November 23, 2009

TomTom Recycle Trade-in Program - Buy, Recycle, Get Cash


UPDATE: has a sale going on right now on select GPS models which makes this trade-in deal a great one. Here are the prices on select models with free shipping though Christmas.

  • TomTom One 130 - $79
  • TomTom One 130S - $89
  • TomTom ONE 140 - $89
  • TomTom ONE 140S - $99
  • TomTom XL 340 - $109
  • TomTom XL 335S - $119
  • TomTom XL 340S LIVE - $199

Hit the TomTom Product Page for the Holiday Specials; using my old Maestro below as a trade in example (I have a closet full of trade ins as you might imagine) I could get a widescreen TomTom XL 335S with text to speech for $68 net after trade (Subject to the T&C's of accepting my unit in good working order as our commenter Jalan points out)

Cruised this weekend and saw that you can now buy a TomTom GPS from them, trade in an old one, and get cash back in a couple of weeks. They have a calculator that calculates what your old GPS is worth, and the prices offered back seem reasonable. I didn't see all models there, but they have a lot of TomTom and other manufacturer models listed for trade. I looked at trading in a TomTom ONE XL "Regional" - worth $77, and a Magellan Maestro 3140 - worth $51; not bad. According to TomTom, the program works like this:

Four Easy Steps To Trade In Equipment:
  • Step 1 -- Purchase any new TomTom GPS on
  • Step 2 -- Register for a Trade-In account and log in to the Trade-In Center.
  • Step 3 -- Select the appropriate trade-in estimator and receive an instant estimate.
  • Step 4 -- Print a prepaid shipping label and ship your items (GPS and all components, plus a printout of your order confirmation email from your purchase on to our trade-in warehouse.

the issue here that you need to tackle is that the prices on new are list price. So the TomTom 330 is listed at $179, less my generous trade on an old Magellan Maestro and I net out at $128. The Black Friday price is $99 in a couple of outlets. The process seems easy enough, just do your research and get going to take advantage of the program. I like that the old GPS doesn't clog a landfill, it instead will be sent to where it seems that these will be auctioned off in some attempt at a second life. (BTW - there is an auction going on right now for a Maestro 3140 for $37; guess there's a way to go before they cover the $51 trade-in that they are offering me).

More at TomTom

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November 13, 2009

TomTom Upgrades iPhone App - Text to Speech, Lane Guidance

TomTom has upgraded its iPhone App with some good solid additions to the capabilities - it's a Free upgrade for current users. The new additions include advanced lane guidance, text to speech - it will say street names, and a Help Me button - to help you out when you are in trouble. Full list and the press release are below. All good news and all free upgrades - like that. It should show up in the App store in a dew days.

Users of TomTom's popular iPhone navigation application will soon be able to enjoy even more advanced features, with a free update ensuring users always have the best navigation experience.

This update*, which is being submitted to Apple for review today and will be awaiting their approval, will bring significant and advanced additional features that TomTom fans around the world have come to appreciate. These are:

- Advanced lane guidance giving drivers extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions. For the first time this is in both landscape and portrait mode.

- Text-to-speech helping motorists to keep their eyes on the road by enabling street names and places to be read aloud as part of the spoken instructions.

- "Help Me" providing direct access to emergency numbers and directions to the nearest emergency providers.

- Updated map and safety camera database**.

- Customizable audio warnings when approaching safety cameras or driving over the speed limit, increasing driver safety and saving money.

- iPod player control ensuring drivers can conveniently control their music from within the application.

"The TomTom app for iPhone is a priority for us and we are committed to both its long term development and everyday improvements," said Benoit Simeray, TomTom's senior vice president, On-board Mobile. "Current and future customers of our application for the iPhone can count on more great updates from TomTom for free."

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October 23, 2009

iPhone Navigation Apps - Top Grossing Apps in the iTunes Store

Among the Top Grossing Apps at the iTunes store are games, utilities and three Navigations Apps for your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS.

  • #3 - Navigon App for North America icon- They were a first mover and are now pretty high on the list coming in at $89. They continue to add features and are readying a subscription traffic feature for the software later this year.
  • #7 - Motion X Drive icon - The low cost solution delivers a navigation solution that needs to be connected to pull down the map set. Other solutions include the maps in the download, while this solution pulls them down live over the air. Lose your connection and lose the ability to pull down new maps. Priced at $2.99 makes it pretty popular to be able to hit the 10 grossing applications
  • #33 - TomTom US and Canada icon - This application offers a lot of capability but not all of the capabilities that one might find in a higher end unit. Very solid navigation from this App - Read my full review of the TomTom App that I posted earlier this week. Available for $99.
  • #90 - Co Pilot Live icon - at $35 this is a pretty amazing price for the features - they are delivering monthly Highway map updates to you for this price. Quarterly updates to North America helps keep the rest of the roads up to date.

at iTunes - Top Grossing Apps

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October 20, 2009

TomTom GO I-90 - Infotainment Navigation


Not the first time TomTom has worked on an in dash infortainment unit, but this updated one comes with a lot of great TomTom features, including Bluetooth handsfree calling, Enhanced Positioning technology that helps the unit know where you are when it loses the satellite signal in a tunnel, TMC traffic technology, and the ability to play your favorite song off the radio or an iPod. The unit has a USB port to handle the iPod or other MP3 players; they also speak of an "Optional iPod support" for optimal handling of the iPod. Not sure if there is on screen support or not, but I'd be happy with it working on the USB cable for all iPods and iPhones.

The unit is available in Europe only right now for about 599 euros, or about $900. No word on US launch plans.

Via Engadget

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October 17, 2009

TomTom iPhone Ver 1.1 - Minor Fixes

TomTom has released a minor update for the iPhone - it is free. The update mainly deals with left over from the first launch and not the awaited upgrade that blows out some functionality. Unfortunately, the entire 1.2GB update is needed. The TomTom iPhone ver 1.1 App includes:

Enhanced GPS Technology:

  • Shows your location on the map with greater precision
  • Follows your car more accurately while you drive

    New Navigate to Contact Engine:

  • Handles many more address formats including abbreviations
  • Better supports US addresses

    What a lot of people that I talk to are hoping for is the upgrade that includes:

  • Text to Speech - says road names
  • Lane Guidance - shows which lane you should be in when coming to a complex highway interchange
  • Optional traffic coverage - uses the connected nature of the iPhone to collect very detailed traffic news and offers back intelligent route offerings.

    I expect these features to be offered sooner than later.

    At iTunes - TomTom US and Canada
    icon (iTunes Link)

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  • October 15, 2009

    TomTom XL 325 and XL 325S - US Maps


    TomTom has a pair of new units that appear ready to take the stage as price fighters with US maps, and for the TomTom XL 325S version, added text to speech -it says road names. Last year, TomTom announced a special model; the TomTom ONE 125, a standard screen (3.5-inch) unit that had only US maps, and was the blow out model of Black Friday. It was the re-stage of the TomTom 130 (North American Maps) that would allow TomTom to price at blow out prices, without messing with their overall pricing strategy.

    The TomTom XL 325 and XL 325S are a pair of wide screened units (4.3-inch) with US maps, MapShare, millions of Points of Interest, EasyPort mounting, easy and quick re-touring if you miss your turn, and for the "S" version Text to Speech. The units come with the "Latest Map Guarantee" which means that if they upgrade maps within 30-days of you getting your GPS, they will give you a free upgrade.

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    October 14, 2009

    TomTom XL 335S - Affordable Widescreen Navigation

    TomTom has announced the TomTom XL 335S, an affordable widescreen unit that offers some pretty nice higher end features at a very reasonable price. The newest TomTom comes with a 4.3-inch screen, and the "S" designator indicates the Text to Speech capabilities; two of the must-have features in my mind for regular GPS users.

    The unit brings IQ Routes, TomTom's data based routing engine that delivers more accurate routing based on actual drive times collected from users, and Lane Guidance a graphical representation of highway interchanges that makes figuring out where to go and what lane to be in a lot easier.

    The TomTom XL 335S will be listed at $239, and includes maps of US and Canada.

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    October 12, 2009

    TomTom iPhone Mount Available in Europe - Is it Needed?


    TomTom thought about the entire customer experience when they designed their iPhone mount, not just looking for something that held the iPhone, opting instead to add a supplemental GPS receiver, a speaker, an AUX out so you can play your iPhone through your stereo, and a charging capable interface so that your iPhone arrives with enough charge to use it for a phone when you get to where you are going.

    The question I have is, do you need it? It went on sale today in Europe, and it's retail price is 99 GBP or about $150 which is a lot of money in addition to the $99 application. I have been using the iPhone App, and overall I will say that it is quite good; a full review is coming shortly, but I have been pretty happy with a regular cradle and a iPhone car charger.

    The volume is sufficient, the GPS fix has been good, but I haven't pushed it in tough situations like an urban canyon, and I don't have an AUX in on my stereo so I can't play the iPhone through the stereo anyway. Look for my review soon, and I am sure the TomTom iPhone cradle is hitting the US soon too.

    Those of you who have an iPhone navigation App, in particular the TomTom App, what do you think? Do you need the TomTom cradle?

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    October 6, 2009

    TomTom Start GPS - New Entry Level GPS

    TomTom has announced a new entry level unit called the TomTom Start. Geared towards simplicity, the new device has a single button for power, and a simplified menu for ease of use. Presumably the simplicity also reduces some cost too. The unit has a 3.5" screen, voice commands (not text to speech), and comes with an easy to use menu.

    The simplified menu displays a two button user interface, 'Plan route' and 'Browse map', which is eerily similar to Garmin's interface.

    While the unit is entry level, it is not totally stripped down as it comes with IQ Routes, TomTom's data based decision engine on estimating accurate travel times during different times of the day based on other user's own travel experiences that they collected over the years. The TomTom Start also comes with MapShare capabilities too; see a problem on the map, fix it and share it back for TomTom to change.

    The unit will be available in Europe for about $149 list prices with changeable covers for about $20 too. The covers come in a full range of colors. No word on US availability.


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    September 28, 2009

    TomTom ONE XL 340S LIVE - Connected Midrange GPS


    TomTom has announced a new mid-range connected GPS - the TomTom XL 340S LIVE. This thing may sound like a mid-range, but the unit is packed with connected and regular features to keep most users well outfitted.

    LIVE features include - high quality traffic updates, gas prices, weather, and google search capabilities. Its connectivity is being provided by AT&T; something that TomTom mentions in the Press Release and something that must play into the strategy somehow. Not sure if it distances itself from the existing models, or tries to position itself versus the Nuvifone that is working with AT&T. Interesting nonetheless.

    The TomTom XL 340S LIVE also comes with IQ Routes for better trip duration accuracy, maps of North America, speaks road names, and advanced lane guidance.

    The unit is list priced at $299, which is what the TomTom GO 740 LIVE is going for right now at Amazon. I am sure that once the TomTom XL 340S LIVE hits the street its price will come in line under its big brother. The GO 740 adds Bluetooth hands free among other features.

    Full Press Release After the Jump......

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