April 11, 2007

TomTom RIDER 2nd Edition Announced


After news leaked last week, the TomTom RIDER 2 is out (at least in Europe), and officially back on their website. The unit is almost definitely headed for the US, and has the classic design features that are needed for motorcycle navigation including operation with a touchscreen that has icons big enough to deal with gloved fingertips, bluetooth compatibility so that the unit can send spoken word directions to a headset, easy mounting on your bike AND your car with a windshield mount, and it's water resistant. The unit also acts as a handsfree kit to operate with your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

Impressive amount of features and information at the TomTom website (link below).

The unit should be available in May (In the UK) for be approximately £300 - £400, or about $590 - $790. These prices appear to be for a regional version (limited maps) and a European Version (Pan-Euro Maps).

Press Release Follows...

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April 9, 2007

Mobile Phones from Garmin and TomTom?

So, everyone is moving their handsets to include GPS capability, and for the most part the jury is out on how these are going to fare in the marketplace. I personally think that it's more easily understandable for consumers to add a GPS to a Known device (Phone, PDA, etc) than for a GPS to add other capabilities that will allow people to use navigation and other things like personal organizer functions, and such.

I saw this article this morning and had to look twice at it. DigiTimes is reporting that the folks over in Taiwan are hearing rumors of both Garmin and TomTom working on handsets with GPS functionality. Now these folks report on the cutting edge of what's coming down the line and what the rumors are in the land of GPS manufacturing. It wouldn't surprise me if both GPS giants are playing in this area with other makers or even venturing out on their own. It's a high bar though; you'll use a mobile phone as a phone 75+% of the time, so that aspect better be right before you even think about the navigation aspects.

More at DigiTimes

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April 5, 2007

Update your TomTom MAPS!


The free map upgrade offer has been extended through April 15th; so jump on it. These maps are reportedly a good jump forward for TeleAtlas, and should erase a lot of the concern that the maps are out of date. So if you haven’t taken advantage of this map upgrade offer, by all means do it.

Another good reason to upgrade your maps is that the tomTom Traffic feature will cease to work on older map versions. So, you may be stuck after April 16, 2007 without your traffic feeds due to older maps. See Club TomTom for more information about this.

More at Club TomTom

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April 1, 2007

New TomTom RIDER Leaked


So apparently someone posted new material about the new TomTom RIDER 2 on the TomTom site without actually checking, and then took it down some hours later, but not before some keen readers captured the material.

YourNav has a nice write up about the soon to be announced units, just as a lot of distributors are dropping prices on the TomTom RIDER and slowing/stopping re-order shipments from warehouses. Always exciting when a new unit hits the market, and it appears that this new improved version of the RIDER will have a new mount that also allows the unit to go in the car too. A big plus because folks don't just want navigation for the bike, they want the portability and capability in the car too.

ReadMore at YourNav

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March 5, 2007

New TomTom GO 715 GPS for CeBit

Another day another FCC leak of a new TomTom model that will undoubtedly show up at CeBit 2007 as part of a new GPS line up for TomTom. The TomTom GO 715 is based on the fat (non-flat) base for the rest of the GO line, and has bluetooth capability and a SIM card slot which should allow you to call in and out with the unit. The bigger play here in the face of Dash Navigation coming out with a WiFi and Cellular connected unit is that the TomTom 715 will start to pave the way for the mass market connectedness that we all have been crying for. Downside - another subscription.

In looking at the manual, you can see that the unit with SIM card, will allow for some nice TomTom WORK capabilities. With TomTom WORK, the dispatch can send locations and addresses directly to the GO 715, allowing for nice routing and de-centralized planning. Smart move on TomTom's part; who buys a lot of these things at once? Fleets. The Cable Guy recently came to our house using a GPS, but In talking with him about it, the fuctionality offered by TomTom WORK would be a big help.

One Question: Will we see a GO 515 and GO 915 before the week is out?

See the FCC Site Details

Via Engadget and GPSGazette

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TomTom ONE XL at CeBit?


More FCC information on the upcoming TomTom line that I expect to be announced at CeBit 2007 along with other new GPS units. The TomTom ONE XL (Or whatever the real name may be) appears to be a 4:3 widescreen version of the new popular (and low priced TomTom ONE). Long time readers may remember when I called for a "TomTom one.five" last summer, my name for a widescreen TomTom ONE, when writing up a few things I thought TomTom should do. (I'm not taking credit for the idea; they are smart people at TomTom.)

UPDATE: The TomTom ONE XL has been officially announced

I love new models, and here's to all the new models we'll see at CeBit.


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February 28, 2007

Curt Schilling's Voice on TomTom


So you know that you can buy voices for your TomTom, well TomTom recently released the Curt Schilling voice that is now available for download at TomTom.com. The Red Sox pitching ace has been a favorite around Boston since helping them win the World Series to break the curse, and apparently Curt likes TomTom too.

Popular TomTom Models that recently had a big price drop:

  • TomTom ONE - $299 (a total steal...) See my Review of the TomTom ONE.
  • TomTom GO 510 - $399
  • TomTom GO 910 - $499

    From the Press Release...

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  • New TomTom GPS at FCC - TomTom Duo


    Not a big surprise here, just weeks before the CeBit 2007 show over in Europe, a TomTom model shows up at the FCC site. The undisclosed unit appears to be a TomTom ONE type product, but to me this looks like an outgrowth of the TomTom and Eclipse AVN2210P. Word has it that this unit is the TomTom Duo, a soon to be announced GPS unit to be featured at CeBit 2007.

    TomTom clearly "gets" the idea that GPS needs to integrate into your life and your car, as they have announced initiatives to directly tap into the wiring harness of your car, are offering the OEM capability to add TomTom as an embedded unit in the car, along with the Eclipse unit. The TomTom Duo will be another step along this line of incorporating the unit into your audio/visual/navigation center for your ride.

    Another photo after the Jump.

    Via Engadget

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    February 26, 2007

    TomTom: Compare the TomTom ONE vs. GO 510 vs. GO 910


    A lot of people have been writing in asking about what TomTom they should buy, and asking about the comparison between the TomTom ONE versus the TomTom GO 510 vs the GO 910. The TomTom ONE that was recently released pretty much in time for the holidays last year, is a strong GPS system and is a flat, pocketable device. Overall, I think that it's a very good choice. (You can read my review of the TomTom ONE). The TomTom GO 510 and the Go 910 are not flat, but offer some features you can't find in the TomTom ONE. All come with the SiRF star III chipset for higher accuracy in tough conditions.

    The Tradeshow CeBit 2007 is coming up in Germany, and if s go as I expect, TomTom will be announcing some new GPS units there, making these very capable units drop in price as we approach the launch of the new GPS units at CeBit 2007.

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    February 22, 2007

    TomTom Earnings up 67%


    TomTom released earnings and they had a strong 4th quarter, with net earnings up 67% on unit sales growth of 146%. Despite the huge discounting that happened over the holidays, TomTom was able to hold their margins and actually increased them by 3%. Looking at the Euro market, they still maintain a 50% market share, and claim the #2 position in the US market. They mention that the TomTom ONE is now the #1 selling GPS world-wide, not bad. What's amazing, and I shouldn't be surprised at this growth anymore, but they predict that the Euro/North American market for GPS navigation should grow to 18 million units in 2007 from 10 million units in 2006.

    A couple of Gems:

  • One thing that the CEO Harold Goddijn said was that they will be focused on "increasing affordability," among other things, which in my mind keeps them focused on what could be an explosive growth part of the market, namely the under $250 segment. Let's hope the TomTom ONE sticks around at current (and lower) price points, or is replaced with something more affordable.

  • Another little gem is that they will also be focused on is development of after-market offerings to the installed base. To me this means, extending the offerings under the TomTom PLUS program, a strategic advantage for them. The TomTom HOME application is not only an easy portal for the consumer to interact with TomTom, but it's also a great way for TomTom to sell its services.

    Excerpts from the press release follows:

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