August 18, 2010

JiWire - People Want Discounts While on the Go with Location Based Apps

Following up on my post yesterday, is some confirmation that there is a large audience of users out there who want and are open to discounts while on the go through their mobile phones. The discounts would be delivered through Location based Services - from Apps to ads on their mobile phones.

JiWire is reporting that 39% of mobile users find discounts as the most appealing ads while on the go are discount coupons. Ads that are location specific, and targeted offer immediate, relevant and actionable opportunities that matter to consumers.

Some highlights:

  • A majority of users want location specific ads
  • 36% of the on-the-go audience are interested in receiving locaiton based ads about stores that are close to them
  • 47% of men and 40% of women said that they were more likely to engage in an ad if it was relevant to their location
  • While 57% of 25-34 year olds would share their location for more relevant ads, only 24% of 65+ would - not surprising, but dramatically different nonetheless.

"The context of a location, rather than just a point on a map, provides the most relevant understanding of a consumer," said David Staas, senior vice president of marketing at JiWire. "People today are demanding much more localized content as they spend more time on the go, creating a great opportunity for advertisers. Just as brands were challenged with how to 'socialize' themselves in the social media space, today brands need to think about how to 'localize' themselves with their consumers."

As Apps like Fourquare, Facebook (pending), and Gowalla move to offer location specific merchandising and discounts, their market might will continue to rise given the receptivity outlined from the jiWire results. What will be more impressive is when generic ads start becoming more and more obviously location specific in their execution to capitalize on these findings.

Top Location-Based Applications

  1. GPS/Google Maps
  2. Google
  3. Yelp
  4. Facebook
  5. Foursquare
  6. Weather
  7. Around Me
  8. Wi-Fi Finder
  9. Restaurant Finder
  10. Yahoo!
  11. Urban Spoon
  12. Twitter
  13. Where
  14. Poynt
  15. Tripadvisor

All data - source - JiWire - Q2 2010  

More at JiWire

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August 17, 2010

Facebook - Location Based Social Capabilities


According to a few sources including All things D, Facebook is expected to announce location based services and networking tomorrow. Beyond the "I am here" while posting capability, the idea that you could roll in some Foursquare and Gowalla fun to the launch is interesting. While Facebook is fairly well understood by many to be the social app that kills all other social apps, Foursquare and Gowalla are not as well known.

Foursquare and Gowalla are social "games" that allow you to "Check in" at various locations, businesses, parks, etc using a mobile phone that is GPS enabled. You score points for that check-in and can leave tips, notes or comments about the business, while showing off to your friends your coolness by hitting all the latest locales. Both games have feeds to your Facebook page so you can show off there too. If you are the leader in checking in at a particular location, you can become the "Mayor" of that business, gaining you a special badge in the game and sometimes a discount offered only to the mayor.

Business Driver - Finally

Location based ads have been in the dreams of many futurists. Finally, there is some location based business developments that are worth paying attention to.

Foursquare has been somewhat successful at getting businesses to offer coupons to visitors who check in there. I recently got 3 cones for $3 at a Ben and Jerry's when the regular price was about $3 each. I didn't plan on stopping by there on a hot afternoon, but while checking in somewhere else, I got a pop-up that indicated that there was an offer nearby. Great way to advertise a business on there. With over 100 million "Check-ins" and an ad deal with Bravo TV, Foursquare isn't just some CrApp that can be tossed in the trash, and appears to be on its way to the mainstream among a younger audience.

Last weekend, The Gap offered all users of Foursquare who Checked In a 25% discount on merchandise. Pretty good for the Gap and pretty good for Foursquare users.


Facebook Advantage - Scale, Established Relationships

With Facebook wading into location based social networking, there has to be an element of social ranking among strangers and friends in the new features. The advantage for Facebook would be that thousands of businesses already have a relationship with their service offering a Facebook Page where they can post information about their locations, hours of operation and details about products and services creating a stronger relationship with their customers. With a half a billion people using the application/service worldwide, Facebook is a great place to reach potential users of your service, especially if local offers are rolled into the capabilities.

Look for a crush of media reaction tomorrow if/when this rolls out.

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August 13, 2010

Navigon iPhone Apps - On Sale for 50% off

Navigon has its iPhone Apps on sale now in in the iTunes store to celebrate its one year anniversary of launching the Mobile Navigator. Hard to believe that it was just a year ago that all of these navigation Apps blew into town, but it's true. Navigon has over a million iPhone users worldwide and is the number one grossing App in the iTunes store - according to their recent tweet.

So the Navigon MobileNavigator North America iconis 50% off at $39, while the Navigon MobileNavigator US iconis $24 and finally the Navigon Regional Apps (East, Central and West) icon for only $14. I mean at that price they are so cheap you have to get one.

I like the Navigon iPhone App a lot and have used it a fair amount over the last year. They have upgraded the features steadily, and offer an in-app purchase of traffic services (also discounted at half off for $12 a year) that gives you Inrix based data for commuting through traffic and hopefully avoiding some of the headaches associated with it.

So while I have a half dozen navigational options at my fingertips at any one time, the Apps for the iPhone have been great, and a life saver when I find myself out with friends and they don't have a GPS. Better hurry - this sale lasts until Sunday.

Via CNet and Navigon

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August 10, 2010

Waze Upgrade - Social Group Driving - Learn From Others Like You


Waze is updating its application so that you can join a social group and learn from others like you about deals on gas, traffic issues on your regular route, best shortcuts around regular problems. You imagine it and you could probably source it from the crowd.

Waze is a cool little application that sources its information from the crowd - mapping, traffic issues, and more. If you want to learn more about Waze, check out their website for a guided tour of the product, how it works and what its benefits are.

At iTunes - waze App (iTunes Link)

The Full Press Release is below........

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July 21, 2010

Glympse - Controlled Location Sharing with Friends


Glympse is one of my favorite iPhone Apps, and if you haven't tried it, you should check it out. Really is one of the best location based services ideas that I have seen come out.

It allows you to send your location for a set time duration to a set of friends so they know your whereabouts. Works great for me when i am traveling to see others of meet them at a certain location. You fire up the Glypmse App, choose to send a Glypmse to a friend via email or text. They get a short URL, tap on it and see a map of your location and some information (short message from you, and optionally your speed). It does not give you directions on how to get to a destination so you would use it in conjunction with a GPS if you needed one. They recently updated the service to send a Tweet on Twitter of your location or post to your Facebook wall with a little self contained application that shows your location right on Facebook (see video below).

With the new multi-tasking on the iOS 4 for the iPhone, Glympse can do its stuff in the background while you do what you want while traveling. It's a free download and it is available on the iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile.

More at Glympse

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June 30, 2010

Magellan ToughCase for the iPhone and iPod Touch - Onboard Battery and GPS Chipset


Magellan announced their ToughCase yesterday for iPhones (3G and 3GS) and late gen iPod Touches. It's a shame to just call it a case, because it really is a whole lot more. The case is not only water resistant to IPX7 standards, but it has an onboard rechargeable battery and a SIRFStar III GPS chipset that will deliver the same legendary performance that so many GPS units have enjoyed over the recent years with this chipset.

So clearly this isn't geared towards using just when you are in the car navigating with the Magellan RoadMate for the iPhone, but also when you are outdoors enjoying other pursuits; like hiking, kayaking or Geocaching. Not only does the case protect but it also allows you to use the touchscreen functionality at anytime. Priced at $199, the case will be available at major retailers and is already available at the Magellan Website.

Full details below.......


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May 17, 2010

Inrix Releases Update to Traffic! for iPhone - Crowdsourced Incidents


Inrix has a vast network of sensors, commercial fleet GPS "probes" and crowdsourced GPS "probes" covering thousands of miles of roadways in what I think it the best coverage and quality of coverage out there. They recently updated their iPhone App to include crowsourced incident reporting - want to report Live Police (Speed Trap too), Fixed Camera Trap, Accident, Construction, or an Event/Gathering you can now and send it in. Want some street cred? They also report on top ten contributors on another tab. You might be wondering about "Events" and "Gatherings". Let's face it, big events like major sports games and other large gatherings impact traffic. Inrix already pulls in many major events as a factor for predicting traffic, but they are looking to bolster that dataset too with you reporting it.

So, update the App to version 2.4 and get a new way to report on things you don't already see reported.

Inrix Traffic! in the App Store (iTunes Link)

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April 23, 2010

Free Google Nav for iPhone in Development

Word on the street has Google confirming that they are developing a free navigation App for the iPhone which has been available for the Android system for some time now. This was confirmed at a press conference in the UK.

So while Google does not host the maps on the device, they, like others, pre-cache the entire navigation route on the phone ahead of the trip. The program can give you the ability to see maps, satellite views and even street views of your route in certain areas. very innovative, and has been met with mixed reviews. People love the Free part, and the usability questions are still at issue. Should be an interesting launch and aftermath. Let's hope that Apple doesn't find another obscure clause in the terms and conditions to block this Google App.

Via MacUser

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April 13, 2010

Dual XGPS300 GPS and Battery Cradle for the iPod Touch


The new Dual XGPS300cradle for the iPod touch offers a couple of features for the intrepid navigator that might just help them get around a bit more easily. The Dual cradle is designed with a GPS and an extended battery in it to grab the GPS signals and allow you to do it for a more than the short time the iPod Touch battery would normally allow. When you buy the cradle, Dual's NavAtlas App is a free download that offers some good looking features, including Text to Speech, Navigate to addresses in your contacts list, realistic 3D views, built in maps but comes in a bit light on Points of Interest at 2 Million.


CNet just posted a review on the unit, and the system has its strong points, and seems to be suited for those who really want navigation on the iPod Touch. One odd design choice is that the cradle can operate either as a GPS or a battery extender/charger for the iPod Touch, but not both. The switch on the back of the cradle requires you to choose. The CNet review clearly points out the fact that the $200 list price and several concern areas make it not the ideal navigation choice.

ReadMore at CNet

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March 22, 2010

Beat the Traffic App - Forecast Your Traffic


Beat the Traffic has launched new Apps for Blackberry and iPhone that allow you to see detailed forecasts of traffic in your area. You can see the traffic situation plus the forecast for traffic for up to 2 hours into the future. The application on the iPhone allows you to set your favorite traffic routes (think going to work and back), and then see predictions on those routes, and traffic cams; all for an additional $20/year through an in-app purchase. The information is detailed as far as coverage goes. Unconfirmed, but my hunch is that they are using Inrix feeds, given their hook-up in the past, the data shown on the coverage and the fact that Inrix has an eerily similar application called Intrix Traffic!

Full press release below.....

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