June 23, 2009

Navigon iPhone App Launched - Hits Europe


Wow, that was fast; about a two weeks ago, Navigon announced that they would launch an iPhone App, and now, they just launched a Euro version in the App store. According to the feature set, the capabilities are fairly robust, with the key ability to use if in the portrait and landscape modes, as well as reality view (shown above) where you get to see what exit/turn you should make on major intersections. The application also taps into your contact list to get to saved destinations; no need to re-input "favorites". The Navigon Navigator will pause for an incoming phone call, and you can listen to music while navigating, but according to a couple of users who posted reviews, the application does not pause the music while giving the turn directions which could prove to be a problem.

Available in several languages and dozens of countries - none of which are the US. The Navigon iPhone App uses NAVTEQ maps, but sadly, not traffic. One would hope that Navigon would use the phone's bandwidth to introduce traffic capabilities later on, and potentially a two way reporting as iPhones turn into GPS probes like the Dash Express did. The file size is large at about 1.6GB, with a couple of users reporting that it took over an hour.

With over a million iPhone 3G-S phones sold in the first day of its launch, one can imagine how the phone and its platform will continue to become a very large handset base on which the navigation makers can build. Should be an interesting future with these applications.

The Price is $94, not bad, but it appears to be headed up. On the price, they note that this is "a special introduction price is valid only until June 30th." One can definitely see the capabilities getting more robust and more expensive as time goes on, paralleling the standalone model capabilities.

More at iTunes (iTunes link)

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June 9, 2009

Navigon Announces iPhone Application Too

While not making the huge splash that TomTom did, most likely due to the recent retreat from the US market, Navigon jumped on the iPhone bandwagon yesterday with the announcement that they too will have an iPhone navigation application available very soon after the OS 3.0 launches for the iPhone (in about 2 weeks).

"The package includes well-known functions such as Reality View Pro, Real Roadsign Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Speed Assistant, Day & Night Mode, amongst others, as well as the option of displaying POIs along the route. With this range of functions, Mobile Navigator stands out from its competition on the market - also by the fact that the typical user functions of the iPhone have been implemented seamlessly in order to make navigation using the iPhone and NAVIGON software even more enjoyable. If you turn the iPhone 90 degrees, then the display switches automatically from portrait to landscape view. As well as this automatic display adjustment, and the intelligent address entry, there is also the option of navigating directly to an address from saved contacts. If navigation is interrupted by a telephone call then navigation is resumed automatically after the call has ended."

One option is the LITE Version available for free, with no active route guidance, but with map material and the possibility to display POIs (points of interest) in the vicinity. Another option is the full version, which navigates users quickly and reliably to their destination.

Full press release below....

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May 4, 2009

Navigon to Shutter US GPS Operations


The rumor we reported last week, that Navigon is out of the US GPS Market appears to be true. The company will be slimming down operations in North America to deal with the slowing GPS business, in reaction to the deep discounts that the market leading makers of Garmin and TomTom are offering (or are forced to offer due to high supplies). Garmin and TomTom have this market tied up and as I have written before, their agressive pricing is making it hard for a newcomer to differentiate themselves while demanding the same reasonable price and margins that the big guys get.

Hats off to Navigon for pushing the envelope on Lifetime Traffic with the purchase of your GPS and map updates through a quarterly update service called FreshMaps.

GPS Business News has a short but sweet interview with the Navigon CEO Egon Minar where he said, "Due to the difficult economic environment and the aggressive pricing we have decided to withdraw from the PND business in North America for the time being. We are however not closing down our Chicago office which will continue to serve our automotive and mobile phone businesses in North America."

More at GPS Business News

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April 30, 2009

Rumor: Navigon to Cease US Operations


OK, so I'll bite, the news on the coconut telegraph moves quickly and the rumor out there from my sources is that Navigon is about to cease operations in the US, shrunk its workforce and should be announcing this soon. If I were the NYT, I would have double checked, but hey, we're not, so we'll post this as a rumor and then we'll seek to confirm later. It is coming in from multiple sources at this point with some well placed people, but I will still put this out as a rumor until I see or hear differently.

If it is true, it would underscore the gravity of the economy, and the arduous market entry for a third player during these tough times. Navigon is no slouch, but they have not taken off yet with a slew of new introductions. We will see how this plays out.

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March 2, 2009

New Navigon 3300 Max, 4300T Max & 7300T GPS Navigation Units


Navigon has announced a pair of units that continue to make their pace of innovation tough to match. They certainly don't appear to be slowing down for 2009. The Navigon 7300T is a large screened unit that offers a lot of features, including a panorama 3-D view that includes not only landscape, but 3-D buildings (key landmarks across the country). The unit includes free traffic alerts for the life of the unit, with nothing extra to buy. The views will give you the ability to see traffic on alternate routes should you need them. The My Route feature is stepping into territory that I have always wanted to see, which taps into the local knowledge that you have of local roads. It will continuously learn from you and give you that option along with other calculated options to choose from (see photo above). This very well could be a breakthrough feature.


The 4300T offers the My Routes and Traffic features in a smaller 4.3-inch screen size, without the 3-D views. The 3000 Max offers My Routes, without the traffic in the 4.3-inch size.

List prices are: Navigon 7300T ($399), 4300T ($279), 3300 ($199), and should be available for pre-order next week.

Full press releases after the jump.

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January 8, 2009

Navigon Software and Mapping Content Upgrades


Navigon is going to let you pimp out your existing Navigon ride with some software extras that are designed to extend your current units so that they grow with you and help you out when you get in a pinch. The new software (which you need to pay for) includes:

  • Red Light Camera Locations - yes they are in the US, and you may just get a picture in the mail wit your car going through a red light and a nice citation. This comes as a subscription.

  • Euro Maps - expand your US Navigon to handle Europe for that big trip you have planned.

  • North American Expansion Pack - Only have the US Maps? Get Canada too.

  • 3-D Buildings - cool to drive by and now your GPS can feature over 600 rendered buildings (seems kindof low, eh?)

  • Expanded POI - Missing businesses, or whole strip malls; the expanded POI set should help to get more detail and fresher content on your unit.

It seems like Navigon is taking the approach that they realize that people are hurting and don't want to go and buy a whole new GPS; thus the minor software upgrade. Yea, the things cost money, but I guess they need to make a buck too.

All available for various prices; timing this spring.

Full Press Release after the jump.......

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January 7, 2009

Navigon teams with Rand McNally for City Guide and Trip Content

Navigon announced that they are teaming up with Rand McNally to deliver City Guide content and scenic route content to their GPS units. With over 1500 landmarks and 250 routes the content is pretty vast, coming from a pretty respected name in map making. The Rand McNally Scenic Routes and Rand McNally City Guides will be available in select NAVIGON devices and online at navigon.com in spring 2009 and retail for $19.99 each.

Full Press Release after the jump...

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December 16, 2008

Navigon GPS Sale - 25% off through 12/31

Navigon is running a sale at their website - 25% off everything there. Use the NAVIGON9 code at checkout.

Check out the Full Review of the Navigon 2100T

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December 15, 2008

Navigon 2200T Full Review


Navigon just recently launched the Navigon 2200T, an entry level unit with some pretty un-entry level set of features, like lifetime traffic, text to speech and lane assist, a way to see which lane to be in as you navigate through those complex intersections. Navigon has been on the market elsewhere for a while, but really made their mark about a year ago in the US, where they rocketed onto the market with their Navigon 2100, an earlier entry level model.

The 2200T at its base is a standard screen 3.5-inch unit that offers real time traffic through a TMC traffic receiver that has its antenna built right into unit - something that makes the unit a lot easier to deal with instead of an extra cord dangling from the unit. The unit offers some advanced guidance capabilities like Lane Assist that shows you where to go in a small schematic on what lane you need to be in coming up to an intersection. If that's not enough, you get reality view, a 3-D view, a way to see how you should drive; just like you were flying through the intersection before you drive it. Text to Speech rounds out this list of features before we go and try this unit out.

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November 23, 2008

GPSLodge GPS Holiday Gift Guide - 2008 - Best GPS Gifts!

Gps Lodge Blogpire Gg-1

OK the economy stinks, but the deals on GPS navigation systems have never been better as the innovations continue to roll in and the prices continue to roll back. It's always tough to put together a concise guide to the best GPS units for the holidays every year, but I do come back to a couple of things each year that I stress: Pay for quality, and if you can afford it upgrade to Text to Speech (Says Street Names) and a widescreen. Beyond that, advanced routing capabilities, Bluetooth handsfree, voice commands and data feeds help round out the awesome splurge GPS units out there. Let's Start.

Solid Navigation at Great Prices - No Text to Speech, 3.5-inch Screen

TomTomONE125Front.jpgTomTom ONE 125 - $99+ - Special deals have this at $99 for a limited amount of time, and while it has no Text to Speech, and only US Maps, it is a solid device with good performance at a great price. See My Full Review

Garmin Nuvi 205 - $135+ - Garmin's entry level unit that offers a lot of quality from Garmin. No Text to Speech, and a standard 3.5-inch screen, but with a dead simple interface (recently upgraded) that start's out asking you "Where to?" or "View Maps" - yea it's that easy. See My Full Review

Add Text to Speech

Garmin Nuvi 255 - $169 - $189 - Adds Text to Speech and a great interface enhancements that makes the Garmin Nuvi 255 my pick for Best Entry Level GPS this year. See My Full Review

Navigon 2200T - $169+ - Has Text to Speech as well as a lot of advanced features like lifetime traffic feeds and help to show you which lane to be in when you are approaching complex highway intersections. I am finishing up my review on it and I like it, but its interface is not as straightforward as others. It's a trade-off on the advanced features, and control over a lot of configurable details. My review will be coming soon.

Upgrade to Widescreen and Text to Speech

Garmin Nuvi 255W - $219+ - Again, a solid performer with an upgraded interface that I like a lot. Has maps of North America, widescreen and Text to Speech. All around easy to use and an easy gift that anyone will be able to pick up, and use easily. See My Full Review

TomTom ONE XL 330S - $249+ - A good GPS with a few more features that offer a nice bit of extra differentiation, including "A --> B" planning. This allows you to sit there in your living room before your airplane trip,and plan a route from from one other location to a different destination, save it and use it when you land. See My Full Review

Splurge - Advanced Features and Tricked Out GPS

Garmin Nuvi 765T - $450+ - Bluetooth Handsfree calling, Text to Speech, North American Maps, free traffic feeds, and a Lane Assist feature that helps to tell you what lane to be in when you get to key highway intersections. Optimized routing to multiple destinations. See My Full Review

TomTom GO 730 - $349 - Fun navigator that has a lot going for it with North American Maps, Text to Speech, Lane Guidance, and the ability to record your own voice (or someone else's) that plays when you need voice commands from the GO 730. The GO 730 also takes voice commands. See My Full Review of the GO 930 (GO 930 has extra maps as the main difference.


Garmin Nuvi 880 - $450+ - Voice Recognition on the Nuvi as well as Bluetooth, Text to Speech, and MSN Direct capabilities that offer gas prices, traffic and movie time feeds. Loads of capabilities, top of the line quality.

Going to Europe? Get Their Maps Pre-loaded

If you are heading over to Europe and need a GPS now, get one with Maps of North America AND Europe preloaded - get used to the unit here and make the seamless transition there.

Garmin Nuvi 270 - $160+ - compact with a small screen, no Text to Speech, but pre-loaded maps and high quality interface.

Garmin Nuvi 770 - $330+ - Widescreen with Text to Speech and Bluetooth Handsfree capabilities.

TomTom GO 920 - $325+ - Widescreen and text to speech with Bluetooth Handsfree. This is one generation older, and is a great value. See My Full Review. The latest is the GO 930 - See My Full Review.

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