August 31, 2006

TomTom Navigator 6

In a flurry of news, TomTom has released another product, TomTom Navigator 6. The Mobile Phone and PDA application brings easy TomTom style navigation to you with your own PDA/Phone, and the TomTom style that we enjoy. The Navigator 6 package comes in a couple of flavors, on DVD, on DVD with a Bluetooth receiver and on an SD card with a Bluetooth GPS receiver 9all at slightly different price points – see below). The product should be available in Early October for purchase.

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August 30, 2006

TomTom ONE Going Back to Europe


So, TomTom announced today that they are going to launch the re-designed TomTom ONE in Europe. This is precisely what I speculated about after they launched the TomTom ONE in the US to keep Garmin on knocked back on their heels in Europe. TomTom ONE (Europe) features complete door-to-door navigation anywhere in Western Europe and TomTom ONE (Regional) comes with maps for a country or region. Starting from €299, the new TomTom ONE models are TomTom’s entry level all-in-one navigation products and will be available from major retailers across Europe.

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August 28, 2006

BusinessWeek got it Wrong: TomTom Profiled

Seems like BusinessWeek is paying attention to the GPS Navigation Market these days. There’s a decent write-up on TomTom there that walks back through the history of how TomTom formed and how they are doing in the US market. I don’t necessarily agree with their slant on how TomTom is taking over the GPS market while Garmin follows their lead. I have a lot of respect for TomTom, and I do agree that TomTom is an innovative company. Their TomTom PLUS service can and will help them create a relationship with their consumers that will be nearly unbreakable.

Update: See my post on a continuation of this subject - Clarification on BusinessWeek Article

The BusinessWeek article should have painted the real situation as this: the French Company Thales got complacent and let a star brand, Magellan, virtually die just as the GPS market started to take off. Garmin stepped up its R&D in 2004 and took over the US market, eventually capturing 50+% of the market share. At the same time, TomTom innovated in the marketplace and delivered GPS units that have a solid #2 spot in the US and a commanding lead in Europe. I applaud both TomTom and Garmin for their innovations, and am pretty happy to see Magellan on its own away from Thales who let it fall into ruin.

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August 24, 2006

GPS Review: Another Solid Review for TomTom ONE


CNet has posted their review of the TomTom ONE after getting their hands on one. My hunch is that Bonnie wasn’t too happy to have been scooped by Craig Ellison over at PC Mag (See our post) who had a TomTom ONE to review before the press release last week. Anyway, CNet has taken a look at the TomTom ONE GPS Nagivation System and has similar conclusions, simple, easy to use basic GPS system that gets you there in style for a decent price.

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Makayama Video for New TomTom GO Series

Have you been wanting to put Video on your New TomTom GO 910? Well, Makayama has the solution, and it's now available for the new X10 series that TomTom has on the market. We originally posted the news of this back in June, when they released the software for the older TomTom GO GPS models, and with this recent update, you can bring your favorite video to your new widescreen TomTom.

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August 23, 2006

TomTom ONE available for Pre-Order at Amazon


Amazon posted the TomTom ONE GPS and it is available for pre-order. They don't list a date when it will ship yet, but they do list a price of $499. After watching how they act on these launches, they may drop the price a while after they start shipping, but only after the backlog clears. Of course, you get free shipping at this level from Amazon.

readMore on the TomTom ONE at Amazon.

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August 18, 2006

Review: TomTom ONE North America


So, on the heels of yesterday’s big announcement that TomTom is bringing the TomTom ONE to North America, there are a couple of reviews out there. The TomTom ONE is being positioned as an entry-level device (more like mid-tier to me), without the high-end Bluetooth compatibility and iPod connectivity of the TomTom GO 910. I think that the TomTom One marks a change in where the GPS navigation systems are headed. If you hadn’t noticed, the US version of the TomTom ONE is different than the Euro version announced late last year. It’s smaller and lighter, and fits nicely in your pocket. The Garmin Nuvi 350 popularized this idea, and we recently reviewed the Mio C310 that is also very small and convenient to use. The bottom line is that these units need to get small; it’s a much better user experience if you can carry these with you more easily. Smaller is better when functionality is the same.

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August 11, 2006

TomTom GO 510 or TomTom GO 910 Mounting Issues?

Club TomTom has posted a Summer Tip that will help you if you are having issues mounting your TomTom GO 510 or your TomTom GO 910 GPS system to your windshield. We know there has been a lot of talk about mounting issues on the new TomTom GO GPS systems, could some of these have been user error?

Directions after the jump:

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July 26, 2006

TomTom Sales up; Could have Been Higher


TomTom released strong earnings yesterday marred a bit by a component shortage this quarter hat hampered their sales of the new TomTom GO line of GPS units. Their revenue increased to 277 Euros up 141% over the same quarter last year, in doing so they shipped 830,000 units, up 216% over same quarter last year. Their gross margins are around 43%.

Highlights from the quarter include the continued strong share of the European market at a claimed 53% of the market. More after the jump.....

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July 12, 2006

TomTom Hit by Component Shortage


Apparently, TomTom has been hit by a component shortage for their new GO Line of GPS sta nav devices according to a recent report. TomTom is now forecasting that revenue will be a more modest 275 Mil Euros in the second quarter, a mere 10% rise over the previous quarter. This is a critical quarter for the GPS market, which sells a lot in the summer months and also right before Christmas. Details weren't released, but they are now fixing the issues and getting things back on track. They said "issues with respect to this component have been resolved and production levels are now satisfactory and in line with our planning."

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