November 16, 2006

Garmin Nuvi 660 Reader Comments


I recently exchanged emails with a reader, Steven, who bought a Garmin Nuvi 660 after reading our review of it, and after using the Nuvi 660 for a while; he had some comments that he agreed I could pass along to other readers. I think they are helpful to read and hear about other users impressions on what the Nuvi 660 is like in action.

On Bluetooth
“I enjoy the Bluetooth, but it still has some limitations when trying to connect to a device. When finally connected, though, the sound is great through the speakers in the car, and even though my phone, Samsung A920 was not recently on the supported phones list, my phone book appeared making dialing a call so much simpler.”

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November 15, 2006

Black Friday GPS Deals

Update: I put up another post on when I think you need to get out for these deals.... and a Thanksgiving Day post on some new GPS deals.

For breaking news on Black Friday and an update check out Black Friday GPS Mop Up - the Mio C310x Fest.

Didn't get what you wanted? Need some guidance on what GPS to buy? - Check out our Holiday GPS Buying Guide

Everyone knows about the door busting deals that the day after Thanksgiving can bring, and how stores usually offer a lot of cheap computers, or TVs. Now that GPS units have gone mainstream, they too are rumored to be on some circulars. Also, remember that TomTom is starting a new $50 promotion starting 11/22, running through 12/3, which is no doubt fueling some of these discounts on the TomTom ONE.

Some deals better than others; I think the best deal here is the Mio C310x for $149, or the Garmin C340 for $349.

Some Info on the Hot Mio C310x:

  • Review of the new Mio C310x GPS
  • My review of the Mio C310
  • Comparison of the Mio C310 vs. Mio C310x
  • My Review of the new Mio H610 which uses a similar navigation software package as the upgraded Mio C310x.
  • "Who's Mio?" - The #3 GPS Brand in Europe

    Now the Deals........
    Best Buy
    Garmin Nuvi 350 - $499 (Read: Nuvi 350 Review or Comparison of the Nuvi Line)
    Magellan RoadMate 2000 - $279

    Circuit City
    Garmin StreetPilot C340 - $349 (read my review of the Garmin StreeetPilot C340)
    Mio Digiwalker C310x - $149 (read my review of the Mio C310)

    CompUSA - Running a T-Giving Night sale on items, including the Mio. 9PM - Midnight.
    Mio Digiwalker 310x - $179 (read my review of the Mio C310)
    Black Friday Deals - They will also offer several other GPS devices on Friday but the prices are easily matched or beaten online.
    Garmin C330 - $399 (Read: Garmin C330 Review or Compare the Garmin C-series line)
    TomTom ONE - $449
    Magellan 2000 - $399

    Averatec Voya 320 - $224

    Radio Shack
    Magellan eXplorist handheld - $99
    Magellan RoadMate 300 - $199

    Sam's Club
    Polaroid GPS - $399

    Dual GPS - $249

    Mio Digiwalker C310x - $149 (read my review of the Mio C310)
    TomTom ONE - $449 (read my review of the TomTom ONE)

    Update: Yes the Circuit City model will be the Mio C310x. I am getting more info on the "x" designation; which is at a minimum a software upgrade. Thanks to Larry (comment below) for pointing this out. More news as it comes..... -Scott

    Update #2: I just stopped by a Staples store and they are re-setting the entire shelf with GPS units. The manager confirmed that Staples too has the Mio C310x on their shelves where it will retail for $449 regular price, although I have seen a scanned ad stating $399 regular price.

    Update #3: I just got confirmation that the Mio C310x uses a Mio branded version of the iGo navigation engine. That software is similar to what is on the Mio H610. Good looking software and interface. Hope this helps.

    Update #4 - 11/16: - I have confirmation from a representative of Mio that the Mio C310x is the unit that will be sold on Black Friday. There was some concern if the model was going to be the C310 or the C310x.

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  • November 13, 2006

    New GPS: Harmon Kardon Guide + Play GPS-500


    Harman Kardon is going to enter the US market with a GPS in the new year. The Harmon Kardon Guide + Play will offer a 4 inch screen and a built in media viewer. The unit will offer the ability to sort music on attributes like artist, genre, etc. The HK Guide + Play can also plat MPEG4 and WMV files in case you want to watch movies on the trip.... Like other companies entering the US market, this is expected to be the first in a series of GPS navigation systems for Harmon Kardon. The unit will take up to 4GB SD cards, and will hold up to a 5 hour charge on its internal battery. The unit will launch in January - $499 List price.

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    November 9, 2006

    Review: Lowrance iWay 250C


    The Lowrance iWay 250C was recently announced and has been doing well in the market as a value GPS that has a lot of nice features in a great flat form factor. While the unit is small it's not small on features, including a 3.5 inch touch screen, pre-loaded maps on the unit for the US and Canada, as well as more than 4.5 million Points of Interest (POI). We reviewed the Lowrance iWay 350C last year and found it to be very customizable in terms of the amount and type of data you wanted to have displayed. The iWay 250C is similar, and has the ability to load up or slim down on the data fields.

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    November 8, 2006

    Dash Express with Inrix Live Traffic Feeds

    Update: Read all All of the Latest news on the Dash Express Shipping 3/27/08!
    Update: Now at Amazon: Dash Express $399


    Dash Navigation has announced that they have selected Inrix as their provider for real-time traffic flow data in their upcoming GPS launch in the new year. Recall, Dash Navigation previously announced the first consumer GPS with two-way communication so that it can send location information and then receive relevant traffic and Point of Interest (POI) information back.

    The Dash Express device will go on sale in California in the first quarter of 2007 and roll nationally in the summer.

    The unit has the potential to be a breakthrough device, with an onboard cellular radio and WiFi capability to communicate with the Dash servers and collect not only traffic data, but extra POI information that may be available only on the internet. Yesterday, I talked with both Brian Mistele, CEO of Inrix and Steve Wollenberg, founder and current VP at Dash, and learned quite a bit about the collaboration. So, the other novel aspect of the Dash Express device is that it has pre-loaded historic traffic flow data for major metro areas allowing it to calculate the best route not only based on your preferences, but historic traffic patterns and real-time Inrix based traffic flow data. Very advanced, with the potential for more.

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    Inrix Enters European Traffic Flow Data Market

    Inrix, announced today the availability of real-time traffic flow data for key cities within the United Kingdom. Data will be supplied by ITIS Holdings, the UK’s leading provider of traffic flow information and Inrix will have access to traffic for London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Liverpool in Q4, 2006. This appears to set the stage for Inrix to do more and more high quality traffic feed data in key markets outside the US.

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    New GPS: Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4030

    Sanyo has announced the Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4030 GPS for the US market. An advanced GPS with a not so advanced price of $399. The unit has a 4 inch screen and Bluetooth handsfree calling capability. The flat form factor Sanyo NVM-4030 combines highly-accurate GPS navigation with a NAVTEQ digital map database featuring over 1.4 million points of interest to conveniently find the locations of airports, gas stations, restaurants, banks and hospitals along the route among other popular destinations, as well as the SiRF star III chipset.

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    November 6, 2006

    NAVTEQ to Acquire


    Reasonably big news in the GPS mapping and data feed world, as NAVTEQ has agreed to purchase, provider of traffic data feeds to media outlets around the country. The purchase price is about $179 million.

    This creates an interesting situation. Inrix is also a supplier of traffic data around the US, and is in a position that many believe is superior to’s position, technology-wise. One has to wonder if Inrix will stay as only a traffic provider or will they join up with TeleAtlas, the other major mapping force in the world.

    More from the Press Releas below::

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    Garmin vs. TomTom - Round I

    Well, this saga isn't over, but the court at the Hague decided last week that Garmin did not infringe on TomTom design patens covering the look of the TomTom device. This appears to be a blow to TomTom who had hoped to stem the flow of Garmin devices in the European market. TomTom was ordered to pay 37,000 euros to Garmin to cover their lawyer expenses. The ruling allows Garmin to continue to sell the Garmin StreetPilot C300 and C500 series GPS units in Europe where TomTom alleged that Garmin designed the StreetPilots to be a me-too rip off of the TomTom GO line. What's next? Well there are still lawsuits outstanding, where Garmin alleges that TomTom has infringed on Garmin patents covering routing algorithms.

    Information from Garmin's press release follows:

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    November 3, 2006

    Review: Garmin Nuvi 660

    Another strong review for the Garmin Nuvi 660 has surfaced; this time from the UK. I think that this is significant because Garmin has a long way to go on the European continent where they trail rival TomTom by a wide margin, upwards to 35% share of the market. We reviewed the Garmin Nuvi 660 in October, and I thought it was the best GPS I have ever used. BIOS simply says, “The Nuvi 660 is a great GPS unit….You’ll pay to get this performance, but if you can stretch your budget you won’t regret it.”

    I think that they are right on.

    UPDATE: I have posted my Review of the New Nuvi 680

    Read My Review of the Garmin Nuvi 660

    Read more on the Review of the Garmin Nuvi 660 at Bios

    If you want to compare the Garmin Nuvi line check out our article: Garmin Nuvi: Compare the Nuvi 350 vs. 360 vs. 660

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