February 21, 2007

TomTom Voices

TomTomVoices.jpgIf you have a TomTom and are looking to inject a little fun into your drive, you should check out some additional voices that can be had for your TomTom GPS system. There are a wide range of voices, some free voices for the TomTom’s, fun voices, rude voices, sexy voices, and more. You can listen to a sample of the voice, and then an actual turn instruction at the SatNav site. You can really screw with your passengers switching back and forth between the voice God and some sexy rude one like Sabrina. You can get “Mr. T” type voices, mafia sounding voices, and a cat “voice” that seems to emit cat sounds at any turn.

Check out more at SatNav Voices

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February 12, 2007

TomTom on Extreme Makover

TomTom was part of the Extreme Makeover this weekend, giving a TomTom GO 910 to a man, Jason, Thomas, and ex-Marine who risked his life to save two police officers during the 9/11 attack on the WTC in NYC. Not only was the man given a makover of his house, but he was given a new car with a TomTom GO 910. Nice work for what sounds like an incredible man.

ReadMore at Club TomTom

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February 5, 2007

New Logo for TomTom


TomTom will be rolling with a new logo starting this March, reflecting its move into other areas of navigation, and a general refresh of the brand. Somehow the transparent ball invokes images of holding the entire earth in the palm of their hands. So with the new logo hitting in March, one has to think that this will coincide with new product launches at the CeBit show in Hanover Germany this coming March 15th – 21st).

Alexander Ribbink, TomTom’s Chief Operating Officer, says, “The new logo reflects these changes and symbolises TomTom’s care for its customers, its hands-on mentality and its passion for the best, high quality navigation products and services. It also supports our continued expansion into new markets like fleet management and traffic solutions, whilst strengthening our position as the most preferred navigation brand by consumers.”


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January 29, 2007

TomTom 910's with a Virus?


Several websites are reporting that some TomTom 910's that were shipped at the end of the year last year shipped with Trojan Horse viruses hidden on its hard drive (win32.Perlovga.A Trojan and TR/Drop.Small.qp). "It has been confirmed that a small number of TomTom GO 910 devices, produced between September and November 2006, and shipped with software version 6.51, may be infected with a virus." So, if you happened to get one of these infected GPS units as a present and plugged it into your computer, you might have set off your anti-virus software. Always disappointing when something like this happens, and TomTom is saying that they are taking steps to prevent this in the future.

UPDATE: Around the time the story hit the web in full force, TomTom put out a statement confirming the virus, saying that the issue was limited to a week's worth of TomTom 910 production. They also added that any anti-virus software program would have caught and killed the infection. - this Via Reuters

Read a lot More at Daniweb

Via Engadget

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January 10, 2007

TomTom Embedded New Car Navigation Solution

TomTom is planning on coming to a car showroom near you. In an interesting move, one that puts their brand front and center, TomTom is announcing the ability to factory install their GPS solution in new cars, either as a component behind the dash, or as a pop-off unit that can move from car to car, but will be integrated into the info-tainment system. This can be best explained as a factory installed version of the Eclipse AVN2210P unit that was announced at CES 2007 earlier this week.

This is not unlike the Garmin "Black Box" GVN-52 that was announced last year at CES 2006, but certainly shows the maturation of the idea and the TomTom brand. It's one thing if you are car maker "X" to put a module behind the dash and let TomTom or Garmin do the splash screen, but it's certainly another thing to let them have a detachable module that supplants your equity as the provider of cool dash mounted things.

The TomTom unit should be available for use this year, but no word on who might use it or install.

TomTom Press Release Follows:

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January 9, 2007

TomTom ONE to use Global Locate Chipsets


TomTom finally killed all rumors and confirmed today that they will be using Global Locate chips in their TomTom ONE device, starting this month. Apparently the chip was designed by both Global Locate and Infineon, a German company and will be used in their TTOne devices in North America and Europe.

This is certainly the business deal that is behind the Patent Infringement lawsuits between SiRF and Global Locate.

According to Global Locate’s Press Release…

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January 8, 2007

TomTom and Eclipse Launch the AVN2210P

EclipseAVN2210p.jpgAt CES 2007, Eclipse announced that they are working with TomTom to put out the AVN2210p a Double DIN media hub for the car, with a detachable GPS unit. The 3.5 inch display is driven by TomTom navigation software, and come loaded with North American maps on a small SD card. The detachable navigation unit incorporates a GPS antenna, built-in speaker and rechargeable battery, making it fully operable independently when removed from the main unit. Users can also access TomTom PLUS services including weather and traffic reports.

The media hub can run FM/AM, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA files can be enjoyed even when the navigation section is removed. Additional source options include USB memory devices with MP3 music, iPod, Bluetooth enabled cellular phones for hands-free calls, and digital satellite radio tuners (XM/Sirius).

The unit should retail for about $900 list price and be available in the Spring.


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TomTom Accessories: FM Modulator Mount

At CES 2007, TomTom announced a few new accessories to make your TomTom enabled life a little bit nicer. There is a new FM modulator for the GO 510/910 line, a new mount for the TomTom ONE, and some leather cases that will all be available at the TomTom store.

The TomTom FM Transmitter Mount is an enhanced windshield mount designed for the GO x10 series that allows navigation instructions, music and hands-free calling to be wirelessly transmitted to car speakers over an FM radio signal. Users can also hear songs on their iPod over the car speakers if the iPod is connected to their TomTom GO 910/510 device. The seamless integration between the TomTom GO and the car stereo ensures that music is paused when voice instructions are needed or hands-free calls are made.

This will be available in March for $50.

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TomTom WORK Comes to US


At CES 2007, TomTom announced the launch of TomTom WORK, a new product and services offering that provides businesses with a connected navigation solution. TomTom WORK combines tracking and tracing technology with smart navigation for easy, two way communication for cars, dispatchers, fleet managers and drivers.

TomTom WORK offers an easy to use connected solution for fleet owners to streamline the daily management and communication with their fleet and staff. Companies that benefit from TomTom WORK include those that rely on the efficient and flexible management of commercial vehicles to meet customers needs while simultaneously monitoring each vehicle’s progress.

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December 28, 2006

Welcome New GPS Users

I am getting a lot of email from new users of GPS units, and I want to say welcome to the GPS Lodge, and welcome to the world of GPS Navigation. We've got a lot of information here about some of the most popular GPS navigation systems of the season, and I thought I would help you out by pointing out a few posts that might just make things easier for you:

Mio C310x
A lot of people bought these over the holidays, and I reviewed the unit a couple of weeks ago. I was able to interview the product manager and she gave me some information about the plans for the Mio c310x upgrades and updates.

If you got an "x" model handheld GPS, don't forget to get your rebate forms in.

Garmin has several excellent models, and you can take a look at all of our Garmin reviews here, or here are some shortcuts to popular model reviews:

  • Garmin Nuvi 350 Review
  • Garmin Nuvi 660 Review
  • Garmin C340 Review

    TomTom just released their US Map upgrade, so don't miss out on this update to your map database. It includes a lot of new roads, Points of interest, and more. Also see my review of the TomTom ONE.

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