Navteq Net Earnings up 87% over Year Ago


NAVTEQ released earnings, and things are looking pretty good for the provider of maps to the GPS world (and others too). Sales were up about 30% and net income was up 87% over last year’s first quarter to $30.2 million. Recall that they closed the purchase of in the past quarter.

The business is performing very well and we see positive signs for the remainder of the year,” said Judson Green, President and Chief Executive Officer. “In terms of our key accomplishments, we closed on our acquisition of, secured new business with a number of in-dash and portable customers, and released our first Thailand map, which marked our 60th country of coverage.”

More from their Press Release…

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May 4, 2007

TeleAtlas Maps Going 3-D for your GPS


TeleAtlas announced that they are moving into the 3-D world, and no not just some3-D point of view of a 2-D map, we're talking buildings and greenery for select cities in their map database. Sounds like consumers really want it and they are starting by rolling out cities around the world. I would imagine it will really up the processor needs to display the extra information, but, hey at the rate GPS prices are dropping, hopefully these will cost no more than the high end units of today. Recall that in general, Garmin uses NAVTEQ, and TomTom and Mio use Teleatlas.....

Press Release Follows...

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April 26, 2007

TeleAtlas LBS Finalists Announced

Tele Atlas announced the finalists of the Tele Atlas LBS Innovators Series event held in conjunction with the Wireless Innovations Conference produced by Dow Jones VentureWire. I always think these types of things are interesting to check out, as they give you a quick look at what is possible and what may be coming to a GPS/Phone/Computer near you.

Based on the business potential of their LBS applications and attractiveness to venture capitalists, eight finalists were selected by Dow Jones to present their new location-based solutions to venture capitalists and industry experts at the 2007 conference, being held this week at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay in Redwood City , CA . This exclusive opportunity is a key component of the ongoing Tele Atlas LBS Innovators Series, a program designed to help enable wireless application developers to expand their visibility, credibility and success with key participants in the industry, including investors, carriers and technology providers.

The finalists are:

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April 19, 2007

GPS Navigation Reduces Fleet Costs


NAVTEQ has commissioned a research study which highlighted significant benefits for integrated navigation solutions, such as a 40% reduction in communications costs, a 15% reduction in fuel costs, and an 18% reduction in driver hours, among many other benefits for mobile enterprise applications. No big surprise, but nice to see the numbers; having a GPS in a fleet vehicle reduces costs..... maybe that's why TomTom went with the GO 715 with integrated mobile communication so that dispatch can "talk" to the mobile GPS fleets sending service call informaiton to the fleet. I htink it's huge; the last time the cable guy came, he had a GPS and he said it helped him tremendously.

Huge results, you should read on....

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April 2, 2007

NAVTEQ Announces LBS Winners


NAVTEQ announced the winners of the NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge - The Americas today at CTIA Wireless 2007. The Global LBS Challenge is the wireless industry's premier program driving the next generation of location-based services and products. Developers from around the world have entered LBS applications that work on portable devices using wireless technology and NAVTEQ map data to compete for a global prize pool valued up to $2 million. Sixteen semifinalist companies were selected to advance to the final judging where they were evaluated by a panel of industry experts based on each competitor's commercial viability, unique functionality and features, and ease of use.

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March 29, 2007

TeleAtlas in 140 Countries and on the Nokia N95

Tele Atlas announced the availability of Tele Atlas Connect, which provides digital map coverage for more than 140 countries. A complement to the company’s comprehensive MultiNet global digital map database, Tele Atlas Connect has already been selected by Nokia for the N95 multimedia device, which is the first product to leverage the data and help users initiate local searches all over the world.

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March 26, 2007

TeleAtlas Expands South American Coverage


Tele Atlas announced the expansion of digital map coverage in South America, with increased coverage in Brazil. As part of its ongoing global expansion strategy, and in response to increased demand from global customers for highly detailed and accurate maps of all major countries, Tele Atlas’ maps in Brazil now reach more than 65 percent of the country’s population, with significant coverage focus on economic growth areas.

With this release, Tele Atlas is successfully bringing to market digital maps with a considerable increase in navigable city coverage, furthering the company’s lead position in the Brazil market. Maps for Brazil now feature detailed street-level map coverage for more than 1,000 municipalities, incorporating major and interconnecting roads, and include navigable data for more than 150 cities, such as Brasília, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo. With the country’s rapidly expanding infrastructure and growing population, Tele Atlas considers Brazil a strategic region.

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March 15, 2007

NAVTEQ 3-D City Models


NAVTEQ announced the availability of a new suite of Visual Content designed to enhance the digital map experience by providing relevant visual context for users of location-based and navigation applications. Two types of content are being launched: three-dimensional models of major cities and three-dimensional landmarks of prominent and important structures in and around those cities. That should make navigation a very different experience. I would imagine that this will add a burden to the GPS unit in terms of storage space and video display capabilities. If you thought 3-D capabilities were good now, I can’t wait for this. Hummm, so who uses NAVTEQ predominantly? Garmin and Magellan.... If this is as good as NAVTEQ says it is and can be implemented quickly, expect a GPS with this capability before the holidays, if not straight forward, look for it at CES or CeBit in 2008.

More after the jump...

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TeleAtlas Content Link

TeleAtlas took a solid step forward with the announcement of the TeleAtlas Content Link program which will allow faster access to POI sets for location based services. By distributing POI content creation, TeleAtlas increases their ability to publish mountains of data and push it to you and me. So, for the chain of coffee shops, it makes sense for them to make sure that you, the buyer of their coffee, have the most up to date locations available. They have a big profit motive so, it is worth it to them to keep their POI updated in your mobile phone provider's database.

Press Release Follows...

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March 7, 2007

TeleAtlas Q&A Session


TomTom and their mapping provider sat down with a list of questions sent in by consumers and answered a whole bunch of them. TeleAtlas and TomTom have been battling back over some mapping issues, and appear to be on the mend. From what I hear, the maps are greatly improved and should not be considered an issue. Anyway, there are some interesting questions over there that TeleAtlas answered.

Here's a list of the Questions: (after the jump)

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