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January 10, 2012

Magellan Announces the eXplorist 110 Handheld GPS


It sounds like Magellan is upping their game and designed a pretty feature-packed value-priced navigator in the Magellan eXplorist 110. With a color sunlight readable screen, a US road network in the basemap, paperless geocaching, and various track laying capabilities, you'll be pretty set for a good outing.

The eXplorist 110 also features a suspend mode that powers down everything expect the GPS tracking so that the unit consumes a very small amount of power; Magellan expects 2-AA batteries to last up to 18 hours.

On top of the US maps, the eXplorist has Magellan's World Edition map, which includes a road network of more than 200 countries.

Available Now at Amazon - the Magellan eXplorist 110

Full Press Release Follows…….

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January 8, 2012

Magellan RV9145 - 7-Inch Roadtripping Wonder


The newly announced Magellan RV9145 has a lot under the hood and is set up to help get that RV from here to there in fully-informed style. Not only is the 7-inch screen readable from the kitchen table, but the information on the unit includes over 11,700 private campgrounds in the US, and Canada with stats on their Wi-Fi amenities, ability to handle Big Rig campers, or are pet friendly.

The Magellan RV9145 offers routes that take the size of the RV into account, offering customized routes that keep you safe. If you are a Good Sam member, you'll enjoy the fact that the RV9195 lists which campgrounds offer you the Good Sam discount.

With an MSRP of $349, and should be available soon at Magellan authorized dealers. Full details after the jump.........

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January 8, 2012

Magellan Announces the Switch - Fitness GPS


Magellan has announced their Fitness GPS market entries - the Switch and Switch Up. Both GPS-based and both multi-sport capable, the Pair of Switches offer what athletes want most, the ability to track performance attributes, download them later and track performance. The Switch offers customizable profiles, eight hours of battery life, 50-meter water resistance and compatibility with ANT+ sensors (think Heart Rate monitors, cadence meters, and more).

Magellan Switch-up adds to those features with a barometric altimeter and an outside temperature sensor which can add to the geek-fed data passion; a category that a whole lot of athletes fall into (myself included).

Both can move quickly between sports, and both upload their data to sites like MapMyFitness, Training Peaks, Strava and others.

Available this Spring - Switch at $249, or $299 with HRM strap, and the Switch Up (with Multi-sport mounting kit) for $$299 or $349 with the additional Heart Rate Monitor.

More Information At - Magellan Switch Website

Full Press Release below.......

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January 8, 2012

Magellan RoadMate 5190T - Keep on Truckin'


The RoadMate 5190T was mentioned on Engadget and is targeted at over the road truckers. With a few Trucker-focused features, the unit should help solve issues for those who need to have a customized route depending on vehicle specifications. The unit should be able to reduce some angst on the roads, but with millions of restrictions, I am a little concerned that the data just isn't reliable enough for anyone to get a truck reliably from point A to point B without some infraction.

Squarely targeting the Garmin Dezl line, Magellan is gunning for a few segments where they don't yet compete.

The Magellan RoadMate 5190T boasts a 5-inch screen and a super loud 93 decibel speaker. retailing for about $380 at a store soon; release date is TBD.

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May 11, 2011

Magellan 9055LM - Lifetime Maps on Large Screen Unit

Magellan RoadMate 9055LM

Magellan announced their new RoadMate 9055 LM large screen navigator, complete with lifetime maps for a street price of $299. The 7-inch screen is well suited for the unit has to be mounted far away - think RV, Truck and Van.

The Magellan RoadMate 9055LM comes with a high definition screen, Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree conversations, and lifetime traffic subscriptions to give you a little insight into traffic back-ups around you. The RM 9055LM also gives you multi-destination routing - punch in a few destinations for a day's sight-seeing and off you go. The RM 9055LM also offers battery backup, but is only rated for 30 minutes - no surprise given the real estate that the battery has to power on this large screen unit. The downside is that that's hardly enough time to charge your dying mobile phone on the one power outlet in your car while on that road trip.

Like other Magellan units, the RoadMate 9055 LM has AAA points of interest content for a fuller description of what's around you and what to do when you get to where you are going.

Available for $299 Street price - the Magellan RoadMate 9055 LM (BestBuy)

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January 6, 2011

Magellan RoadMate 9055 - Mondo 7-Inch Screen and Back-up Cam Compatible


Magellan announced the RoadMate 9055, a 7-inch navigation wonder that will support a new proprietary back-up camera that will be released this spring. The extra large screen is perfect for drivers living large in teh RV-class of things, where a remote back-up camera is a perfect addition and a large screen helps when the GPS is more than an arm's length away.

It's not just large, it's smart, with a lifetime traffic subscription, and comes with a built-in AAA TourBook of hotels, restaurants, local merchants and attractions. On top of that, lane assist, text to speech and the ability to access most used functions through a one-touch button all make this a feature packed device.

Available now for $258 (vs $299 list) at Amazon - Magellan RoadMate 9055

Full Press Release Below.....

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Magellan eXplorist 310 - Affordable Handheld from Magellan


Magellan announced the addition of the eXplorist 310 to their handheld GPS line-up. The little brother of the other eXplorists will add affordable features to the Magellan handheld line-up with a 2.2-inch hard screen (non-touchscreen), and the ability to support paperless geocaching, as well as a world basemap. The high sensitivity GPS receiver will track your every move, and easily connect to your computer to download the outing and be able to share the tracks with others. The Magellan eXplorist 310 will be available in time for Spring (March delivery) and will retail for a $199 list price.

In their press release (below), Magellan mentions that they will be adding more handheld products through 2011; good news.

Full Press Release follows.....

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November 11, 2010

Magellan/Mitac Move to TeleAtlas Maps - Dump NAVTEQ

It was only a matter of time after the acquisition of Magellan by now parent company Mitac/Mio before they dumped NAVTEQ maps and went with TeleAtlas. The news hit the wire this morning.

Magellan had long used NAVTEQ maps whereas Mitac used Teleatlas. With a need to simplify, and cost save, Mitac did the predictable thing; go with their preferred supplier. The move has long been rumored by insiders and GPS-geeks alike on GPS forum boards and on Twitter.

TeleAtlas used to be under constant fire in the US for its poor quality maps, but they have largely erased that deficiency offering updated maps on a regular basis, taking crowdsourced input on map fixes, sending vans out to map more and more details so that they can offer lane guidance and more.

Press Release Follows......

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July 19, 2010

Magellan eXplorist 510, 610 and 710 - Touchscreen and 3.2 MP Camera


Magellan has introduced a few more handheld eXplorist GPS units the Magellan eXplorist 510, 610 and 710 - all designed to make your time int eh outdoors just a bit better. Each unit feature a 3-inch touchscreen, a 3.2 mega pixel camera, a microphone and speaker to record voice notes, and all are waterproof to IPX-7 standards. All units feature one-touch favorites menu, and two user programmable hard buttons to help customize the unit for you. Paperless Geocaching is standard across the lone of eXplorists also - a nice touch that is an expectation of most Geocachers these days.

The eXplorist 710 includes both Magellan's highly detailed Summit Series topographic map and its City Series turn-by-turn map which allows users to navigate their vehicles through busy city streets on their way to their outdoor adventures. The eXplorist 610 and 710 feature a 3-axis electronic compass and a barometric altimeter that provide precise orientation, accurate elevation information, and enables for weather pattern tracking.

Full Press release below after the jump.....

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June 30, 2010

Magellan ToughCase for the iPhone and iPod Touch - Onboard Battery and GPS Chipset


Magellan announced their ToughCase yesterday for iPhones (3G and 3GS) and late gen iPod Touches. It's a shame to just call it a case, because it really is a whole lot more. The case is not only water resistant to IPX7 standards, but it has an onboard rechargeable battery and a SIRFStar III GPS chipset that will deliver the same legendary performance that so many GPS units have enjoyed over the recent years with this chipset.

So clearly this isn't geared towards using just when you are in the car navigating with the Magellan RoadMate for the iPhone, but also when you are outdoors enjoying other pursuits; like hiking, kayaking or Geocaching. Not only does the case protect but it also allows you to use the touchscreen functionality at anytime. Priced at $199, the case will be available at major retailers and is already available at the Magellan Website.

Full details below.......


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March 23, 2010

Magellan eXlorist GC - Geocaching GPS

Magellan has announced their newest handheld GPS - one targeted at Geocaching, the eXplorist GC. With a color screen, easy to use controls and several customizations specifically for Geocaching, the new unit looks pretty appealing. The Geocaching customizations allow you to download caches into the unit, sort by their proximity to you, navigate to them and log them as found. The easy to see interface looks familiar to Geocachers and follows the themes that has set up. The unit comes with a free 30-day trial to the premium membership.

The eXplorist GC will operate up to 18 hours on a pair of AA batteries, and comes with a pair of light Lithiums; I prefer these to Alkaline when out hiking, especially on a multi-day hike when I bring back-ups. They are remarkably lighter than the alkaline ones and make a difference when unces matter.

magellan_gc_screen.jpgThe IPX7 waterproof rating will help you when the hike turns wet, while the customizable screens should help make the hike easier giving you the information you want in the moment. It's carrying a USB interface, offers a 2.2-inch screen, and a SiRF III chip for 3-meter accuracy even in tough conditions. The price is $199 list, with no info on ship dates. Click the link below to walk through their product intro and leave your email behind to get notified when the units ship.

More at Magellan eXplorist GC

Full Press release after the jump.......

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November 16, 2009

Magellan RoadMate for the iPhone (App)


In a surprise hip, cool move, Magellan has launched an App for the iPhone adding their two cents to the party of Apps at the iTunes App store. I happen to be cruising over to the Magellan site for another reason, and saw the information on the App itself. It incorporates Magellan's One Touch menu - an easy way to get to several basic items with the touch of a single button, Text to Speech (Says street names), Highway Lane Assist (See what lane to be in at intersections), 3D landmarks, control of your tunes from inside the App, a pedestrian mode and more.


Not only did Magellan release the App for that navigation itch of yours for your iPhone, but the App will work with your iPod Touch, when you use the App and Magellan car cradle together. The Car kit is coming soon and will be able to grab the GPS signal, offer amplified commands back out, and also operate as a Bluetooth noise canceling speaker phone. In a stroke of genius, the car kit will work with any navigation application.

The application is available now, for a "Sale Price" of $79, which may head to $99 in the near future. The car kit will be priced at $129 according to Magellan.

From their website, they appear ready to launch segments of the US in modules - East and West, as well as a European App. This approach is interesting as it reminds me of when RAM memory was expensive and GPS makers had to price GPS units in the many hundreds of dollars as a result. The European market got a jump start on the US because the units were cheaper there due to the fact that they could be sold less expensively with smaller "regional" mapsets that required less memory. Maybe size and affordability will play into buying just US East or West? The All US one is about 1.3GB now.


More at Magellan GPS

and the Magellan RoadMate icon (iTunes Link)

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November 14, 2009

Magellan SE4 GPS - Appears for Black Friday Sale


BestBuy is selling the Magellan SE4 GPS for Black Friday as an exclusive item, making comparisons hard to the rest of the RoadMate line, but we'll walk through the features and the comparisons to map out what's going on for you. From comparing the Magellan SE4 to the Roadmate line, I believe the SE4 is based on the Magellan Roadmate 1420.

Magellan SE4 - 48 State + Hawaii+Puerto Rico, Text to Speech, 6 Million Points of Interest, One-Touch command, Multi-destination routing, and a 3-hour battery - More at BestBuy

Magellan RoadMate 1420 - 48 State + Hawaii+Puerto Rico, Text to Speech, 6 Million Points of Interest, One-Touch command, Multi-destination routing, and a 2-hour battery - also offers AAA Club Tourbook and AAA Roadside Assistance - More Info at Magellan's Roadmate 1420 Product Page

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October 14, 2009

Magellan RoadMate 1220


The Magellan Roadmate 1220 is an entry level GPS from Magellan that offers some nice features, often at a pretty good price. The standard screen unit (3.5-inch) offers a quick one-touch menu shortcut that can get you to key functions without tap after tap, text to speech capability - it says street names, think ahead city searching that helps you to more quickly tap out the names of cities, multi-stop routing (you order the destinations yourself), Maps of the US and Puerto Rico, branded icons, auto re-routing, and an automatic change from daytime to nighttime colors on the screen.

At Amazon - Magellan RoadMate 1220

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