

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