August 30, 2006

TeleNav GPS Navigator 5.0

TeleNav introduced TeleNav GPS Navigator 5.0, the first GPS application on mobile phones that provides US consumers with full-color three dimensional (3D) moving maps, creating a more realistic and easy-to-follow visual navigation experience. Sounds interesting. I expect that the market for mobile phone GPS units will heat up as occasional use items when trying to navigate. This will most likely be a point of market entry for people getting into navigation. Eventually serious users will want/need to move up to something with a bit more horsepower like a stand alone GPS system.

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August 28, 2006

Trimble Acquires AllSport GPS – Mobile Phone Based Fitness Tool


Trimble announced that they acquired the parent company of AllSport – a company that sells a mobile phone application that allows you to turn your GPS equipped mobile phone into a fitness-tracking tool, and have launched a fitness application service under the Trimble name. We reported on a similar application from BIMActive this summer, and it sounds like an obvious win if you can implement it, right? The service includes a downloadable program and optionally an online data tracking service that can help you train better and can act as a central warehouse for all that you do. The services range in price from about $7 to $20 per month.

allsportmap.pngOne tier also allows you to download maps and see where you are in real time – very cool. A nice feature, and one that I have heard a lot of travelers ask for is that you can download recommended routes – so, if you are in a new city, you can get some decent routes to try out and keep the workout schedule alive. More after the jump.

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August 15, 2006

New Palm GPS Navigator using TomTom Navigator 6


For Palm Treo smartphone users and GPS enthusiasts, Palm announced the Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition, featuring new TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software - this is an upgrade from the Navigator 5 package. You can use this to turn your smartphone into a GPS navigation system. The GPS software is very good and intuitive. Drivers using the new GPS Navigator with their Treo smartphones can rely on voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions to easily find their destinations as well as millions of points of interest, including gas stations, restaurants, parks, airports and more. TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 is available today exclusively for Palm's GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition. The unit also uses the SiRF star III chipset - a big plus.

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July 26, 2006

Google Mobile Maps adds Traffic


Got Google Mobile Maps? Google Mobile now has traffic reporting for you while on the go through your mobile phone. Google has had the mobile maps for a while now, but the recent update adds traffic in 30 major metro areas (they didn’t say which ones). The system allows you to pick a route, and Mobile Maps will trace the traffic enabled areas in green, yellow or red according to the severity of the traffic. They will even predict travel times based on the traffic flow. This is a pretty good step forward that I haven’t seen much on, but anyone who has been snarled in traffic can tell you it’s tough to know how long the back-up will last. Mobile Maps is free (except for the airtime charges to you), and works as a java program on your java enabled, gps, mobile, phone.

Check out more at

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July 10, 2006

Garmin Mobile - New Features: Weather, Traffic and Gas Prices

Garmin upped the ante today on the mobile phone as a navigation device, with features you can’t find just anywhere. Garmin announced it is providing new dynamic content -- fuel prices, weather conditions and forecasts, and traffic information -- on all mobile phones equipped with Garmin Mobile -- a subscription-based, application delivering maps, directions, and turn-by-turn navigation on mobile phones. This new real-time content will be available at no additional fee to Garmin Mobile users beginning in July. Garmin Mobile is currently available on select Sprint and Nextel mobile phones.

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July 5, 2006

Garmin readies the Garmin Mobile XT


Update: See the New Garmin Mobile XT Announcement - Oct 4, 2007

News has come from the FCC website that Garmin has a new mobile product waiting in the wings, named the Garmin Mobile XT (at least for now). From the manual and descriptions, the unit appears to be a GPS receiver, and mount for your mobile that will allow some pretty sophisticated navigation, including multi-point destination programming. The unit would have the ball mount available for your phone. From the manual it appears to have the classic Garmin interface feel with a good feature set and a simple interface. No news on launch or availability.

Via MobileWhack

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June 14, 2006

Weather Bug launches service for GPS Based Mobile Phones

weatherbuglogo.gif WeatherBug has launched the Smart Notification Weather Service, a GPS equipped mobile phone based weather alert service. The next step in their mobile alert system involved GPS based phones that allow Weather Bug to send you very specific weather related data to you not based on a zip code that may or may not be right at the current time, but instead on your current location.

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June 12, 2006

Verizon Launches Chaperone - GPS Based Kid monitoring Service


Verizon released news that they are getting into the kid monitoring market with their new Chaperone program that allows parents to monitor where their kids are while giving their kids the ability to call a select few people with this easy to use mobile phone. The phone itself is the GPS equipped LG Migo phone, and the program that is wrapped around it seems to have been well thought out. Now to be able to monitor where the kid is, you probably need to keep the phone with the kid and the phone needs reception. So this assumes that kids can take mobile phones to school (our school doesn’t allow it), and that the school isn’t in a dead zone (ours it totally void of any mobile phone signal due to its location behind a hill). But if you have younger kids, and don’t have these problems, read on if you want to be able to monitor them from your own mobile phone or via a password protected part of the web. There are some innovative features and precautions that make the program interesting.

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GPS Directions on Mobile Phones - Not Ready for Prime Time

After using a lot of dedicated mobile GPS units, and handhelds, I have become accustom to some of the features that are present in these devices, like readable screens, easy data entry and high quality directions. The idea of having an easily usable direction service from your GPS mobile phone seems like a stretch right now. Well an article popped up today relating the uses of a GPS equipped mobile phone based directions service, and the message is that they are not quite ready for prime time. If you have been using GPS’s for a while, you probably remember some of the earlier days when there were a lot of shortcomings, and you made up excuses for why you couldn’t pinpoint your exact location in seconds and navigate to another location flawlessly.

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June 5, 2006

Quick Overview of the Fitness GPS Market


There's a decent overview of the Fitness GPS market floating around that I thought I would pass along. It discusses the well known Garmin Forerunner series. Two other products it discusses work with mobile phones as part of your fitness routine. I don't know about you, but I never go for a run or long bike ride without my phone. It seems like a natural fit. The story dicusses the FWRD products out of Europe, and the Bones in Motion (BIM) product/service.

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