Gathering Map Data – A Tough Job, but Someone's got to do it

So, you wonder why your GPS doesn’t have a local street on it, or why the name of that street is wrong on your GPS? Well, a lot of it has to do with the ever changing landscape that confronts the data gatherers. Me? I wish that there was more of a real time process where you could get updates downloaded to you weekly, monthly, quarterly? Upload the patch, and Bam! You get the new local restaurant that just went in last month. Instead of pressing DVD’s of the new map data, I just want more real time downloads. Well it’s not that easy, apparently.

The NY Times has a good article today explaining a day in the life of a geographic analyst for NAVTEQ. Like I said, it's a tough job but someone's got to do it.


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Pavion KCN-9000 GPS with Video + a Memo Pad


Pavion has a new GPS to the market that is sure to fill the world with a little eye candy. From what I can gather off their flashy site, the new KCN-9000 GPS will be built with a 3.5” touch screen that displays video from the A/V input jack. It also has the ability to capture memos as part of a memo pad. Navigation? Oh, yea it can do that too, we think, with the SiRF star III chipset at the heart of things. When you don’t have access to a “Cigar lighter” you can always rely on the onboard Lithium Ion batteries. No word on where or when you can buy one.


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New GPS: Thompson GPS 420 and GPS 280


Thomson, is entering the GPS/Sat-Nav race in Europe with a couple of models this fall. The GPS 420 is a wide screen format 4.2 inch screen GPS that should sell for around €500. No news on wheather or not it will offer video capability, but it would be a shame if it did not, considering that nice widescreen it has there. It's not going to win any design contests, but hey, the screen looks nice.

The other GPS unit is the GPS 280 with a 2.8 inch screen that will price in around €400. The GPS 280 is apparently designed for auto and pedestrian use. Anyway, the two devices are packing the almost standard and required SiRF star III chipset for high accuracy and low power consumption.

via Engadget

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July 11, 2006

NAVTEQ and LandSonar sign agreement - Traffic Prediction


LandSonar, a leading supplier of network delivered predictive traffic products, announces a broad, technology and product licensing agreement with NAVTEQ. LandSonar has licensed to NAVTEQ its core LandSonar Predictive Speed (LPS™) product, which offers predictive speed values with extensive coverage of the US continental road network. LPS in NAVTEQ format for the continental US is now available directly from LandSonar and will be available from other parties as an integrated part of NAVTEQ map data in the coming months. It will be interesting to see how this develops, and where NAVTEQ brings this out. Could this be in your next GPS? That's what I want - totally aware GPS navigation.

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July 10, 2006

Garmin Nuvi sold through Saab Dealerships


Garmin has announced that Saab automotive dealerships in Europe are now offering customers the opportunity to purchase a Garmin Nuvi 300 satellite navigation directly from the dealer's showroom. Big step up for the Nuvi; a well thought out and well designed unit from Garmin. In the States, the Garmin Nuvi 350 is selling very well (blowout prices now at – well off its $900 list price), with its upgrade, the Garmin Nuvi 360 hitting the shelves about now too. So, with Saab doing this, one has to wonder if its parent, General Motors, will do a similar thing here in the US for either Saab or another higher end line.

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Philips GPS: PNS 100, 120, 150


So some more details have emerged on the new Philips GPS units that are coming out this year. Recall last month that Philips announced their intention to enter the GPS navigation market this year with a line up of GPS units to be launched in time for the holidays this year. Good move, since most GPS units are either sold in the US/European Spring – right before Road Trip season, or for the holidays when everyone wants to buy the perfect gift. More details to follow...

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Galileo Codes Cracked

So the Galileo system is starting to form over Europe for navigation, which is supposed to be functional by 2010. It’s a private venture that needs to make money from selling subscriptions to users (unlike the GPS system that is paid for by US taxpayers and is free to use as long as the government wants you to). Well some enterprising folks at Cornell wanted to see if they could crack the encryption on the Galileo satellite, as some signals are supposed to be open. The Cornell news service is reporting about their success in cracking the codes and listening in to the Galileo transmissions.

ReadMore at Science Daily
ReadMore at SlashDot

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July 9, 2006

TeleType WorldNav 3100 GPS with Video, and MP3


TeleType has just released the WorldNav 3100 that blends cutting-edge vehicle GPS navigation with MP3 and Video player technology. The WorldNav 3100 goes a step beyond other GPS units by offering the Video capability at such a bargain price. Two configurations are offered at $399 and $449. The unit has a 3.5" touch screen, a rechargeable lithium ion battery and the SiRF star III chipset. (ReadMore at our article – “What is the SiRF star III chipset”)

The “WorldNav 3100 is stylish, lightweight, and easy to use, and we’re excited to offer this device for a very reasonable price,” said Marleen Winer, a spokesperson for TeleType.”

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July 6, 2006

ATM Thieves Stopped by GPS


News of how a GPS helps in society – this is way better than reading about all those sex offender GPS tracking stories....

Apparently some thieves hotwired a forklift to steal an ATM, but they didn’t realize that the thing had a GPS transponder inside, which eventually brought the Law to them. When the sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene where the ATM was about four hours after the ATM was stolen, they found the ATM still wasn’t cracked. The ATM seemed to have survived a pry bar, a sledgehammer, and even a welder’s torch. The two men who apparently stole the ATM were brought into custody.


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Update: Cobra NavOne 2500


Update: More news out on the Cobra NavOne 2500 launch. It will apparently be traffic enabled to use the optional traffic reciever. It will also ship with an SD card slot which Cobra hopes you will fill with their Travel Guides which will be available for $39 to $99. Recall that Cobra works with traffic feeds via Clear Channel who has an agreement with Inrix, provider of traffic flow data for dozens of major metro cities. See our report from earlier today for more on Inrix coverage and their technology.

Original Story follows: Cobra is set to launch the NavOne 2500, the follow-up to the well known NavOne 4500. The NavOne 2500 is set to enter the mid-tier segment of the market with a 3.5" color touch screen, and a new software platform for Cobra. More after the jump...

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