March 14, 2007

Mio C320, Mio C520, Mio C520t


More news about upcoming new Mio GPS units; the Mio C320, C520 and C520t are being talked about at CeBit, and they are showing up with 4.3 inch widescreens. The units were pre-announced at CES in Las Vegas.

The higher end C520 and C520t have handsfree Bluetooth kits and the C520t comes with TMC traffic receiver capabilities. The units are SiRF star III equipped and will run the Mio Map 3.3 version that will also include the newest TeleAtlas maps (Yea!).

In an interesting move, Mio is using the screen real estate to offer you a split screen when navigating to offer you the next four turns, traffic information or a view of POI’s that are close. The Mio C320, C520 and the Mio C520t should be available in April, with a price of 349 €, 399 € and 449 €.

I’ll try to dig and get news for the US release and get back to you.


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March 13, 2007

New iGo Software at CeBit

NavNGo will be showing off their newly designed iGo navigation software platform at CeBit this week in Germany. The platform that runs the Mio C310x and others will hopefully get siphoned into the upcoming Mio products that we are looking forward to this Spring, like the Mio C250, C320, C520 and C720. The new interface will feature a sharper 3-D rendering as well as a split “Basic” and “expert” mode in the interface. Others have tried this not making the difference obvious which sends the expert user in circles looking for functionality that should absolutely be there…. (Trust me on this I was pulling my hair out.)

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February 28, 2007

Mitac/Mio buys Navman

In a move that cements their position as a contract manufacturer AND a seller of their own branded GPS units, Mitac, the maker of Mio GPS units has bought Navman from the Brunswick Corp. Navman is a recent entry into the US market, but has been more active in the Euro market, where GPS adoption is more advanced. Navman has made waves with its NavPix based camera enabled GPS units, and Mio has made a splash lately with the US market surge in the holiday period with their popular Mio C310x. Mio already has a few planned new units for later this year, including the Mio C250, C320, C520, and the C720. Hummmm, one has to wonder if they do keep the brands separate, will they share technology? Will we see new Navman's with the stylish C520 thin form factor or Mio's with cameras?

ReadMore at DigiTimes

Thanks to reader Chien for sending this one in.

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February 9, 2007

Mio C310x Hack Update

There's still a lot of activity on hacking the Mio C310x GPS. This inespensive little GPS has a MS operating system and it's accessible with some simple "keystrokes" and has some interesting capabilities once you get in there.

Thanks to reader "AppleTom", I found a Mio C310x fan website that distills a lot of information down to some very simple steps. This includes "unlocking" the Mio C310x so that you can access the operating system, adding a POI loader so that you can add customized POI's, and a decent little mount mod to help you get more out of the Mio.

Obviously read the disclaimers, this is way beyond the original intention of the Mio folks.

  • Other Places to get more information (in a less organized form) are at FatWallet and GPSPassion.

  • Read my original post on Hacks for the Mio C310x - including Canadian Map additions.

    Thanks AppleTom - ReadMore on Hacks for your Mio C310x.

    Even MORE Information on the Mio C310x.

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  • Mio C320, C520, C720


    Read my full review of the Mio C320, or the Mio C520
    Everyone likes a rumor, and this one is a pretty good one to listen to if you are a fan of Mio. At CES 2007 Mio pre-announced the Mio Digiwalker C250 and C520; additions to the line that is anchored by the incredibly hot selling Mio C310x. It now appears that they are planning other additions to the line that would include a C320 and C720. The sleek C520 will be a slim widescreen design with a 4.3 inch widescreen. The new news is that the line will also feature a unit with a 2 megapixel camera; most likely the Mio C720.

    Mio currently uses TeleAtlas maps, which have seen great improvements lately, and I would expect them to stay there. The SiRF star III chipsets have found their way into the line, and at least for the C320, C520 and C720 models, I would expect to see the SiRF star III chips. Not sure how bare the C250 would need to be, but I would hope to see a SiRF star III chipset there too. At this point key costs are driven by map data and not GPS chips, so one would hope that the bottom end of the line still supports good hardware.

    For More information on the Current Line:
    ReadMore on My Mio C310x review
    ReadMore on My Mio H610 Review

    Via GPSReview

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    February 2, 2007

    Mio C310x


    Update: Mio Has Announced a Map Update for the Mio C310X!

    The Mio C310x is a step up from the Mio C310, with similar hardware features, but a totally different, and better in my opinion, operating system that has made this a popular choice for value hunters in the market. Don't sell the unit short, it's got a lot going for it at its low price. The unit runs on a SiRF STAR III chipset and has a sleek thin flat form factor that makes it easy to travel with. It comes preloaded with maps of the US, and is able to play MP3's. The unit runs on TeleAtlas maps, which at this time are still of the older generation, and not the newer more accurate ones that have been released. Don't worry though, new maps are coming this "Spring" says Mio.

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    January 26, 2007

    Mio Business Set to Double in 2007

    There's an interesting little business article coming out of the Taipei Times on Mio that says they expect to double production in 2007 behind strong global sales of both their stand alone GPS units as well as their PDA's with navigation onboard. The article also mentions that Mio plans on offering in Taiwan a new free service that will include real-time weather, parking space availability and traffic conditions. In global corporations, re-application of technology is the key to success, and one has to wonder if they plan on some similar "connected" services here in the US in a broader way beyond the TMC traffic in the current Mio C710 unit. Maybe in their previously announced Mio C520 system expected out later this year? Ahhh, we'll see.

    ReadMore at Taipei Times

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    January 17, 2007

    Mio C310x Price Break - $198 at Fry’s

    Looks like we caught a break in the New Year, Fry’s has dropped the price on the Mio C310x to $198, and has Free Shipping. Not sure how long this will last, as they seem to move the price around on this. First introduced to the masses on Black Friday last year, the Mio C310x has become a fairly well known little GPS. Capable and sure-footed, this little unit has a lot going for it despite its low price. There are a few quirks; it’s not perfect. Main issues are maps and some routing oddities. Mio is working hard to solve both of these issues with a Map update soon, and they are fixing routing issues on the fly. More information:

  • My Review of the Mio C310x
  • News on Map updates
  • New on Washington DC routing issues patch

    Thanks to reader Vu who sent this in.

    Mio C310x at Fry's for $198

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  • January 8, 2007

    Mio DigiWalker C520 and C250


    Update: The Mio C520 is now shipping in the US. Available at Amazon

    At CES 2007, Mio is giving a sneak peek at some upcoming GPS units that are sure to make for a nice follow-on to their strong holiday performance with the Mio C310x unit. The new Mio Digiwalker C520 and Digiwalker C250 will be launched later this year. The Mio C520 comes with a 4.3” widescreen display and a thin low profile display. The Mio C520 will support Bluetooth and have split screen capability that allows for address lookup and route info while still navigating with the map.

    The Mio C250 will be an entry-level device that will keep with the Digiwalker tradition of flat form factor GPS units so that it can be packed easily to go when outside the car. It will come with maps pre-loaded and navigate out of the box with a 3.5-inch touchscreen.

    No word on availability or pricing, but expect them to be very competitive. This holiday season, Mio Captured the eyes and pocketbooks of a lot of people, getting a 37 percent share of GPS sales the week of Thanksgiving. Most people went to Staples to get theirs, where the unit was on sale for $149; an unbelievable price.

    “The Mio DigiWalker C310x was extremely popular with our customers this holiday season,” said James Emond, buyer, Staples. “It is an easy-to-use product at a great price point for both personal use and for mobile professionals on the go.”

    We reviewed the Mio C310x and talked to the product manager Isabella Hoogland about updates. Recently they also posted a patch for some routing problems around Washington DC.

    Mio is also showing off their Mio H610 portable GPS, which we reviewed late last year. The stylish device is very capable and very pocketable.

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    January 6, 2007

    Mio C310X Patch for Washington DC Routing Issues

    Mio has posted a patch that should remedy the issues when navigating around Washington DC and Maryland. The issue centered on the fact that the Mio C310x couldn’t navigate across/near some bridges in the area (like the I-495 bridge) and as a result, created some very odd routes. Anyway, when I talked with the product manager for the Mio C310x she said that the patch would be coming in short order.

    More after the jump...

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