December 1, 2010

TomTom GO LIVE 1005 - European Connectedness


TomTom has the newest Uber-GPS out on the market just in time for the holidays (for Euro only); the TomTom GO 1005 is a 5" screen, with the "LIVE" designator offering connected services such as HD Traffic (high definition traffic resolution), weather, speed camera instant updates, and Google search. Of course it has the TomTom features you'd expect, like lane guidance, IQ routes, and text to speech guidance, but it also has a 5" glass screen that offers vivid colors, easier touch navigation around the operating system and a richer experience overall.

The new magnetic click mount allows for easy on/off mounting of the GO LIVE 1005 to the windshield mount. Clever design; wish I'd thought of that.

The TomTom GO LIVE 1005 retails for about $450.

What about the US? What hurdles Exist?

So for now, the TomTom GO LIVE 1005 is available in Europe, not in the US. My hope is that this is because of technical limitations, and not market conditions. The newest models with high definition traffic systems are really the GPS solution that so many people need, but may be unwilling to pay for. As TomTom adds iPhone subscribers, one has to imagine that their proprietary coverage through anonymous GPS probe data will start to provide the data stream needed to get high quality coverage of traffic issues here.

TomTom GO LIVE 1005 Review

There is a new review up for the TomTom GO LIVE 1005 that rates it highly.

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November 28, 2010

TomTom iPhone App - On Sale Now

If you missed out on other deals on Black Friday, or maybe missed out on Navigon's Black Friday iPhone App Sale, TomTom has their own going on right now, up to $20 off their iPhone App.
The lowest price is only $35 for navigation across all US. It continues to be one of the top grossing Apps in the iTunes store.

The very capable TomTom iPhone App continues to evolve, offering quick and easy navigation in your pocket, along with traffic, iPod integration and can pull addresses from your contact list. I reviewed the original, and the version 1.2 upgrade which was a major feature upgrade. I continue to see high quality progress with the recent addition of traffic (ver 1.3), and iPhone 4 compatibility (ver 1.5).
  • TomTom USA Version is only $35
  • TomTom US & Canada is only $40
all available at TomTom iTunes
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November 17, 2010

TomTom XL 335 SE - WalMart Black Friday Special


WalMart is going to be offering the TomTom XL 335 SE for Black Friday so we wanted to fill people in on the features and capabilities of the unit ahead of the day so you know what you are going after. TomTom and WalMart have worked together to move a lot of units on Black Fridays before, reportedly sold over 700,000 units last year according to GPSBusiness News. We believe that the TomTom XL 335 SE will be almost exactly the same as the TomTom XL 335 S

Main Features TomTom XL 335 SE

The TomTom XL 335 SE is a 4.3-inch widescreen navigator offering maps of the US and Canada, 7 million points of interest (very good number), IQ Routes - navigation time estimates based on historical data, and lane guidance - giving you information on which lane to be in when you hit that complex highway interchange.

Additional Basics

The TomTom XL 335 SE will also give you text to speech - it says street names, a Help Me menu to get you to important information if you are in trouble like your location, the closest services station, etc, and TomTom's latest Map Guarantee - if there is a new map available when you buy the unit, hook it up to your computer in the first 30 days and update it for free.

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November 1, 2010

New TomTom GO 2405 TM and GO 2505 TM


TomTom has announced a new pair of top of the line GPS navigators just in time for the holidays, the GO 2405 TM and the GO 2505 TM. They offer a fresh look for the TomTom GPS makers, with a sleek new look, a multi-touch screen allowing for easy manipulation of the map and menus, along with a magnetic mount that allows for easy snap in and out of the GPS from its cradle.

The new GO 2405 TM and 2505 TM also offer a new faster, almost instantaneous, routing allowing for faster route planning and re-routing should you miss a turn or find that traffic stands in your way. The new patented algorithm continuously examines your routes and offers a better suggestion if one exists.

More Intuitive Screen Layout

The new screen layout offers users the ability to get navigating to their destination in just a few taps. The Navigate To and View Map buttons are the two major needs when turning on the GPS or interacting with it. The addition of the lower level of buttons must come from the research that shows these are the next level of primary functions and by bringing them to the top level, drill-downs on the menus are reduced.


The units come with lifetime map and lifetime traffic subscriptions, a significant value to the buyer.
TomTom GO 2405 TM vs. GO 2505 TM

The difference between the two models in the line is simply the screen size; the GO 2405 TM has a classic widescreen at 4.3-inches diagonal measure, while the GO 2505 has a larger 5.0" diagonal measure.   

Offline retailers will have them mid-2001, while some online retailers are showing them now and will have them on sale for the holiday season. They are listed right now at Amazon for shipment in 1-4 weeks.

at Amazon:

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October 22, 2010

TomTom Looney Tunes Voices - Sylvester Now Available

The next installment of Looney Tunes voices are available for purchase at TomTom. Announced last month, the Looney Tunes Voices for TomTom GPS units made their debut with both Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. Now Sylvester the cat is available for purchase and download..... while he bumbles getting Tweety every time, I am sure he will help you get to your destination with confidence. The voices cost $12.95, and come with a full set of distinctive commands.

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October 21, 2010

TomTom hooks up HTC with Maps for Mobile


TomTom and HTC announced that they are teaming up and putting TomTom maps and navigation on the HTC phones. This gives users a high quality experience will start with the HTC Locations capability, offering maps and location content. For an extra fee, turn-by-turn navigation can be downloaded either directly through the HTC LOcations App or through HTC Sync.

The big news here is that HTC decided to team up with TomTom and not bring the standard Google fare to the phone. TomTom has been working their iPhone App pretty hard, updating it as recently as last week to keep it current, and feature-rich. The move to bring that expertise from the iPhone to the HTC product line is a logical extension.

The TomTom maps and navigation will be available on the Desire HD and Desire Z smartphones in Asia and Europe, rolling to other phones and geographies.

Full Press release below......

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October 13, 2010

TomTom Custom Printed GPS Units - "My Custom" GPS from TomTom


"Have it your way" seems to be a rallying cry from TomTom over the years; customize the voices; whether it's Looney Tunes or your own voice for GPS commands, and while you are at it, maybe your vehicle icons too.

My Custom GPS is a whole approach to getting the right GPS in your hands. The TomTom site allows you to walk through the product features, picking the right unit for you then adding the cover to wrap the unit in either stock artwork or custom art to your design which allows you to add pictures of your family, the dog, a great shot of that vacation or that favorite shot from college. The graphical cover printing is powered by CafePress. In talking with TomTom, I found that the graphics are printed directly on the unit, and are not wraps; so no you can't order one for your existing unit.

More at MyCustomTomTom

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September 22, 2010

TomTom Looney Tunes Voices - Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck, Pepe Le Pew


TomTom is bringing a long list of favorites to the PND Voice market including Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam among others. The iconic characters will cost $12.95 and easily download to your TomTom through TomTom HOME. The voices come as a set of recorded directions and will offer you non-text to speech directions, so while the sounds recordings are going to offer you some fun, they won't be telling you the name of the street ahead.

The Looney Tunes group joins other great voices from the Star Wars collection.

Full Press Release below.....

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September 15, 2010

TomTom Upgrades OS for XL 350, XXL 550, and XL 335 LE, SE, LM


TomTom announced a free operating system upgrade for owners of select models to give them more flexibility and control over several important functions. The models use the newer simple interface first announced in the TomTom EASE model which while easy did limit the overall usability of the product.

The changes include:

  • Route Details Screen - offering you insight into what the route looks like for you ahead when navigating.
  • Display Preferences Option - Allows you to customize your driving view
  • Brightness setting - - why was this left out in the first place?
  • Updated volume control menu
  • Route Planning Preferences
  • Expanded customization options

Users can connect their units to their computers and bring up TomTom HOME to download the new operating system. TomTom makes it pretty easy, so don't worry about this.

The new units will have the new operating system pre-loaded from about mid-October moving forward.

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August 5, 2010

TomTom teams up with Localeze - Enhanced POI Lists

TomTom is linking up with Localeze to provide a more detailed set of Points of Interest (POI) for users of their Portable Navigation Devices and Navigation software products. Localeze currently provides 14 million local search business listings, including nearly 600,000 verified and managed by local businesses to more than 100 local search platform and application partners. this certainly plugs a gap between the roughly 6 million that many providers manage to offer almost anything that hits the map. Now, keeping that updated will certainly be a challenge. Crowdsourcing is nothing new to TomTom as they let users help correct map errors. Localeze uses crowdsourcing to an extent by letting businesses upload their own details to keep the database current.

The data should be incorporated sometime in 2011.

via TomTom Tweet

Full press release after the jump.....

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