September 11, 2006

More on the Mio H610

If you have been following the Mio H610 saga, you’ll know that it was announced back in March at CeBIT, and then they recently got a design award for the diminutive GPS device. Well they also had a West Coast release party that featured the H610 in all its glory. UberGizmo was there and they have some nice pictures of the unit’s coming out of the box party, and it looks very nice.

What’s In the Mio H610 Box

  • Mio H610 GPS unit
  • 2 additional attachment adhesive cups
  • 1 USB to mini-USB cable
  • 1 Leather wrist band (white)
  • 1 Wrist band (gray)
  • 1 In-ear headset
  • 1 USB charging car adapter
  • 1 Remote control
  • 1 Power Adapter

    See some nice pictures of the Mio H610 at UberGizmo

    Update: More on the Mio H610

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  • September 6, 2006

    Mio H610 Handheld GPS Wins Design Award


    The Mio H610 is turning some heads these days, and getting design awards to prove it. Mio just received the International Design prize by the iF Design Committee, China. The H610 comes equipped with the latest MioMap v3 navigation software and the latest maps of 24 European countries provided by Tele Atlas. In addition to the vast array of standard features, the device offers cross-country navigation, speed camera warnings, pedestrian and cycling navigation modes, etc.

    “In today’s market, the key to success is blending technology with design. At Mio Technology, we make sure that our products offer the latest in the navigation technology as well as the excellent value for money, but design is really what sets our products apart from the competition.” said Leo Exter, Marketing Manager, Mio Technology Europe.

    Update: More on the Mio H610

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    August 14, 2006

    Mio Third in Market Share in Europe

    Mio is now reportedly doing quite well in Europe taking third place in the share of market battle. Mio has reportedly a 9.5% market share, while Garmin has a 16.7% and TomTom a 30.5% market share of all GPS devices (this includes PDA’s and mobile phones). This is impressive performance being driven by the launch of their GPS navigation systems such as the C710, C510, and C210, as well as the GPS PDA (personal digital assistant) models P550 and P350. These reports are coming out of the market research firm Canalys.

    We liked the Mio C310, the sibling of the C710 and C510 (the Euro version of the C310), when we reviewed it earlier this year. See our review.

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    July 3, 2006

    Review: Mio C310 Review by GPS Lodge


    Update: See our Review of the new Mio C310x GPS, Compare the Mio C310 vs. the Mio C310x
    Update: I talked with Mio and got an update on Map fixes and more. See the post.

    We have been using the Mio C310 for a while here at the GPS Lodge, and when we got it back in May, I’ll admit it, I wasn’t expecting a knock-out performer. I mean designing a solid piece of consumer electronics – software and hardware, isn’t easy, and I have seen my share of poor design in GPS devices. Not just anyone can do this, and from the list of failures in the market it seems like there’s more do designing a sound GPS than one might think. Watch out, Mio has something here in the Mio C310. Is it perfect? No, but who is? It’s pretty darn good and it certainly beat my expectations.

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    June 23, 2006

    Mio H610 Handheld GPS


    Update: More on the Mio H610

    Mio is taking the GPS world by storm, and there’s a sneak peak at the Mio H610 that’s come out. The H610 looks like a competitor to the very popular Garmin Nuvi 350. The Mio H610 would have maps of 24 European countries pre-loaded, expandable with an SD card slot, a 400MHz processor, a 320 by 240pixel screen displaying 65,000 colors, and a host of extras like an MP3 player as well as some traveler aids like dictionaries and currency converters. Looks small, potentially too small to be useful in a car like the Nuvi? Don’t really know until we hold one in our hands. Looking forward to more news on the Mio H610 GPS, aren’t you?

    ReaMore at Crave for more information.

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    Mio Euro news: C710, C510E, C210, A701, P550 and P350

    Mio recently launched the Mio C710 and the Mio C510E, essentially Euro versions of the Mio C710 and the Mio C310 that are on the US market. The Mio C510E is a personal navigation device with a small PDA style form and has a lot of nice features to it. We are writing up our Review of the Mio C310 GPS and it will publish next week. The Mio C710 essentially has added traffic (included) and Bluetooth; common features these days for the new crop of higher end navigation devices.

    There’s a nice run down of the products from Crave in the UK – see Crave.

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    June 20, 2006

    Update: Mio 350 and Mio 550 PDA GPS

    We wanted to pass on more information on the Mio P350 and Mio P550 PDA GPS units available in Europe. The Mio P350 and P550 were leaked, and then announced earlier this year. The units come loaded with a fair number of goodies on top of a Windows Mobile platform which allows you to use the full functionality of such applications as Pocket Office: Power Point, Excel, Word and Outlook. With synchronization you’ll be able to bring your MS documents with you as well as your contacts from Outlook. I am sure you’ll be able to find plenty of games online too if you get bored.

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    June 15, 2006

    Mio C210 GPS Now Available for Europe


    Mio previously announced the Mio C210 for Europe, and it is now available for purchase. This little design beauty is power packed with the SiRF star III GPS chipset for high quality reception a 2.7” touch screen, and a speed camera Point of Interest database that can be updated through Mio free for a year. The entry level Mobile GPS is being positioned as a GPS with above entry-level features. At about $300, the thing is a great deal for what’s offered, and would raise the bar for entry level GPS units should it hit the shores of the US. I am currently using the Mio C310, and am impressed with it. I’ll be writing up my review in a few days, but after using the C310, I have confidence that the Mio C210 will be a good sound product at this price. The Mio C210 unit has additional data loaded via SD card, and comes traffic capable if you want to add the optional service.

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    May 28, 2006

    GPS Review: Mio C310 arrives for Review at the GPS Lodge


    We just recieved the Mio C310 GPS at the GPS Lodge for review. Both the Mio C310 and the Mio C710 were announced back in January. The Mio C710 will be released here in the States later this year, and comes with added features like Bluetooth connectivity and lifetime traffic feeds. The Mio C310 is a personal GPS that can fit into your pocket to go wiht you where ever your travels take you.

    UPDATE: See our Review of the Mio C310

    The unit comes with the now popular MP3 playing capability, a touchscreen, on-board battery, built in maps of North America, and the ability to give directions in English, French and Spanish. The unit also has the highly sensitive SiRF star III GPS module which allows it to be ultra sensitive, locking onto satellites in tough conditions. The unit is small and less than an inch thick (measureing about 4.3" x 3" x 0.78"), and pocketable, nice to take with you.

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    March 9, 2006

    Mio announces Seven new devices at CeBIT - The A710

    New Mio devices combine innovative wireless communications, multimedia entertainment, and stylish design.
    At CeBIT, Mio Technology Ltd., a leading worldwide supplier of personal navigation GPS systems, will showcase seven new devices that offer stylish form and innovative function. The products define Mio Technology’s commitment to combining wireless communications, multimedia entertainment and sleek design.

    During CeBIT — one of the world’s largest information technology exhibitions, running March 9–15 — Mio Technology will display a GPS-capable mobile phone, two personal navigation assistants (PNA), three GPS personal digital assistants (PDAs), and one in-vehicle GPS device. The Mio Technology product line features devices ideal for travel, leisure activities, entertainment and personal information management.

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