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May 20, 2008

Mio Moov 300/310 Full Review


I have been testing out the Mio Moov 300/310 for several weeks now driving the highways and byways of the Northeast this spring to check out the latest offering from Mio. The Mio Moov series, including the standard screen 200/210, and the widescreen 300/310 are a big change for Mio, as they adopt a new operating system to carry the brand forward. After the acquisition of Navman, Mio decided to bring the software development in-house and leave the iGo interface behind. Switching to the iGo interface helped to launch the brand in the US and was one that set Mio apart from other GPS brands because it was functional, reasonably good and with their value positioning on the unit cost, not a bad trade-off for the value oriented market. I used and wrote full reviews on a lot of these units including the Mio C310X, Mio C220, Mio C230, Mio C320, Mio 520, Mio C720T. Things are changing though, as the big guys drop prices hard and fast, it leaves smaller slices of the market for value oriented brands. With a more competitive market, the bar raised due to other stronger players (think Navigon) coming to the market, it all raises the stakes for the new Moov line and Mio's new software bet.

From a core product standpoint, the Mio Moov 300/310 comes with maps of the US, and 3.5 million POI on its 4.3-inch widescreened unit. The satellite acquisition times are quick, as it sports the new SiRF InstantFixII chipset. The unit lacks the bells and whistles that are sometimes seen on GPS units, but are barely appreciated; MP3 players, and Picture viewers. The Mio Moov 310 differentiates itself by adding in the TMC traffic receiver for only a few dollars more, and includes a one year subscription to the service which will cost $60 a year afterwards. Pretty good bargain.

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January 29, 2008

Mio Digiwalker C720t Full Review

The Mio C720T is Mio’s is the new top of the line Mio that combines the great features of the Mio C520 with a new TMC traffic cradle to offer what is finally becoming an important and more popular feature for those weary commuters who deal with traffic congestion on a daily basis. The widescreen unit features not only traffic alert and re-routing capabilities but Mio’s split screen capability with a tabbed interface that puts a lot of information at your fingertips while comfortably navigating along with the map displayed. The Mio C720T also includes a 2 Mega Pixel camera that allows you to grab pictures of things along the way. Hey if your cell phone has a camera, why can’t your GPS?

With Text-to-speech and Bluetooth handsfree capability the Mio C720T sits firmly in the premium segment, but like all Mios, the price is more comfortable than other units on the shelf.

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October 16, 2007

Mio C230 Full Review

The Mio C230 is a standard screen GPS follow-up to their Mio C220 model that established a solid entry in the GPS market below the $200 price point. The Mio C230 unit adds text-to-speech to the entry level that will quickly set the pace for other makers to add text-to-speech to the low ends of their lines (we hope). I like text-to-speech a lot and will be happy to see more text-to-speech models in this price range.

With the Mio C230 you still get SiRF star III chipsets, and maps of the US (of course, right?). The unit does not offer some of the higher end features like Bluetooth handsfree phone capability, or video playback.

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October 2, 2007

Mio C230 Review


CNet has their review up of the Mio Digiwalker C230,and overall they rated it pretty well for an entry level device. The editors lambasted the Mio C220 for its dark screen which I agree was not as bright in use as I would have liked, but was very passable for an entry level GPS. The Mio C230 has made a change to a brighter screen and CNet seems to think that it's acceptable now.

The big thing that Mio has done is to offer Text-to-speech in this little device. The unit is a cleanly designed device that runs the Mio Map software that is running on all of their current models, so it should be familiar to anyone who has read my recent reviews of Mio GPS models.

I have a Mio C230 in for review right now, and am in the process of evaluating and writing it up. In the meantime, if you would like to see what Bonnie Cha and the folks over at CNet think of the mio C230, check them out.

ReadMore at CNet

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September 24, 2007

Mio C320 Full Review

The Mio C320 is a widescreen GPS follow-up to their widescreen C520 model that hit the market earlier this year, and has already made a mark on the shelves brining widescreen affordability to the masses. The Mio C320 can be considered an entry model widescreen GPS that offers solid navigation on a widescreen unit without some of the features that are found on mid-tier models. You still get SiRF star III chipsets, a widescreen, maps of the US, as well as MP3 playback capability. The unit hits its price point by shedding the Bluetooth handsfree capability and the maps of Canada along with some POI data. It does maintain the split screen capability that the Mio C520 brought with it (See my review of the Mio C520), which is a user selectable option and one that I personally like.

The Mio C320 was announced today, but I have had the opportunity to check it out ahead of the launch to put it through its paces over the last couple of weeks before the general public gets its hands on it. The unit I used was a full working model.

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August 20, 2007

Mio Digiwalker C520 Full Review


The Mio C520 is Mio’s first foray into the widescreen market, riding on an updated and often times innovative operating system that may just be leading instead of following. The Mio C520 has a sleek design that is not some bargain block on a suction cup GPS, that on top of being good looking comes with a nice set of features. These features include a relatively bright widescreen, text to speech, Bluetooth handsfree capability, music and video playback and a good set of Points of Interest (POIs). The split screen capability (one that you can turn on and off) is innovative and may just represent a new way to interact with your GPS.

Admittedly, it's been a while since I got the Mio C520, but it has allowed me to check it out and overall enjoy the widescreen unit with its tabbed navigation screen quite a bit.

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July 12, 2007

Mio Digiwalker C220 Review


PC Mag has a nice review up on the Mio C220 and overall they seem to like it. Recall that the Mio C220 is a value oriented model that can be bought for less than $200 online. With a price like that, you'll get an entry level GPS without text to speech, and without media players, but what you will get is a solid unit with good routing.

In my use of the Mio C220, I liked it and thought it did well for its price range when I wrote up my review on the Mio C220 about a month ago. In the PC Mag review they say "As a portable navigation system with an entry-level price, the Mio DigiWalker C220 has a number of surprising features, including good POI handling, support for locating traffic cameras, multisegment routing, and track logs. If you're in the market for a portable navigation system but on a limited budget, it would make an excellent choice."

I think they pretty much nailed it.

  • More Information on the Mio Digiwalker C220 or go straight to my review of the Mio C220.

    ReadMore at PCMag

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  • June 26, 2007

    Mio Digiwalker C520 Arrives for Review


    The Mio C520 was officially announced near the end of May after being posted to a retailer site ahead of the release. The Mio C520 was previewed at CES 2007, and launched in Taiwan ahead of the US.

    The Mio C520 is a new widescreen design for Mio that has some clean lines and a new user interface that allows you to use the widescreen real estate to split the information while navigating to show the map on one side and upcoming turn information on the other. The Mio C520 is a text to speech model that speaks street names. The C520 also has Bluetooth capabilities for a handsfree conversation using your Bluetooth enabled phone.

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    June 20, 2007

    Mio C520 Review


    See my Full Review of the Mio C520 here at GPSLodge.com or read more Information on the Mio C520 here at the GPSLodge.com

    There’s another review up on the new Mio C520 widescreen GPS that rates the unit very good, and highlights the unit’s sleek design and fuller featureset as key pluses for the new unit from Mio. The Mio C520 follows the rest of Mio’s products as a slightly more cost effective way to get into the GPS market. The unit is list priced at $399 presently, but can be bought for the mid to low $300’s online.

    This review from CNet talks up the design and mentions the fact that they didn’t like the Mio C220 and its screen brightness. I think that they overdid it and were a little picky for a unit that has a street price of less than $200. You can see my review of the Mio C220 for my thoughts on using the Mio C220.

    Well, even for the doubting Thomas’s from CNet the Mio C520 did a pretty good job of impressing them. The capabilities are improving at a pretty fast rate, and widescreens certainly are a big help when showing a lot of data. The split screen on the Mio C520 has the ability to show off extra data about your route or your trip data on a split screen format. Very cool.

    Check out CNet’s review of the Mio C520 for the full details.

  • Read More on the Mio C520 here at the GPSLodge.
  • I have the Mio C520 in for review and expect to be posting my review of the unit in the coming weeks.

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  • June 12, 2007

    Mio C520 Review


    See my Full Review of the Mio C520 here at GPSLodge.com or read more Information on the Mio C520 here at the GPSLodge.com

    PCMag has a new review up of the upcoming Mio C520- the new widescreen entry from Mio that offers a lot for a small price. The unit also offers a split screen when navigating so that you can be aware of your upcoming turns. The unit runs an updated Mio Map software that facilitates the split screen as well as drive its Text to Speech, Bluetooth handsfree feature, a new “North up 3-D” view and a new simplified user interface. I have the Mio C520 scheduled in for a review at the GPSLodge in the next couple of weeks, so I am interested to see how all of the new features work. (I just recently posted my review of the Mio C220.)The Mio C520 also boasts music and video player capability and comes with conversion software to get your videos in MP4 format.

    PCMag seemed to like the new features, although couldn’t get some of the Bluetooth features to work. At $400 list price, Mio continues to light a fire under the GPS market to drive prices down and include more features in the units at those lower prices.

    ReadMore at PC Mag

    Mio C520 at Amazon

  • Read More information here at GPSLodge on the Mio C520
  • I have the Mio C520 in for review and expect to be posting my review of the unit in the coming weeks.

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  • June 7, 2007

    Mio C310x vs Mio C220 Comparison

    The Mio C220 is the fresh new face on the marketplace for Mio who hopes to capitalize on the successes of the Mio C310x half-generation redesign of the original Mio C310 that had an inferior interface. Mio is firmly locked in a battle among the better-known brands for the share of the quickly expanding GPS market. While you might know them best for value models, they are also coming out with higher end models later this year; they announced these at CES 2007. I thought that while the Mio C310x is still hanging around the market I would tell you my thoughts on how it compares to the Mio C220, because both are priced roughly the same in some online retailers.

    I’ll cut to the chase; I like the Mio C220 better than the Mio C310x. See below for why.

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    June 3, 2007

    Mio C220 Full Review


    Hands On Review by GPSLodge.com

    Update: Check out my Father's Day Buying Guide - Includes the Mio C220

    The Mio C220 comes to the US for 2007 and it fits right into a growing stable of value priced GPS units that are available on the market today. Mio made a splash on the market when they blew the doors off Black Friday last year and went on to sell thousands of Mio C310x units. The C220 is a follow-up model that tries to update and compete at the ~$200 price point, which I will tell you already, it does well. The Mio C220 is the anchor in an ever-growing line of GPS units that were previewed at the CES 2007 including the forthcoming C320 and C520 widescreen units. I am looking forward to reviewing them too.

    For a full list of my Full Reviews of GPS units; Click - GPSLodge.com Hands On Reviews

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    May 21, 2007

    Review: Mio C220 Review


    CNet has a review up of the Mio C220, the latest from Mio and a unit clearly set at the value end of the market. It will essentially replacing the Mio C310x at the $200 price point (list price is higher, street prices can be lower). The unit is a small, flat form factor unit that has US maps pre-loaded from TeleAtlas. I am happy to say that the maps are updated and don’t appear to have any big outages (I am also using the Mio C220 for a review).

    Right out of the gate, Bonnie Cha of CNet offers praise for the features and price for the Mio C220, but admits that they can’t recommend it due to the low screen brightness. I’ll tell you that the screen is not as bright or rather vivid as the Mio C310x, but I would have to disagree with Bonnie Cha on this one, and say that for the price, the unit is a good value. I see it this way. For about $200, you can buy the C220 and get a solid unit with up to date maps and an interface that is very easy to navigate once you familiarize yourself with it. The unit acquires satellites fast and gives good navigation cues that are easy to follow. The screen is not as vivid as I would like, but that is only a problem in bright sunlight directly on the unit. For 50% more (an extra $100), you can move up to the TomTom ONE, but I recognize that $299 not in a lot of people’s price range. In the end, the C220 is a very good entry level GPS.

    Read Bonnie Cha’s full review at CNet for more information on the Mio C220. Look for my review of the C220 in the coming days.

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    May 1, 2007

    Mio C220 Arrives for Review


    The new Mio C220 arrived for review at the GPS Lodge, as the new generation of Mio GPS systems are starting to take to the US market. The Mio C220 will follow in the footsteps of the popular Mio C310x that made a splash last year during the holiday shopping season, and continues to be an economical favorite today. The Mio C220 has a lot going for it vs the Mio C310x, as it too is a small, flat form factor, but the C220 comes with the much awaited TeleAtlas map upgrades that fill in a lot of holes in the map set. I’ll tell you already that my street is finally on the GPS unit, after having the conversation a year ago with a gentleman who was driving the TeleAtlas truck, mapping streets in our area.

    The Mio C220 comes with a SiRF star III chipset, and a 3.5-inch touchscreen. The mapset is for the entire US, not Canada, and fits nicely on the included SD card. The POI dataset is a decent size, coming in at 3.5 million points. The POI points have phone numbers for the locations, although I noticed already that the Post Offices in the area all have the same fake phone number “xxx-000-1111”. Whoops TeleAtlas. I checked a dozen other local (non-post office) sites and they looked fine. Looking forward to trying this out.

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