August 20, 2007

Mio Digiwalker C520 Full Review


The Mio C520 is Mio’s first foray into the widescreen market, riding on an updated and often times innovative operating system that may just be leading instead of following. The Mio C520 has a sleek design that is not some bargain block on a suction cup GPS, that on top of being good looking comes with a nice set of features. These features include a relatively bright widescreen, text to speech, Bluetooth handsfree capability, music and video playback and a good set of Points of Interest (POIs). The split screen capability (one that you can turn on and off) is innovative and may just represent a new way to interact with your GPS.

Admittedly, it's been a while since I got the Mio C520, but it has allowed me to check it out and overall enjoy the widescreen unit with its tabbed navigation screen quite a bit.

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August 17, 2007

Garmin Nuvi 200W/250W Arrives for Review


Update: I have posted my Review of the Nuvi 200W/250W

The Garmin Nuvi 200W/250W has arrived for review at, and we’re pretty happy to check out the latest unit from Garmin to hit the stores. The Nuvi 200W/250W were announced back in June just as the Summer driving season was beginning. I would expect that the Nuvi 200W/250W will start gathering steam right before the Holidays when the next wave of GPS buying takes place.

The Nuvi 200W/250W extends the line of Nuvi 200 series units that are designed to be easy to use and easier on the wallet. The Nuvi 200 and Nuvi 250 standard screen models are starting to really settle in and take up their place among the entry-level units a few months after introduction, and are really starting to create a buzz. A year ago, who would have thought that you could have gotten a flat model Garmin for under $300 with maps pre-loaded and ready to go? You can with the Garmin Nuvi 200 standard screen right now for less than $300.

The Nuvi 200W and Nuvi 250W are well poised to offer widescreen usability at the entry-level end of the market, while bringing the confidence of the Garmin interface to the marketplace. The Nuvi 200W and Nuvi 250W are based on their standard screen siblings as far as design cues and interface go. The same thin design elements with slate gray mark the new widescreen models, with the same slider switch.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll check the Nuvi 200W/250W out to see what it is made of and let you know our thoughts.

What’s the Difference between the Nuvi 200W vs. the Nuvi 250W?
Maps; that’s it. The Nuvi 200W has all the features of the Nuvi 250W.

  • Nuvi 200W - Maps of continental U.S., Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
  • Nuvi 250W - Maps of U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico

    What’s in the Nuvi 200W/250W box?

  • Nuvi 200W or 250W GPS Navigation Unit
  • Suction cup Mount with cam lever action
  • Car Power Plug – 12V
  • Adhesive Dash disk
  • Set-up and Go guide


    The Garmin Nuvi 200W and Nuvi 250W are available at Amazon.

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  • July 18, 2007

    TomTom ONE XL Review


    PCMag has published their review of the TomTom ONE XL. They gave it an overall “Good” rating and noted that it lacked text-to-speech (TTS) capability, which is reserved for their higher end units. The TomTom ONE XL is their basic device in the now more popular widescreen package. PC Mag found that it did a good job routing to desired locations, and came with the familiar TomTom interface that has become more popular in the US market.

    I have reviewed the TomTom ONE XL, and agreed with everything Craig Ellison said here in his article for PC Mag. I think that the TomTom ONE XL is a solid unit, and with the newest version of the TeleAtlas maps, a lot of those nasty kinks are worked out. The $399 price point is a tough one to beat for a widescreen unit. PC Mag smartly compares the TomTom ONE XL to the Mio C520. I already reviewed the TomTom ONE XL and my Mio C520 review is just around the corner.

    ReadMore on the review at PCMag

    More on the TomTom ONE XL here at GPSLodge

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    July 17, 2007

    Harmon Kardon Guide & Play GPS-500 Review


    CNet has a review up of the Harmon Kardon Guide Play GPS-500, the GPS unit from the makers of high end audio equipment. Overall they rate this wide-ish screen product “Very Good”, which is generous for them. The unit combines navigation and audio/video playback with a pretty long list of compatible file types. The unit uses a Centrality Atlas II GPS chip and they report that the unit took a long time to acquire satellites both from a cold state (10 minutes), and a warm state (longer than competing products).

    The Harmon Kardon Guide & Play GPS-500 does a reasonable job of playing audio and movies, but the limited speaker capabilities of a handheld unit impair things. When using headphones the unit does well.

    Overall, the unit appears to have a nice set of features and is nicely designed. It uses TeleAtlas maps as its mapset. Overall, in this review and other feedback I have heard on the unit, its interface design is a bit above average for GPS units from electronics companies.

    Read the entire review at CNet

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    July 12, 2007

    Mio Digiwalker C220 Review


    PC Mag has a nice review up on the Mio C220 and overall they seem to like it. Recall that the Mio C220 is a value oriented model that can be bought for less than $200 online. With a price like that, you'll get an entry level GPS without text to speech, and without media players, but what you will get is a solid unit with good routing.

    In my use of the Mio C220, I liked it and thought it did well for its price range when I wrote up my review on the Mio C220 about a month ago. In the PC Mag review they say "As a portable navigation system with an entry-level price, the Mio DigiWalker C220 has a number of surprising features, including good POI handling, support for locating traffic cameras, multisegment routing, and track logs. If you're in the market for a portable navigation system but on a limited budget, it would make an excellent choice."

    I think they pretty much nailed it.

  • More Information on the Mio Digiwalker C220 or go straight to my review of the Mio C220.

    ReadMore at PCMag

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  • June 12, 2007

    Mio C520 Review


    See my Full Review of the Mio C520 here at or read more Information on the Mio C520 here at the

    PCMag has a new review up of the upcoming Mio C520- the new widescreen entry from Mio that offers a lot for a small price. The unit also offers a split screen when navigating so that you can be aware of your upcoming turns. The unit runs an updated Mio Map software that facilitates the split screen as well as drive its Text to Speech, Bluetooth handsfree feature, a new “North up 3-D” view and a new simplified user interface. I have the Mio C520 scheduled in for a review at the GPSLodge in the next couple of weeks, so I am interested to see how all of the new features work. (I just recently posted my review of the Mio C220.)The Mio C520 also boasts music and video player capability and comes with conversion software to get your videos in MP4 format.

    PCMag seemed to like the new features, although couldn’t get some of the Bluetooth features to work. At $400 list price, Mio continues to light a fire under the GPS market to drive prices down and include more features in the units at those lower prices.

    ReadMore at PC Mag

    Mio C520 at Amazon

  • Read More information here at GPSLodge on the Mio C520
  • I have the Mio C520 in for review and expect to be posting my review of the unit in the coming weeks.

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  • June 10, 2007

    TomTom ONE XL Full Review


    - A Hands on Review by GPSLodge -

    TomTom ONE XL - Recommended on my Father's Day GPS Buying Guide

    The TomTom ONE XL is the follow-up widescreen version of the successful second generation TomTom ONE that was launched last year. Since the TomTom ONE was launched, the GPS world has gone widescreen, and like I had predicted, the widescreen version of the flat form factor TomTom ONE was a sure-fire sequel. For those who are familiar with the TomTom interface, this won’t be a big change from what you’re used to. TomTom has captured the key elements of success in a widescreen version that give you just a bit more to love on the dash as you’re traveling to your destination.

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    June 4, 2007

    Garmin Nuvi 200 Review


    CNet has posted a Garmin Nuvi 200 review, and overall they are giving it high marks for its featureset. The well known Nuvi series is well represented by the Nuvi 200, without any critical corners cut to lower the price.

    I liked the Nuvi 250 when I reviewed it before it was publicly available. I thought that it navigated well, offered a sharp set of features all wrapped in a more friendly nuanced interface that was familiar and solid. It seems that I am not alone and that the CNet staff saw that the Nuvi 200 brings a lot of the great functionality of the Nuvi 350 in a simpler package.

    I think that we are collectively hoping for lower pricing on the Nuvi 200 series because the Nuvi 350 in all of its many many units sold, has a rock bottom price (in the $370 range online right now), which is also about what the Nuvi 250 is running.

    See my article on pricing this summer for key GPS models.

    ReadMore at CNet

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    June 3, 2007

    Mio C220 Full Review


    Hands On Review by

    Update: Check out my Father's Day Buying Guide - Includes the Mio C220

    The Mio C220 comes to the US for 2007 and it fits right into a growing stable of value priced GPS units that are available on the market today. Mio made a splash on the market when they blew the doors off Black Friday last year and went on to sell thousands of Mio C310x units. The C220 is a follow-up model that tries to update and compete at the ~$200 price point, which I will tell you already, it does well. The Mio C220 is the anchor in an ever-growing line of GPS units that were previewed at the CES 2007 including the forthcoming C320 and C520 widescreen units. I am looking forward to reviewing them too.

    For a full list of my Full Reviews of GPS units; Click - Hands On Reviews

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    May 26, 2007

    Review of GPS Reviews by

    This Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would offer a quick listing of the hands on reviews that I have done here at GPSLodge. Thought you might want to take a look at some of the units you may be considering. I have personally tested all of these. Generally I use the units for at least 2 weeks while taking weekend trips commuting or running test routes.

    Sure I have my favorites, but that might not suit what you need in the way of price, or features. Anyway, I will still say that I like the Garmin Nuvi 660 the best out of all the GPS units I have used. The price has come down dramatically and is only around $600 at this writing. So while it’s a premium priced unit on the market, and it's an excellent unit worth consideration.

    Update - more additions 11/18


  • Garmin Nuvi 200/250/270
  • Garmin Nuvi 200W/250W
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
  • Garmin Nuvi 660
  • Garmin Nuvi 680
  • Garmin Nuvi 750/760/770
  • Garmin StreetPilot C330
  • Garmin StreetPilot C340
  • Garmin StreetPilot C550


  • TomTom ONE
  • TomTom ONE XL
  • TomTom GO 720
  • TomTom GO 920/920T


  • Mio C230
  • Mio C220
  • Mio C520
  • Mio C320
  • Mio H610
  • Mio C310X


  • Magellan Maestro 3100/3140
  • Magellan RoadMate 2000


  • Navigon 2100
  • Nextar C-3
  • Via Michelin X-930
  • V7 MyGuide Navigator 1000
  • Jensen NVX227
  • Delphi NAV-200
  • Bushnell NAV500
  • Lowrance iWay 350
  • Cobra NAVONE 4500

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