Review: Mio C220 Review


CNet has a review up of the Mio C220, the latest from Mio and a unit clearly set at the value end of the market. It will essentially replacing the Mio C310x at the $200 price point (list price is higher, street prices can be lower). The unit is a small, flat form factor unit that has US maps pre-loaded from TeleAtlas. I am happy to say that the maps are updated and don’t appear to have any big outages (I am also using the Mio C220 for a review).

Right out of the gate, Bonnie Cha of CNet offers praise for the features and price for the Mio C220, but admits that they can’t recommend it due to the low screen brightness. I’ll tell you that the screen is not as bright or rather vivid as the Mio C310x, but I would have to disagree with Bonnie Cha on this one, and say that for the price, the unit is a good value. I see it this way. For about $200, you can buy the C220 and get a solid unit with up to date maps and an interface that is very easy to navigate once you familiarize yourself with it. The unit acquires satellites fast and gives good navigation cues that are easy to follow. The screen is not as vivid as I would like, but that is only a problem in bright sunlight directly on the unit. For 50% more (an extra $100), you can move up to the TomTom ONE, but I recognize that $299 not in a lot of people’s price range. In the end, the C220 is a very good entry level GPS.

Read Bonnie Cha’s full review at CNet for more information on the Mio C220. Look for my review of the C220 in the coming days.

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May 1, 2007

Mio C220 Arrives for Review


The new Mio C220 arrived for review at the GPS Lodge, as the new generation of Mio GPS systems are starting to take to the US market. The Mio C220 will follow in the footsteps of the popular Mio C310x that made a splash last year during the holiday shopping season, and continues to be an economical favorite today. The Mio C220 has a lot going for it vs the Mio C310x, as it too is a small, flat form factor, but the C220 comes with the much awaited TeleAtlas map upgrades that fill in a lot of holes in the map set. I’ll tell you already that my street is finally on the GPS unit, after having the conversation a year ago with a gentleman who was driving the TeleAtlas truck, mapping streets in our area.

The Mio C220 comes with a SiRF star III chipset, and a 3.5-inch touchscreen. The mapset is for the entire US, not Canada, and fits nicely on the included SD card. The POI dataset is a decent size, coming in at 3.5 million points. The POI points have phone numbers for the locations, although I noticed already that the Post Offices in the area all have the same fake phone number “xxx-000-1111”. Whoops TeleAtlas. I checked a dozen other local (non-post office) sites and they looked fine. Looking forward to trying this out.

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Mio C220


The Mio C220 is a value model follow-up to the popular Mio C310x that made a big splash in the market during the holiday shopping craze of 2006. The Mio C220 comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, and a SiRF star III chipset. The unit does not support Text to Speech, but does give verbal turn by turn commands. The mapset is for the entire US, not Canada, and fits nicely on the included SD card. The POI dataset is a decent size, coming in at 3.5 million points. The POI points have phone numbers for the locations. The mapset is the newer TeleAtlas maps that have made a big step in adding roads to get it up to date.

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April 28, 2007

Mio C520 in the US


UPDATE: I have posted my Review of the Mio C220

Like its sibling the Mio C220, the Mio C520 showed up on the shopping list before we got news of its launch; those anxious web coders at Circuit City. Anyway, just as the weather is starting to get nice, the spring models are starting to hit the stores. I have the new C220 in for review now, and will be looking forward to trying out the new Mio C520 widescreen model for a review too. The unit uses a new Mio Map version and the newest TeleAtlas maps (in my quick use, things are looking good with them on the C220), which all may add up to a very good value.

Available at Circuit City

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April 26, 2007

Mio Launches C520 and C720t (in Taiwan)

Mio Technology launched two in-car GPS devices in Taiwan, the C720t and C520. The C520 has already been previewed at CES this year for the US and I would expect that a Taiwan launch of the unit, means that the C520 launch in the US is right around the corner... The pricing in Taiwan is about $350 for the C520, which if that carries over to the US, would be a pretty competitive price for a widescreen model. This would bring it in under the TomTom XL widescreen that has a list price of $399.


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April 11, 2007

Mio C220 - Official Launch


A few days ago the Mio C220 was seen on the Circuit City website, and now we have official word that the unit is being launched in the US, more broadly than just the single store.

The Mio C220 follows on the Mio C310x success in the marketplace of offering a basic GPS with good functionality at a rockbottom price. We have a lot of information on the Mio C310x here at GPSLodge, including a review. Of course, we will check out the C220 vs. the C310x.

Mio Technology announced the availability of an ultra-sleek, entry-level GPS device to meet increasing consumer demand for affordable and portable navigation. Following the success of the Mio DigiWalker C310x, the Mio DigiWalker C220 comes equipped with updated map data and is also competitively priced. We hope to have a Mio C220 in for a Review in the coming weeks.

“The explosive popularity of the Mio DigiWalker C310x during the holiday season and early this year demonstrates the demand for quality portable navigation devices at a reasonable price,” said Kiyoshi Hamai, North American sales director, Mio Technology Ltd. “We are confident that the Mio DigiWalker C220 will follow in the C310x’s footsteps; exceeding consumers’ expectations without breaking the bank.”

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April 10, 2007

Mio C220 in US

Mio has started the roll of new products for the warmer driving months ahead. They have the new C320 and C520 planned for later in the spring, but the new C220 snuck onto the Circuit City website and is officially listed at the Mio Euro site. The unit features the new Mio Map software, and most notably the new TeleAtlas map sets.

Update: The Mio C220 was officially announced. We hope to have a Mio C220 in for review in the coming weeks.

The new Mio Map software (still based on iGo backbone) adds a pretty upscale feature of predictive type ahead text. You start typing “Pine St”, and it only lights up the letters that can follow the letters you’ve already typed. Very nice. Magellan has had this for a while, and now we see this in more value oriented models.

The unit has a standard 3.5 inch screen, and a SiRF star III under the hood, being pushed by a Samsung 2440 400 MHz processor. Internal rechargeable battery, and pre-loaded maps round out the package.

More at Staples

Also at Amazon

Via Engadget

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March 30, 2007

Mio H610 - Winner "Bottom Line Award"

H610 Hi-Res.JPG

Mio Technology’s DigiWalker H610 personal navigation and digital entertainment device was recognized for its innovative design at the 3rd annual Bottom Line Design Awards, sponsored by leading strategic-creative consultancy frog design and Business 2.0 magazine. The awards are published in the April issue of Business 2.0 and not only celebrate products that feature great design, but also those that demonstrate versatility, elegance, an ability to increase their value by attracting attention, driving sales and nurturing long-term customer loyalty.

“This year’s awards are more than just visually appealing. They provide great business potential, their customization is smart and timely and in many cases, their impact on the environment is notable. We’re pleased to showcase and share these design winners with our readers,” said Business 2.0 Editor Josh Quittner.

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March 19, 2007

Video: New iGo Software - 3-D buildings

The new iGo navigation software is being shown off as promised, and some pictures and video have surfaced out of the CeBit show. Pocket GPS World is showing the iGo software that runs the Mio line of GPS devices, which is why it is interesting to see that the video taken shows the new 3-D routing with 3-D buildings being shown on the Mio H610. I am not blown away yet with the capability as shown, but it has hints of a really different navigational experience to come.

The H610 has a beautiful graphics capability that I enjoyed when I reviewed it, so it's not a surprise to see them using the unit to show off their new software. I also would imagine that this is another hint that the newest iGo capabilities will be on the Mio systems soon.

Update: (I'll include the link this time....) More at Pocket GPS World

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Mio Looks to Europe - 1.6 Million Units

DigiTimes is reporting that Mio has set a goal of shipping 1.6 million GPS units into Europe in 2007, achieving an 11% share of the market. That's a pretty aggressive goal, considering that TomTom has 50+% of the market and Garmin is below 20% share of the market.

Mio has announced the newest line including the C320, C520 and C520t at CeBit. This would all springboard off the popular C310x for the US, and the current C220, C510E and C710 in Europe.

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