TomTom Ad Out Take and Blooper Reels

So we came across this blooper reel on You Tube that has some funny out takes from the the ads supporting the TomTom GiveGive campaign. The GiveGive runs through early January, and gets you $100 off any TomTom, dropping the TomTom ONE to a very respectable $399 at Amazon, and lower at other online locations like $290 after mail in rebate at TheNerds. Definitely some prices to get excited about.

If you want to look at others go to the TomTom Out Take Channel.

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December 12, 2006

The Basics of the GPS This Holiday Season; GPS Sales up 670%

David Hayes over at the Kansas City Star has put up a good article focusing on the basics of the GPS and how to get started. It answers a lot of basic questions around how GPS units work, what do they cost, and what will they do for you (maybe more importantly what they won't do for you).

In the article he points out that sales for GPS units were up 670% from a year ago for the week ending November 25th; essentially the Black Friday blowout was the key driver. The NPD group offered the data. They indicated that the average selling price of a GPS on Black Friday was down more than 50% from $684 last year to $322 this year. My hunch is that the Mio C310x for $149 drove a lot of that. Obviously other units were at great prices too all over the place.

ReadMore at the KC Star

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December 11, 2006

Trimble Acquires @Road for $496 Million

Trimble is acquiring @Road for $496 million. The mobile resource management firm helps enterprise level clients improve productivity for on the road professionals. This is the kind of stuff that helps plan a delivery truck route for optimum efficiency. The business has got to get big, as traffic gets worse, fuel prices climb and the technology improves to help drive these efficiencies. So imagine not only the best route, but the route optimized to avoid traffic that is predicted from historic data patterns. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the GPS industry grows and if the biggies stick to devices only or break off into non-device revenue streams in a major way like this.

Via Information Week

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December 8, 2006

Emtac Mini-S3 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

There's a new tiny GPS bluetooth GPS receiver on the market, and it's pretty darn small, it's the new Emtac Mini-S3 Bluetooth GPS receiver. No you won't need a brick-sized GPS module hanging around on a cable anymore; this thing is small enough to fit in your hand and with its rubberized surface, it won't be sliding all over the place either. The SiRF star III chipset will certainly help you pull in a satellite signal, and make it a lot more convenient to carry. I have found that when you are using a SiRF star III chipset powered GPS, you don't have to be as careful about where you put the thing; you can carry the unit where it's convenient, not where it has the perfect view of the sky. Price should be around $99 list.

Prese Release Follows

ArrowContinue reading: "Emtac Mini-S3 Bluetooth GPS Receiver"

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Go Green; Go GPS

Interesting data over at GPS Tracklog. They grabbed some data from TeleAtlas study that says life gets simpler and greener when you use a GPS:

  • Shortens driving distance by 5%
  • Reduces travel time by 13%
  • Reduces wrong turns by 37%
  • Cuts stops for drivers re-orienting themselves by 33%
  • Reduces collisions 2.5%
  • Burns 12.5% less fuel
  • Reduces emissions by 7%

    Can't say what the baseline is, but it must be some kind of "When taking a trip..." or "When driving in an unfamiliar place...." type of deal.

    Via GPS Tracklog

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  • December 7, 2006

    GPS for PSP available


    So, apparently just in time for Christmas, and if you are living in Japan, the GPS for the PSP has gone on sale for about $60. Will I buy one? Not right away. Is it going to be useful? Who knows, but it has a certain coolness factor, doesn't it? I mean the Japanese have a certain ability to create what's possible, and not always what's needed.

    While there are a few titles that are planned or available for the PSP with GPS capabilities, these things are going to be cool when you can roam around a playing field that has been generated from real satellite images, and you get to wear goggles for what will seem like a real world rendered reality playing type game....


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    New GPS Units at CES for 2007

    CES GPS Award Winners

    Don't Miss our New GPS CES Coverage - Check out the Homepage!

    Well, it's not too far away - The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for 2007. This year's CES should have a whole host of new GPS models for us to drool over. Last year, CES brought us a wave of new GPS announcements from Garmin and Magellan, and served as the start for the New GPS model season.

    Things have changed quite a bit, and this year's holiday shopping season has shown that the GPS is here to play with the big boys in terms of being a mass market electronic gadget that people really want. We saw loads of interest on Black Friday for a lot of value product priced to break down doors, as well as some nice promotions on tried and true brands like TomTom and Garmin.

    This year, we have already seen a wide variety of products pre-announced for CES winning innovation awards including units for Garmin, RoadMax, Pharos, TomTom and Dash Express. Look for announcements from all of these manufacturers and more as the field has opened up from a few to a lot.

    CES runs January 8-11, 2007 - reserve the date, we'll be looking for New GPS announcements from major manufacturers starting the week before.

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    December 6, 2006

    Review: Mio C310x Review by GPS Lodge


    Update: Mio Has Announced a Map Update for the Mio C310X!

    Update: Catch all the info on the Mio C310x at GPSLodge.

    I wanted to get a review of the Mio C310x up for all the folks still considering buying this unit. Mio had the C310 out earlier this year (see my review) and up versioned the unit by putting in a better set of navigation software that is based on iGo software from PDAMill. The software has a nice interface and on the C310x, a fairly straightforward layout that allows the user to navigate quickly and easily without jumping through too many hoops. The unit is small and thin enough to fit in my shirt pocket, and is a generally well-designed GPS. It’s flat and less than an inch thick, has a set of buttons down the right side that instill confidence due to the rubberized texture, and a slight bulge out the top signaling the inclusion of the SiRF Star III chipset under the hood. In my use, the unit is good, and when balanced against the rock bottom price, is a great value. There are a few things that I’d like to fix, but on balance I am pretty happy with the Mio C310x. I think that Black Friday was Mio’s coming out party, and I’d like to welcome them to the big time of GPS models on the market.

    ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Mio C310x Review by GPS Lodge"

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    Key to Happiness - Avoid Traffic

    traffic.jpgSaw this small article in the Wall Street Journal today written by Jonathan Clements about the Keys to Happiness (WSJ 12/6, p. D1). He talked with several experts who specialize in "Happiness Research", and reported back what he found. One of the items was to avoid traffic. Traffic is one of the least favorite things to deal with in life, and that tends to be because we're not in control of it. "Lack of control is what tends to induce stress in human beings", says Andrew Oswald, professor at England's Warwick University. I have to agree, I mean what's worse than knowing you need to be somewhere for [insert important work/personal appointment here] and you get caught in unexpected traffic.

    If you can't move closer to work to avoid traffic, my immediate idea was to get a traffic enabled GPS. If you live in a top metro area (where there's a lot of traffic), you are pobably served by TMC traffic flow and incident reporting. Here are some Traffic enabled GPS units on the market:

  • Garmin StreetPilot C340 (Optional add-on traffic antenna)
  • Garmin Nuvi 350 (Optional add-on traffic antenna)
  • Garmin StreetPilot C550
  • Garmin Nuvi 660
  • Magellan RoadMate 6000T
  • Magellan RoadMate 6000T

    TomTom - Add traffic via the TomTom PLUS services through your Bluetooth Phone

  • TomTom ONE
  • TomTom GO 510
  • TomTom GO 910

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  • Via Michelin X930 GPS available in US


    So the Via Michelinn X-930 is coming to the US, as it is apparently done pretty well in Europe. The value play GPS system will get a passing grade on a lot of the basics, SiRF star III chipset, 3.5 inch touchscreen, NAVTEQ maps, on board battery, and a decent amount of Points of Interest (1.5 million). The unit has voice turn by turn directions, but not text to speech. Their line is considrable in Europe, where they offer a wide range of GPS options. We reported earlier this year that Via Michelin is looking at bringing in the higher end X-980T.

    It's available at J&R for under $300. I can't vouch for it, so, you'll need to check out other reviews or user comments.


    Update: Even more information on the Via Michelin X-930

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