Digi-Guides of Paris – GPS Guided Tours


Ahh, so this is what the future is going to look like. I love the integration of the GPS into activities other than tromping through the woods. Here’s an offering for you to download a walking tour around Paris to your GPS enabled PDA for 1 euro. Pretty cheap, and you get to choose from around 40 different day and night tours. Don’t have a GPS enabled PDA, you can rent the whole package of the PDA, Bluetooth GPS receiver with a pre-loaded tour for 15 euros.

More at DigiGuides

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November 29, 2006

GPS Systems on Holiday Wish Lists

Businessweek has an interesting read on the GPS market this holiday season as more and more people are coming onto the scene to embrace GPS systems. They point out that the GPS market is expected to have grown 100% this year over last year; not bad and it seems to me like we are starting up that steep part of the adoption curve. They indicate that the average selling price of a portable GPS system has dropped from $863 to $616 during the third quarter of this year. That’s a 30% drop in a year’s time. One has to think that with the serious competition going on this holiday season and the fact that the GPS really showed up to play on Black Friday this year, the average selling price is in for another nosedive. The also point out that there is a huge untapped potential in the value end of the market. I agree and pointed this out in an editorial earlier this year when I called for Garmin to launch more models in the value area, and we see it happening today with the HUGE reaction to a $150 Mio C310x in the marketplace. Isn’t the $200 price point a threshold where things really get adopted… like VCR’s, DVD player, and maybe GPS units? Hang on; it’s only going to get better.

ReadMore at BusinessWeek

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November 27, 2006

GPS systems HOT on Black Friday

All those people who came here and told us about their wait in lines over the weekend to grab a GPS know this already; GPS systems were H-O-T this past weekend. Now they don't compare to the Flat screen TV's and the laptops, but this is what Yahoo had to say:

Another popular category this season is GPS units, which can provide drivers with directions, analysts and Cast said, noting that this is the first holiday that consumers have really zeroed in on them.

"This is really the first holiday that people have focused on them," Baker said, referring to GPS units. "Over Black Friday, you could find some for under $200."

Yea, how about a lot of Mios C310x's.

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New GPS: Bushnell NAV 500


Update: We've got the Bushnell NAV500 in for Review.

Bushnell also announced a new automotive GPS (see related story on the Bushnell Onix 200), the Bushnell Nav 500; a mid tier GPS that comes with a lot of the features you've come to expect in a GPS; 3.5 inch touchscreen, pre-loaded maps of North America, and the SiRF star III chipset for better reception in touch conditions. The unit will offer a photo viewer, and an MP3 player to round out the media capabilities. The unit is reportedly hitting the market this year, but don't expect it to breakthrough the holiday madness; look for more GPS news from Bushnell in the future.

"This is just the beginning in offering an exciting new line of GPS products to our customers that are innovative, feature-rich and live up to our reputation for quality, reliability and affordability," said Phil Gyori, vice president of marketing at Bushnell.

Press Release


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New GPS: Bushnell Onix 200 and Onix 200CR

Bushnell introduced a new set of handheld devices today that are extending their brand in the "Outdoors" categoy, where they previously had such outdoors tools as spotting scopes, binoculars, etc. Bushnell is venturing into the handheld GPs area, where others dominate, with a novel idea; the ability to layer information over a map that you may find interesting and necessary for your navigation; things like the map, the compass, and aerial photography, allowing you to turn the layers on and off as you need. There is a pretty good demo of the technology - link below. ArrowContinue reading: "New GPS: Bushnell Onix 200 and Onix 200CR"

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Inexpensive GPS Buying Options

christmas_bow.jpg C310x for $200 or less. The other deals that I would recommend are simply low priced Garmin C-series products.

mioc310xsm.jpgMio C310x – Many people went out to the stores on Black Friday and bought this for $149, but don’t worry, you can still pick this up at Comp USA for $199 now. Even at $199, this is still a great deal. It’s got some issues, but most people are happy, or even thrilled with its performance. The interface is good, not great but good, and offers a lot of nice navigation features. The Issue: Maps. There is ONLY US maps on the device, no Canadian maps as previously mentioned or discussed. The maps are also in need of updating. This sits on both Mio and TeleAtlas’ shoulders,but there should be an update to the maps in the next 6-9 months. See my post on TeleAtlas Maps and why I think that things are set to improve. These can be serious issues if they bug you, move on, if you can put up with it, enjoy the bargain. See info on the Mio C310x.

GarminC320sm.jpgGarmin C320 + 1GB SD Card – This combination will cost around $300 and the device will be rock solid. The unit comes with North American (yes, Canada too), maps that you can download once onto the SD card and you now have a fully functional maps loaded GPS (Note: Get a 2GB card if you want both US and Canada on the device, as US will fit on 1GB card). The included NAVTEQ maps are more up to date than the TeleAtlas maps on the Mio. The interface is easier than the Mio, and I have no issues recommending this unit. Check out walmart.com and Amazon– Both are moving prices around a lot these days, so check both out.

garminC330sm.jpgGarmin StreetPilot C330 – If you don’t want to deal with transferring maps yourself, buy this. It's a bit over $300. It will navigate right out of the box, and has all of North America pre-loaded.

Skip the Garmin I-series – Don’t get me wrong, I think that the Garmin I-series is a good little navigator, but for a little bit more money, you can move up to the C-series and its touchscreen navigation on a 3.5 inch screen. The ability to use a touchscreen is a big difference that’s well worth the money.

For more GPS Buying information see our
Holiday GPS Buying Guide

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November 22, 2006

FRWD GPS Based Trainer

Wseries_pers272Thumb.jpgFRWD has a sports watch with GPS on the market. The unit has an integrated GPS chip in a remote data logger that records information about your exercise details. You can then upload that information to your computer and analyze it. We’ve previously mentioned the FRWD mobile phone based system to use your GPS enabled phone to record your location while working out. The high end W600 package includes a FRWD Recorder Unit which contains the GPS chip, a wrist display, heart rate transmitter belt, PC software, USB dongle, battery charger 4 rechargable batteries, and armstrap. The whole thing is 400 Euros and it looks pretty sharp….

More at FRWD


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November 21, 2006

Black Friday GPS Update

OK; I am going on record to tell you to get out there early. I had been hoping that the Deals on the GPS units, specifically the Mio C310x were going to go relatively unnoticed when compared to the computers and the TVs by the greater community at large. GPS systems are pretty big in my life; I mean hey, I write a blog on them and everything, but I wasn't sure about how big they were for other folks. Judging from the volume of traffic, emails and inquiries about the Mio C310x deal, I think that this will be a big quick sellout on them. So I would advise getting out there early. Good luck.


  • Compare the Mio C310 vs C310x
  • My review of the Mio C310

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  • November 20, 2006

    Man Tracking Wife with GPS turns into Bomb Scare

    So, the folks in the GPS world just can't get a break. Recently, a Geocache caused a bit of a scare because people weren't quite sure what was attached to some sculpture outside a bank in Sherman Texas; it was the cache in a magnetic box. Now, a man tracking his wife with a gps tracking device attached to the underside of her car caused a bomb scare when officials thought that the black box was suspicious and called in the bomb squad. Apparently the unhappy couple are going through a divorce.


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    More GPS Stories from Iraq

    So Garmin has posted stories about how GPS units have helped out the troops navigate the very dangerous roads and IED's that dot the roadscape. Here's another story of how GPS units have helped the troops, and in particular Lowrance units that are helping out.


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