May 23, 2007

TomTom ONE XL Arrives for Review


UPDATE: I have posted my Review of the TomTom ONE XL

So with the new wider TomTom ONE XL sporting a widescreen and the new TeleAtlas maps, I thought I had to give the unit a try, and try it right away. I liked the TomTom ONE when I reviewed it last year, and only had a few minor complaints besides the lack of accurate maps. The TeleAtlas map issue has been broadly fixed in my point of view, having used the Mio C220 for the last couple of weeks which is loaded with the new maps.

The 4.3 inch screen should give a better overview of the road ahead with more streets and information on display. The TomTom ONE XL is also traffic ready and can receive traffic feeds via the TomTom PLUS services via your Bluetooth phone. It features QuickFix technology that allows it to find satellites fast (as long as you connect it to your computer once per week).

I look forward to checking this unit out over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more impressions on the TomTom ONE XL.

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April 25, 2007

TomTom FM Transmitter Mount Review

The folks at Pocket Lint have their impressions up on the new FM transmitter Mount for the TomTom GO line (510, 910), which takes the FM transmitter and stuffs it into the mount. Great idea and it sounds like they liked the execution overall. They liken the unit to the Belkin iTrip for the iPod where the small attachment allows you to send audio over to your car stereo. The issue that I have run into is simply that I can't find empty space on the radio dial that stays empty for long since there are so many broadcasters around here.

TomTom engineered the unit to play your music over your stereo, with interrupts for turn directions. With some caveats, they say that the TomTom FM Transmitter GPS Mount is "a great addition to what is already a great [GPS]."

ReadMore at Pocket Lint

Available at Amazon

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February 26, 2007

TomTom: Compare the TomTom ONE vs. GO 510 vs. GO 910


A lot of people have been writing in asking about what TomTom they should buy, and asking about the comparison between the TomTom ONE versus the TomTom GO 510 vs the GO 910. The TomTom ONE that was recently released pretty much in time for the holidays last year, is a strong GPS system and is a flat, pocketable device. Overall, I think that it's a very good choice. (You can read my review of the TomTom ONE). The TomTom GO 510 and the Go 910 are not flat, but offer some features you can't find in the TomTom ONE. All come with the SiRF star III chipset for higher accuracy in tough conditions.

The Tradeshow CeBit 2007 is coming up in Germany, and if s go as I expect, TomTom will be announcing some new GPS units there, making these very capable units drop in price as we approach the launch of the new GPS units at CeBit 2007.

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October 3, 2006

Review: TomTom ONE Review by GPS Lodge


The TomTom ONE was recently announced with much hoopla here in the US, and then TomTom decided to send the new smaller form factor back to the Euro-land where the TomTom ONE debuted last year with a slightly larger form factor that did well in the market. They learned their lesson well; small form factor with basic features at an affordable price rocks (even without an MP3 player). Well, I have to say that the TomTom ONE does rock, it’s small size and sound feature set make it a solid contender in the market. I found the interface easy to use, and the unit easy to travel with.

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September 13, 2006

Review: TomTom ONE Arrives for Review at the GPS Lodge

The new TomTom ONE arrived for review today at the GPS Lodge. We're pretty happy to have it in house for a while, and luckily enough we are on the road this weekend so we'll be able to give it a good workout. It's small, and will be easy to bring with us. Recall the TomTom ONE is a thin, pocketable GPS navigation system that was announced last month and just recently hit the shelves in plenty of time for the holidays. The TomTom ONE should be on a lot of wish lists this year.

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August 24, 2006

GPS Review: Another Solid Review for TomTom ONE


CNet has posted their review of the TomTom ONE after getting their hands on one. My hunch is that Bonnie wasn’t too happy to have been scooped by Craig Ellison over at PC Mag (See our post) who had a TomTom ONE to review before the press release last week. Anyway, CNet has taken a look at the TomTom ONE GPS Nagivation System and has similar conclusions, simple, easy to use basic GPS system that gets you there in style for a decent price.

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August 18, 2006

Review: TomTom ONE North America


So, on the heels of yesterday’s big announcement that TomTom is bringing the TomTom ONE to North America, there are a couple of reviews out there. The TomTom ONE is being positioned as an entry-level device (more like mid-tier to me), without the high-end Bluetooth compatibility and iPod connectivity of the TomTom GO 910. I think that the TomTom One marks a change in where the GPS navigation systems are headed. If you hadn’t noticed, the US version of the TomTom ONE is different than the Euro version announced late last year. It’s smaller and lighter, and fits nicely in your pocket. The Garmin Nuvi 350 popularized this idea, and we recently reviewed the Mio C310 that is also very small and convenient to use. The bottom line is that these units need to get small; it’s a much better user experience if you can carry these with you more easily. Smaller is better when functionality is the same.

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July 11, 2006

GPS Review: TomTom GO 910


T3, the Brit gadget mag, is loving the new TomTom GO 910 GPS; calls it the "King of Sat Navs". In their review, they loved the many features ranging from the great navigation, the ability to work with your iPod, and the ability to get traffic alerts. While the on-board speaker is not hi-fi quality, its audio out can connect to your stereo. Don’t have an iPod, well there is over 10GB of space for your MP3’s onboard.


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March 17, 2006

TomTom GO 910 Review & Firmware 6.0

Here's another Reivew of the TomTom GO 910 GPS

TomTom recently announced their new GO line that includes the flagship TomTom GO 910. With a loads of new features, the unit is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The new TomTom GO line, the TomTom GO 910 brings a new design to the party, a wider 4 inch LCD display (1/2 inch bigger than previous models), pre-installed safety camera database as well as new TomTom HOME software. It will also have the Hands Free features common on TomTom GO's so you can drive and talk on your Bluetooth phone.

The TomTom GO 910 will also support playing of MP3's, audiobooks and podcasts. The TomTom GO 910 will come with a 20GB hard drive reportedly with 16GB for your MP3's and jpgs.

After a first look at the unit, the folks over at MyTomTomGO have a few good things to say about the new product.

The TomTom GO 910 is now available at Amazon with Free shipping.

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December 2, 2005

TomTom Rider - The GPS for motorcycles

TomTom has taken a bold step and developed the TomTom Rider a GPS very much designed for motorcycles (or scooters) and all the challenges of using a GPS on a two wheeled vehicle. They have packaged their unit is a nicely sized unit that is packed with features. The expectations are that the TomTom Rider is solid TomTom all the way through meaning that it would be easy to use, have a quality look and feel as well as a friendly design interface that makes the GPS fun and friendly. We recently reviewed the TomTom GO 300 and really liked it. Check out our review.

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