July 9, 2008

Upgrade your Navigon Software - Free Maps


If you were one of the cold souls who waited out for a Black Friday deal and got an early Navigon unit, you may be ready for a software upgrade. If you haven't, and you regeistered your unit, you probably got an email like the image above that urges you to get the map upgrade.

The software upgrade to Version 1.2 includes:

  • Free Map Update (through 7/31)
  • Improved Routing
  • Revised Voice Prompts
  • Improved ETA estimates
  • Updated Zagat's information if you have this on your device already

Head over to the Navigon update website for login and download information

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June 23, 2008

Navigon 2100 MAX Full Review


The Navigon 2100 MAX is is a widescreen entry level GPS that adds might to the value end of the Navigon offerings. The GPS market is getting crowded in the value end, as more competitors come to the market, while the big guys continue to innovate in this arena to stay competitive. The 2100 MAX is of course the follow-up to the blitzing Navigon 2100 (See my Navigon 2100 Full Review) that vaulted onto the market in the holiday period with $99 sales and lifetime traffic deals. The standard screen (3.5-inch) Navigon 2100 did well, and got a lot of attention for its innovative interface design and their overall design aesthetic. They also got some unwanted attention for some rough spots on their interface and what I would call "Cultural Adaptations" that didn't translate from the native German design to the American expectations. Navigon showed that they were in the game in a serious way and have brought software updates and launched the FreshMaps (after market map subscription), which shows that they are serious about the US market.

The Navigon 2100 MAX adds the 4.3-inch screen to the entry level where a lot of people are interested in a sub-$250 widescreen unit. The Navigon 2100 comes with 48-state maps, Text-to-Speech, and the ability to create multi-destination routes. With a fairly robust POI database, and branded POI listings, how's the new widescreen from Navigon do?

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April 16, 2008

Navigon Software Update - 2100, 5100, 7100

Navigon is working hard to get a better experience in the hands of its users. The new Version 1.2 software release does a lot to get them ahead in the quality game.

It's a pretty impressive list of upgrades. While you might say that Garmin doesn't let go a press release when they update their unit software, but I think at least for this newcomer, Navigon needs to show that they are keeping the consumer front and center, and that updates are taking care of some strong criticism when the unit was launched.

Updated Features:

  • Enhanced routing performance to get you to your destination easier and quicker than ever before
  • Better handling of HOV and carpool lanes to exclude restricted lanes for normal routing
  • Updated ZAGAT POI data
  • Updated user interface
  • New highway icons for Canadian highways on relevant products
  • Improved performance when navigating between menu screens
  • Simplified main screen, larger state selection buttons, revised text strings and better recognizable menu icons
  • Easier to use ZAGAT POI screens make it simple to find your top rated destination
  • Added street names to 3D maps by default
  • Revised voice prompts for highway entrance and exit ramps
  • More precise Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Complimentary new map

    Head to Navigon's Website and login to MyNavigon to register your device and download your update.

    Press Release after the jump...

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  • March 20, 2008

    Navigon Claims #2 Spot in Feb. for Hot Navigon 2100

    Navigon has claimed the #4 overall GPS Brand spot and the #2 spot behind the sales of the popular Navigon 2100. Clearly they have captured the attention of bargain hunters with the Navigon 2100, as it has been seen retailing for some pretty low prices. While some may think of it as buying marketshare, others I am sure think it a shrewd move to make their brand name well known. The interface is refined, and has a look and feel that shows that they know what they are doing and aren't satisfied to churn out yet another plain old interface that is unremarkable. On the downside, I still found some issues with the ease of use, that I would expect them to iterate on the next improvement round. See my Full Review on the Navigon 2100 for more information.

    Press Release Follows....after the jump.

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    March 4, 2008

    Navigon 2100 Max & 2120 Max - Widescreen GPS

    Navigon has announced new line entries to its GPS line, the Navigon 2100 Max and 2120 MAX. These are widescreen versions of their popular Navigon 2100 unit that hit the shelves just before the holidays and helped launch the brand here in the US. The new units give consumers an entry level widescreen to choose from. The Navigon 2100 max is a 48 state unit, while the 2120 max includes maps of North America (and is available in Canada only). The release of the 2100 max also signifies the release of a new feature, DirectHelp, which is the one-button "Where am I Right Now" feature that gets your location and a quick view into where to go to get help at hospitals, gas stations, and police stations. The other significant development is the introduction of "Fresh Maps" that is essentially a 3 year subscription to updated maps; see my other story on this below.

    What's the Difference between the Navigon 5100 and the 2100/2120 Max?

    At first glance you might think that the Navigon 5100 is the same as the Navigon 2100/2120 max, but it's not. Recall that the Navigon 5100 comes with the traffic receiver and lifetime traffic capabilities, while the traffic is an option on the Navigon 2100 max and the 2120 max.

    Press release follows...

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    Navigon FreshMaps - Quarterly Updates to Your Maps


    In a pretty innovative move here, Navigon answers the age old question "When can I get Updated Maps?"; they've announce the "FreshMaps" solution. Map makers get millions of updates each year, and it's a tough road to get from the new street getting paved to getting it on your GPS device. There has been a lot of movement in this area recently: TomTom has MapShare, the ability to send in minor map and POI changes to share with other users, Dash Navigation is gathering map and road data sent back by its (beta) users learning about new roads as you drive over them, and of course TomTom is trying to buy map maker TeleAtlas.

    Navigon's move sends fully verified map updates to your unit; touting the NAVTEQ capabilities to generate accurate changes and quarterly releases. There is a process to get NAVTEQ data formatted into GPS unit data and sent out to users; not an easy task and clearly Navigon has figured out how to make this cost effective.

    Navigon ups the bar on the map race here, as they essentially set up a subscription model that has you paying $79 for 3 year's worth of quarterly map updates. This is pretty good considering that some GPS makers charge that much each year. My sense is that the map area is ripe for cost savings and efficiency moves. A year ago, I talked with a brand manager who indicated that the cost of a map license was a major part of the cost of the device, upwards to $50. A big hinderance in trying to get to a $100 price point. With recent holiday prices on units in the $100 - $140 range, and this move by Navigon with FreshMaps, my hope is that things have changed in that area.

    Press Release below...

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    February 22, 2008

    Navigon Unit Software Update - Now Available

    NavigonLogo.gifNavigon has released their software update for the 2100, 5100, and 7100 units. I will be loading the update soon, but thought I would pass this along. Should fix some of the complaints on the text to speech vice guidance that people had where the unit would skip the street name if the turn was imminent. I'll let you know what I think in a while. In the meantime, leave a comment if you've done the software update and tell us what you think.

    From the Navigon Website:

    Your Free Software Update Release 1.1

    NAVIGON issues software release updates for existing GPS products to improve upon system performance, efficiencies, and the overall user experience. The following software release, Software Update 1.1, delivers several improvements to North American NAVIGON GPS Navigators, the NAVIGON 7100, NAVIGON 5100 and NAVIGON 2100/2120 devices, chief among them are:

    * Better and easier to use Point-of-Interest searches

    * Improved voice guidance and text-to-speech functions

    * Enhanced user interface

    * Improved Bluetooth® stability (7100 only)

    More Information --> See My Full Review of the Navigon 2100 GPS

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    February 11, 2008

    Navigon 2100 - $119 Staples Deal


    I have a pretty good lead on the fact that the Navigon 2100 will be on sale at Staples for $119 over the President's Day weekend (2/17 - 2/23). This is probably the best deal on the Navigon 2100 since the Holiday season, or maybe even Black Friday. The Navigon has Text to Speech, and maps by NAVTEQ.

    If you're thinking about a Navigon 2100 - might want to head over to Staples this coming weekend.

    If you want a complete point of view, you can read my Full Review of the Navigon 2100.
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    January 23, 2008

    Navigon TV Ad

    Navigon has seemed to get quite a bit of attention n the market this holiday season, and so I thought I would pass along a video of their recent TV ad.

    Just before Black Friday I posted my review of the Navigon 2100 GPS system; overall, not the best unit, but has certain aspects that are attractive, and several that are not. Check out my Full Review of the Navigon 2100.

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    January 8, 2008

    Navigon Fresh - Desktop Application to Keep GPS Up to Date

    NAVIGON announced the spring 2008 availability of NAVIGON Fresh in North America. This free, downloadable software application will provide all NAVIGON users with access to exclusive content and services, and support NAVIGON's user community with up-to-date product information and customer service support. NAVIGON Fresh automatically synchronizes home computers with NAVIGON GPS products via a USB connection, providing an easy-to-use platform to update and augment content.

    This will be good as it offers a more consistent signal that they are going to support their units. Recall that there was a mis-step in the launch of the current crop of units and we are awaiting a patch update. Looking forward to the Fresh launch.

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