New RoadMax VMax 361 GPS

RoadMax has debuted its new mid-tier VMax 361 GPS model, adding to their line of GPS devices. The new affordable VMax361 features an easy-to-read 3.5-inch LCD touch-control display to assist drivers in finding an address location. Primary controls include: Destination, View, Function and Settings. Other convenient navigation features includes a volume adjustable Voice Prompt option as well as search by Address, Intersection or Points-of-Interest. The VMax361 comes with a pre-loaded Secure Digital (SD) card of the entire USA and Canada.

The RoadMax VMax 361 has a suggested price of $349 - decent bargain considering the features, but I can't vouch for the usability. No word on where to buy the units yet, but availabilty is now slated for August or September.

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Nike and Apple Launch Nike+ Training aids Next Week


So if you haven't heard, Nike and Apple recently announced a partnership to develop and market fitness equipment targeted at runners (for now, more to come?) that links up enabled footwear and the apple iPod Nano that will record your workout while also giving you prompts about your pace, distance, time, etc. All of this goes on sale a week from today. Looks like fun competition for Garmin's Forerunner series, and comes on the heels of Garmin announcing that they are delaying Mac compatibility - ouch. The Nike+ shoes link to a module that you plug into your iPod Nano and delivering this information, that is also available for download to your computer after your run - more info at Apple. (A heart rate monitor must be coming soon; if not they're nuts.) Of course leave it up to Apple to create a culture around the launch. Check out the Nike+ site for more information as they appear ready to create a little community featuring total miles run by these hip-coolites who are using the devices and uploading their results. You'll be able to see who has run the fastest and the farthest in the last week; can I drag my Nikes behind the car to qualify?

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Inrix: Real-Time Traffic Coverage to More US Cities

Inrix announced it is delivering accurate, real-time speed and flow information for 36 metropolitan markets, making the company the broadest nationwide coverage provider of real- time flow information. Leveraging the real-time vehicle GPS probe data from the 'Inrix Dust Network,' the company launched six new metropolitan markets today including Dallas, Hartford, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, and Orlando.

Recall that Inrix has signed an agreement with TelAtlas, who supplies map data to Cobra and TomTom. Of course, that's all well and good, but you still need a way to get real time data form servers to the units, which requires one or more wireless type technologies, either FM broadcasts through a silent channel (Inrix is in an agreement with ClearChannel for this), Bluetooth connection through your phone, or XM satellite data signals. Anyway, I still think that accurate traffic prediction is the future of navigation, and Inrix is well positioned in this area.

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July 5, 2006

Medion Readies new GPS Units: GoPal 210 and GoPal 500

Entry level electronics manufacturer Medion has added new models to its GoPal GPS range. The new GoPal PNA 210 is priced at £149.99 in the UK, and comes equipped with a 2.8 inch color touch screen and preloaded maps of the UK and Ireland. The GoPal PNA 500 is the mid-tier model, featuring pre-installed UK and Ireland maps, a 3.5-inch color TFT touch screen and an integrated MP3 player. It's priced from £199.99.

All the models are powered by a Samsung 300MHz processor and have on-screen and voice directions, pre-loaded points of interest database (POI), distance and estimated time remaining to the destination. They also feature an expandable memory card slot and an interchangeable faceplate.

Via TechDigest

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Garmin readies the Garmin Mobile XT


Update: See the New Garmin Mobile XT Announcement - Oct 4, 2007

News has come from the FCC website that Garmin has a new mobile product waiting in the wings, named the Garmin Mobile XT (at least for now). From the manual and descriptions, the unit appears to be a GPS receiver, and mount for your mobile that will allow some pretty sophisticated navigation, including multi-point destination programming. The unit would have the ball mount available for your phone. From the manual it appears to have the classic Garmin interface feel with a good feature set and a simple interface. No news on launch or availability.

Via MobileWhack

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GPS, Galileo, now IRNS?

So, if two global positioning satellite systems weren’t enough; here goes another one. Apparently India feels that they need to put up a system that serves their nation with position, navigation and timing services. The new Indian Regional Navigation System (IRNS) should be built in the next 5+ years and would cover India with up to eight satellites.

"The system is a totally independent navigational system based on a constellation of eight satellites," said Nair, who is also chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Nair said the system would be under Indian control, and the space and ground segments as well as receivers will be built in the country.

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Rumors Rumors - TomTom takeover target for Microsoft


Yea, apparently there's a rumor floating around that TomTom is a takeover target of Microsoft's. "That's news to me. I haven't heard about it," says TomTom Chief Operating Officer Alexander Ribbink when asked about the news. Of course if there was something going on, he wouldn't be able to say anything anyway. Now, when Garmin was rumored to be looking at a Lowrance acquisition, they denied it in a press release. I don't see anything official coming out of TomTom.

Hummm, I wonder what would TomTom look like running under Windows Mobile?

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July 3, 2006

Review: Mio C310 Review by GPS Lodge


Update: See our Review of the new Mio C310x GPS, Compare the Mio C310 vs. the Mio C310x
Update: I talked with Mio and got an update on Map fixes and more. See the post.

We have been using the Mio C310 for a while here at the GPS Lodge, and when we got it back in May, I’ll admit it, I wasn’t expecting a knock-out performer. I mean designing a solid piece of consumer electronics – software and hardware, isn’t easy, and I have seen my share of poor design in GPS devices. Not just anyone can do this, and from the list of failures in the market it seems like there’s more do designing a sound GPS than one might think. Watch out, Mio has something here in the Mio C310. Is it perfect? No, but who is? It’s pretty darn good and it certainly beat my expectations.

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TeleAtlas Working Hard this Summer


TeleAtlas is working hard this summer to map all 120,000 miles of limited access highways in the US. Some have changed, been modified or are simply new. There's a decent article that talks a bit about the process of capturing road data and how TeleAtlas processes it that hit the net. So, if you see a bright orange van driving down the highway this summer with a TeleAtlas logo on it and odd looking antennas on top, wave and thank them - they are getting the roads right for your next trip with a GPS or with any number of online mapping software services.

ReadMore at UnionLeader

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July 2, 2006

Taking a Trip? Geocache along your Route


So Geocaching is a pretty fun time if you have a GPS that allows you to input Latitude and Longitude and desire for a good treasure hunt. Well, has just announced that they can help you plan out geocaches along a route, so next time you are taking a road trip you can find geocaches on or near your route and hit up a few on the way to the beach or to grandma's house!

ReadMore at

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