October 16, 2007

NAVTEQ Continues Traffic Feeds to Microsoft

NAVTEQ has announced a contract extension with Microsoft, providing them with traffic data through their Traffic.com acquisition. This comes on the heels of the Inrix announcement that they too will provide traffic data to Microsoft.

So while Microsoft wants the best coverage, and they can afford to spend in ways others can’t to have sometimes redundant coverage, NAVTEQ reminded us of the traffic war between the two providers in their press release. “NAVTEQ Traffic remains Microsoft Corp.'s preferred provider of traffic information...” – ouch them’s fightin words.

Anyway, competition is good, and we’re the benefactors of better traffic coverage. Onward with more miles of covered roads and flow data….

Press Release Follows

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September 26, 2007

NAVTEQ Dials up Traffic Data Collection


NAVTEQ announced today an agreement with Teletrac, Inc., a leading supplier of fleet management, navigation and vehicle diagnostic solutions, to provide NAVTEQ map data and NAVTEQ Traffic for Teletrac's Fleet Director Turn-By-Turn (TBT) navigation system.

In addition to utilizing NAVTEQ map data in their navigation products, Teletrac will be a contributing supplier of GPS probe data for NAVTEQ's exclusive use as a map data and traffic services supplier. The Teletrac real- time probe data feed extends NAVTEQ Traffic probe coverage in the U.S. providing the highest frequency of updating in the industry today. NAVTEQ Traffic products are created from high quality sources such as proprietary and government sensors, proprietary incident data, and probe data that offer comprehensive end-to-end traffic solutions.

(Thanks Jim for sending this in)

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September 14, 2007

High Quality Traffic Demo


There’s a nice Traffic map demo of what high coverage traffic data can look like at TCS, a telecommunications data provider that provides traffic maps to mobile phone services. If you want to see what powers the weather.com traffic systems, you can check out this demo at TCS. The coverage is impressive, and I think that at least on a computer, the incident data is also quite helpful. Eventually this coverage, and incident data will be enhanced when the traffic systems get to a data pipe that has more capability than the current TMC system, which is limited in its incident definition and its data through put. Thanks to Jim for sending this in.

More at TCS

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September 5, 2007

Microsoft to use Inrix Traffic Data

Big news out of the Inrix shop today, as they have now partnered with Microsoft to have the Inrix traffic data used across the Microsoft platforms and web outlets. I would imagine that this could likely include Windows Live Search / Virtual Earth, MSN direct and other internet related sites as well as for use in desktop applications such as Streets & Trips and Outlook, and across mobile applications such as Live Local Search. Microsoft currently uses Traffic.com for the traffic data.

“Consumers are pining after ways to minimize the time spent stuck in traffic, locating a business or simply getting home after work,” said Ziya Genceren, Live Search Maps product manager at Microsoft Corp. “INRIX’s approach to real time, historic and predictive traffic information offers a level of accuracy and reliability that brings value to our customers.”

This should be a good first glimpse to the broad public of what the future of traffic reporting can be like. I do look forward to the day that historical average speed data can be held in my dash-mounted GPS….. someday soon I hope.

Inrix also announced that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) will look for INRIX to provide real time traffic flow data for nearly 250 centerline miles of US 41, I-43, and WIS 172. This milestone makes INRIX the first company to provide operational vehicle-probe based traffic data services to a government agency. Wisconsin DOT is now integrating INRIX data into its Traffic Management software.

More at Inrix

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July 30, 2007

Inrix Updates Traffic Software Engine

Inrix has announced an update to their main traffic reporting capability with the upgrade of their Traffic Fusion Engine version 3.0, INRIX focused on key enhancements in accuracy and in improving the flexibility for its OEM customers to integrate real-time incident information for congestion avoidance. This is big, and should parallel an imminent release of GPS Navigation devices with Historical Average Speeds pre-loaded.

The big advantage will be better and more accurate reporting of estimated time of arrival (ETA) and a better sense of what traffic will do to you in your travels.

“Market demand for traffic-enabled applications is building on the significant market growth in the portable and auto navigation device markets, the emergence of the offboard navigation market, and the availability for the first time of nationwide traffic speed data,” said INRIX CEO, Bryan Mistele. “In just one year, we've grown the maximum available coverage of real-time traffic flow information in the U.S. from 36 markets to 94 and 8,000 miles to 55,000. Correspondingly, the overall number of traffic-capable navigation device models in the U.S. and the penetration rate have more than tripled.”

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XM Expands Traffic Service

XM satellite radio service announced that its real-time satellite information service for GPS navigation will add 29 new markets, providing XM NavTraffic subscribers in the U.S. access to real-time traffic data in a total of 79 major and secondary North American markets, beginning July 31. In addition, four current markets will also benefit from increased traffic data coverage within their metro areas.

XM NavTraffic feeds data on incidents directly to the vehicle's GPS navigation system via XM's satellite pipeline, alerting the driver to blockages directly on the navigation screen. He or she can then route around a jam before getting caught in traffic.

If you are keeping track, XM uses Traffic.com/NAVTEQ data.

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July 18, 2007

Inrix Updates Historical Average Speeds Traffic Model

INRIX announced the upcoming availability of the latest version of its historical traffic speeds product, Nationwide Average Speeds (NAS) version 2.0. Designed for navigation application providers and device manufacturers to improve the accuracy of fastest route calculations, NAS provides “typical” or average speeds and travel times in as short as 5 minute increments for each day of the week, by season and for holidays across all major freeways, highways and arterial roads throughout the U.S.

Gotta love this stuff; we all know that traffic slows up during peak travel times, and that GPS units don't yet have the ability to predict travel times through these highly trafficed (clogged) areas, so the estimates are always off. This data capability will make better prdictions for travel times and teamed up with traffic reporting (i.e. TMC) you can get some pretty solid traffic capabilities.

Key things to pull from this press release below:
1) These are coming this Fall; apparently demand from manufacturers is big. I predict it will be a big demand among consumers too if priced right.
2) For devices that use GPRS.... can you say "TomTom"?
3) Great explaination on how this Inrix data will work (below)

ReadMore from the press release below...

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July 5, 2007

What are Historical Average Speeds?

As we continue to develop more and more sophisticated traffic reporting and prediction capabilities I thought I would just cover a basic element of the changing face of traffic coverage in the US and how you will be able to integrate it into the new GPS units that are coming later this year. These new units should have historical average speeds for most major US roadways. This will allow them to realize that offering a route THROUGH a major city at rush hour is probably not as good as skirting around it on a major highway well outside that city. The GPS will give more accurate estimations of the trip times to get from here to there when taking into account traffic’s effect on the speed you can travel.

How to Get Historical Average Speeds?

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June 27, 2007

Telmap Mobile Navigation Integrates INRIX Traffic

Telmap, a leading provider of mobile mapping and navigation solutions, and INRIX announced the integration of INRIX real-time and predictive traffic speeds as well as incident solutions in the Telmap Navigator application. The enhancement offers both business users and consumers a superior traffic-influenced navigation experience on GPS-enabled mobile devices.

The INRIX solution will provide end-to-end traffic information for mobile phones equipped with the Telmap program, enabling traffic-influenced routing and maps across more metropolitan markets nationwide than any other traffic information provider. The private label solution will be deployed by Telmap’s industry-leading cellular operators and handset manufacturer partners.

“We selected INRIX to deliver a traffic information solution that can provide the broadest market coverage and highest-quality traffic information available on any mobile mapping and navigation application,” said Oren Nissim, CEO of Telmap. “This enhancement to Telmap Navigator complements our turn-by-turn navigation, location-based search and other advanced capabilities to equip cell phone users with a single comprehensive package that simplifies the process of getting around.”

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June 26, 2007

Traffic Alerts Over HD Radio

A small but significant step happened in May that may just change how you use a GPS in the future. In May there was a trial of sending traffic reports over an HD radio station, which a significant step in the making of higher bandwidth delivery channels to your GPS. This higher bandwidth will allow for delivery of richer data and more relevant data than is available today. I believe that this is the third of three steps to improve traffic capabilities on your GPS. We already see TeleAtlas adding Inrix historical average speed data to their mapset, we are seeing broader coverage with fleet vehicle tracking of GPS speeds to report back realtime conditions, and finally better bandwidth to get you this data so that you can make better decisions. (Read More on the future of Traffic Reporting). Thanks Jim for sending this in.

Press Release Follows...

Broadcast Electronics (BE), Emmis Communications Corporation and NDS, along with iBiquity Digital Corp., jointly announced the successful conclusion of initial HD Radio conditional-access field testing of traffic data services at Emmis station WKQX-FM (Q101) in Chicago. Pilot testing occurred May 23 and 24 and was the first conditional-access test for broadcasting real-time traffic information over the HD Radio system to vehicle navigational systems.

"Our goal was to establish a foundation for HD Radio conditional access that would provide additional revenue opportunities for broadcasters beyond audio programming. We're very pleased with the results," said Ray Miklius, Vice President Studio Systems for BE, which supplied the digital broadcast equipment for the test.

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