TomTom Earnings are Up - 1+ Million Units Sold in Quarter


TomTom has released their earning for last quarter, and they look pretty good. Recall that they introduced the TomTom ONE in the US and then re-launched the slimmer model back in the European market. They have also been trying to dig themselves out of a component shortage on the TomTom 510, 710 and 910 models that hit the market earlier this year. They recently claimed that the shortage is over and are well poised to sell a lot of TomTom GO's in the holiday season. TomTom sold over a million units in the past quarter, and said that their sales were up 41% vs. year ago, and profit was up 24% vs year ago. The average selling prices were down, reflecting the stiff competition that is taking place in the GPS market, but they managed to drop their costs faster than their prices and their margins went up. If you are wondering where to buy a TomTom, it appears that it will be easier this year than last year, as the TomTom GO GPS units will be available in 16,000 outlets, vs only 5,000 outlets last year.

For what I think TomTom needs to do, check out: Editorial: 8 Things I would do if I were TomTom

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October 16, 2006

Seat to Semi-Integrate TomTom GO 710 GPS


So last week I wrote up a post about the GPS Wars – TomTom and Garmin vs. the Automakers. I feel like the GPS makers are poised to win due to their superior offerings and added benefits of portability. Well, it appears that Volkswagen’s SEAT manufacturer agrees, as they are reportedly going to offer a dash integrated mount for TomTom starting this year. The TomTom GO 710 mount would be "semi-integrated" and located top the left of the steering wheel. The GO 710 would tie directly into the audio system of the vehicle, allowing the instructions to be sent over the stereo regardless of what’s playing.

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October 11, 2006

TomTom Bluetooth Compatibility Update


The endless rollout of mobile phones creates an endless update of compatibility charts for other devices that use the mobile phone Bluetooth connections. Well, TomTom has posted Bluetooth compatibility updates for the New TomTom ONE that has been breaking into the US market over the last month. The TomTom ONE has the ability to use your Bluetooth phone to connect to the TomTom PLUS services. The Plus services include weather forecasts, traffic updates and more.

ReadMore HERE for more on compatibility.
ReadMore HERE for info on TomTom PLUS

Check out our review on the TomTom ONE – GPS Review: TomTom ONE Review by GPS Lodge

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October 5, 2006

Editorial: 8 Things I would do if I were TomTom


I thought I would write down a few of the things that have been nagging at me about how to improve TomTom and make it better. This isn’t a rant or a flame on the company; it’s just that I love seeing GPS’s adopted and used by new people, and I think that some of these ideas can help with the adoption of the products and the quality of what TomTom offers to the marketplace. If you have some ideas, I’d love to hear them; leave a comment. Here we go:

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October 3, 2006

Review: TomTom ONE Review by GPS Lodge


The TomTom ONE was recently announced with much hoopla here in the US, and then TomTom decided to send the new smaller form factor back to the Euro-land where the TomTom ONE debuted last year with a slightly larger form factor that did well in the market. They learned their lesson well; small form factor with basic features at an affordable price rocks (even without an MP3 player). Well, I have to say that the TomTom ONE does rock, it’s small size and sound feature set make it a solid contender in the market. I found the interface easy to use, and the unit easy to travel with.

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October 2, 2006

Rumor: TomTom working on Smaller GPS


So, rumors are out on new GPS units coming in the new year, and this one is juicy. The folks over at YourNav have a bead on some TomTom information that is really quite interesting following the launch of the TomTom ONE. Seems that TomTom is potentially developing a new smaller device that would have a 2.8 inch screen, much like the new Mio H610 device that is launching now. The new smaller size would go a long way to making these portable in purses and pockets so that they can navigate you and your car where ever you may need. We’ve long seen that women like the GPS not for the gadget coolness, but for the practicality and the reassurance it can bring when navigating in unfamiliar places. Looks like TomTom is playing for that market hard with this one.

More at YourNav

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September 28, 2006

TomTom Mount Replacement for TomTom GO 510 and GO 910


So, there has been some swirl around about windshield mount problems on the TomTom GO 510 and TomTom GO 910 models; well TomTom is stepping up to take care of it. Some mounts were not fitting correctly and the GO 510 and GO 910 models may not have charged properly, or the GPS could have fallen or “Drooped” as they call it. You can click through to this website and they will take care of you, by fist determining if your mount is faulty via the serial number on your TomTom GO unit. They’ll ship you a new one in 4 weeks.

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September 18, 2006

TomTom Firmware Update 6.51 for Go 510, 710, 910

A new Firmware is our for the new TomTom GO 510, 710, and 910 that is available through your TomTom HOME application. The new Version 6.51 offers a few nice upgrades like FM based TMC traffic support, and TomTom Car Connect; a support feature that better links your TomTom with your Bluetooth units that might already be a part of your car.

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September 8, 2006

HTC P3300 PDA/Mobile Phone – Integrated with TomTom Software


TomTom has been on a tear recently, and they aren’t stopping yet. TomTom has announced that they are working with HTC, a relatively unknown but very experienced handheld maker, to launch the HTC P3300 a handheld PDS/Phone with TomTom Navigator 6 software built right in. This will be the first step in a collaboration agreement between the two companies. While fans might thing of this as a rival to HP and Palm products, the real news here is that unless GPS companies evolve away from stand alone devices, they are going to get left in the dust. I think that Mio, Garmin and TomTom realize that they have excellent navigation system software, and that the expertise is needed in the development of navigation systems not matter what the hardware is, witness this launch, TomTom’s Navigator software, The Mio 350 and 550 PDA's, the Garmin PDA series and even Garmin’s Mobile Phone software. I'm telling you I need a SiRF star chip in my Video iPod for the ultimate convergence.

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September 6, 2006

TomTom ONE now Shipping at Amazon


The newest TomTom is now available and shipping at Amazon; the TomTom ONE is the sleek little GPS system entry from TomTom that brings you easy navigation in an elegant design. TomTom's navigation package is wrapped in this pocketable unit that will surely be at the top of a lot of wish lists this year.

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